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I have been a long-time resident of Australia and I am looking to renew my passport. The Australian Passport Renewal Form has a lot of information that needs to be filled out, so it's important to know what you're getting yourself into before starting your application process. This blog post will guide you through the form step by step with explanations on each section. The Australian Passport Renewal Form is fairly straightforward, but there are many sections that need attention in order for the application to be processed smoothly. This blog post will cover each section of the form in detail while giving helpful tips and insights for filling out this form correctly.

If you want to first find out how much time you need to complete the australian passport renewal form and how many pages it has, here's some basic data that could be of use.

Form NameAustralian Passport Renewal Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesforms for renewal australian passport, online renewal australian passport, passports au renewal form, renewal form passport australia

Form Preview Example

have an adult Australian passport that was valid for at least 2 years when issued, and
was issued after 1/7/2000, and
was issued in your current name, date of birth and sex,


Only certain applicants should lodge their forms at a Passport Office in Australia.

Appointments are essential.

For criteria, visit

Protect your identity

Lost or stolen passports cause inconvenience and may be used by others to assume your identity for illegal activities. Keep your

passport safe at all times.

Australian Passport Information Service

131 232

If you have any questions about this form or about how to get an Australian passport, or if you wish to comment about our service, offer suggestions for improvement, or register a complaint, you may telephone us on 131 232 (from anywhere in Australia), visit our web site at:, or write to the following address:

Director, Passport Operations Section

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

R.G. Casey Building

John McEwen Crescent

Barton ACT 0221

Or contact the nearest Australian mission

Check before travelling

Visit the Department’s website at to view the latest travel advice.



Australian Passport Renewal Application

Who should use this form?

Use this form if you are an Australian citizen aged 18 years or over and:

OR have a child Australian passport that was valid for at least 2 years when issued, and

was issued after 1/7/2005, and

you were 16 years and over at the time of issue, and was issued in your current name, date of birth and sex.

Note: If you cannot present your passport at the time of your renewal you cannot use the renewal process.

Lodgement, payment and validity

You must provide the passport that matches the number printed on the top of page 2 of this form with your application. If you are renewing your passport in Australia, you should lodge your renewal application in person at an Australia Post outlet (you may need to phone to make an appointment). If you are renewing your passport overseas, please contact your nearest Australian mission for advice on lodging your application.

Preferred methods of payment in Australia are EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa or cash (cheques are not accepted). If applying overseas, check with the nearest Australian mission for details of the current fee and acceptable methods and currency of payment.

The Passports Office is committed to issuing a travel document within ten working days. This timeframe excludes the time taken for the Passport Office to receive the application and the time taken to deliver the document from the Passport Office to the applicant. If you require a two working day turnaround, ask about the priority processing service. An additional fee applies.

An adult passport is normally valid for 10 years.

A seniors’ passport (available to those aged 75 or over) is valid for 5 years; a lower fee applies.

If your passport has been lost or stolen

If your current or recently expired passport has been lost or stolen, you will need to complete an Application for Australian Passport: Adult form to replace it. All lost and stolen travel documents should be reported immediately, regardless of whether you wish to replace the travel document or not. Contact the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 or your nearest overseas mission if this occurs whilst overseas.


Further details about DFAT’s rights, obligations and policies in relation to obtaining and disclosing

information are available in the Passports Privacy brochure or at




Photograph requirements

You must provide two identical colour photographs of yourself. The photos must:

be no more than six months old, have appropriate brightness and contrast, and show your skin tones naturally

be between 35mm and 40mm in width, and between 45mm and 50mm in height, be of good quality colour and on high quality paper, with no ink or marks on the image

be in sharp focus and clear

be of your head and top of your shoulders and show your shoulders square on (not portrait style with you looking over one shoulder) and show your face square on (both edges of the face should be visible)

show you looking straight at the camera, and your head not tilted

be taken with a neutral expression (not laughing or frowning) with your mouth closed

be close up, so that the head takes up between 32mm and 36mm of the photo (see diagram at section 5 over the page)

have a plain, light-coloured background and be taken with uniform lighting (no shadows across the face) show your eyes open and clearly visible, and no hair in your eyes

show your eyes clearly through glasses—if you wear them—with no flash reflection off the glasses, and no tinted lenses (if possible, avoid heavy glasses frames—wear lighter framed glasses if you have them)

show you without any hat or other head covering (if you wear a head covering for religious reasons, we will accept a photograph of you wearing it, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown).

Note: due to security printing requirements, images reproduced in passports will not be photographic quality and will appear different from the photographs supplied.



Not square on

Too dark

Too light

Too far away




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passport application form download empty spaces to consider

Please provide the information inside the box Photograph requirements You must, Note due to security printing, If you have any questions about, Director Passport Operations, Check before travelling, Visit the Departments website at, and m m.

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