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Arizona paternity is a legal procedure that establishes the father of a child. This is done to determine who has parental rights and responsibilities for the child, as well as any other legal rights or responsibilities related to the child. Establishing paternity can be necessary when there are multiple possible fathers, such as in cases of divorce or adoption, but it also helps protect children from being abandoned by their parents. In Arizona, you can establish paternity through an administrative process which includes completing a form and signing an affidavit. You may also have to provide documents proving your relationship with the mother or child if there are doubts about either one's identity.

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Form NameArizona Paternity
Form Length8 pages
Fillable fields83
Avg. time to fill out18 min 40 sec
Other namescs 127, arizona paternity, how to arizona form acknowledgment, arizona economic paternity

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Arizona Paternity
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