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When parents separate, there are often many questions that need to be answered, including child custody, child support, and who pays for college. One question that can be particularly contentious is determining paternity - which father is the legal father of a child? In some cases, the mother may know who the biological father is but choose not to pursue paternity testing or may be unable to identify him. In other cases, the father may deny being the child's parent. When this happens, the mother can file an affidavit denying paternity. This document is a sworn statement by the mother stating that she does not believe that the man named as the father of her child is in fact the biological father.

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Form NameAffidavit Denying Paternity
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields18
Avg. time to fill out3 min 51 sec
Other namesaffidavidit denial of paternity form west va, denying paternity letter, affidavit denying paternity, denial of paternity form tx

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filling out denial of paternity form texas part 1

Fill out the an infant born to, hospital), At the time of the birth of, of Child), and married to one another areas with any details that may be requested by the system.

Completing denial of paternity form texas stage 2

Inside the field dealing with SWORN to and subscribed before me, My Commission Expires:, and ______________________________, it's essential to note down some appropriate data.

denial of paternity form texas SWORN to and subscribed before me, My Commission Expires:, and ______________________________ blanks to fill out

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Affidavit Denying Paternity
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