Amended Articles Of Organization Georgia Details

The Articles of Amendment Georgia CD 110 are filed by any corporation that has been authorized to amend its charter. There are three types of amendments, which are revisions in the articles, changes in the shares or share classes, and provisions for a merger. A revision is an alteration to existing articles without changing their substance. The change of shares or share classes allows corporations to alter the number of shares they have available for distribution among shareholders. Provisions for a merger allow corporations to merge with other entities while keeping their own name and identity unchanged. Corporations will often file these amendments before going public on stock markets or merging with another company because it gives them more flexibility when making decisions about how they want to grow over time.

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Form NameArticles Of Amendment Georgia Cd 110
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesgeorgia articles of amendment, articles of amendment georgia, cd 110 georgia, articles of amendment template

Form Preview Example

Instructions for completing form (CD 110).

Important – Please Read. A limited liability company’s name is changed by filing a certificate of amendment to the articles of organization. Form CD 110 may be used for this specific purpose. Use of this form is optional. Form CD 110 is not intended to replace competent legal counsel. Secretary of State staff is not authorized to provide legal counsel or explain the steps necessary to successfully change a limited liability company’s name or to complete this form. It is for this reason filers are strongly urged to seek competent legal counsel in this matter. Articles may also be drafted pursuant O.C.G.A. §14-11-210. The entire form must be completed and submitted along with the filing fee ($20.00).

Article One

Name of the company

Provide the present name of the organization.

Article Two

Provide date of organization

Provide the original date articles of organization



Date may be located on certificate of




Article Three

Provide new name of company

New name must satisfy statutory requirements



as outlined in O.C.G.A. §14-11-207


The form is properly executed when signed and dated by filer. Filer must


indicate the capacity in which signing (i.e. member, manager, attorney etc.). Filer


must submit form with $20.00 filing fee payable to “Secretary Of State”. There is

no publication requirement for limited liability companies. Mail or deliver form to Corporations Division, 2 M.L. King Jr. Drive, Suite 315, West Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334.

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