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The process of applying for or renewing an Indian passport, especially for those residing outside India, involves comprehensive documentation, as detailed in the Indian Passport Renewal Form, formally known as Form I EA(P) - 1 issued by the Consulate General of India in Jeddah. This intricate form serves multiple purposes, including the issuance of fresh passports and the replacement of existing ones, necessitating applicants to meticulously fill out various sections in capital letters and denote non-applicable fields with 'NA'. The form requires applicants to submit three recent color photographs with a specific size and background, alongside the original and a photocopy of their old passport and Iqama, thereby highlighting the importance of ensuring accuracy and completeness in documentation. With sections covering personal details, familial information, marital status, educational qualifications, and emigration status among others, the form also mandates disclosure regarding previous passports, criminal proceedings, and government service, underscoring the need for transparency. Interestingly, it caters to specifics such as name changes, loss or damage of previous passports, and even includes a declaration section affirming the applicant's allegiance to India. This comprehensive approach underscores the intricate nature of passport renewal procedures for Indian citizens abroad, aiming to ensure both the authenticity of the data provided and adherence to legal requirements, all the while facilitating a smoother passport issuance process.

Form NameIndian Passport Renewal Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namespassport form example filled, indian passport form fill up sample, passport sample filled, india jeddah passport

Form Preview Example

Form I EA(P) - 1

Consulate General of India


Passport Application Form

1.This form is for issue of fresh passport and all Cases, where a new passport booklet is required.

2.Please fill all the columns of the form in CAPITAL Letters. Write 'NA' in the columns which are not applicable.

3.Bring total 3.5 x 3.5cm Three Recent colour photos with light background, out of which paste (not staple) two on the designated places in the form.

4.Bring old passport in Original and attach copy of Passport & Iqama.

(In case Given Name exceeds 30 characters, part of the given name may be adjusted with Surname)

SIZE 3.5X3.5CM




Signature or thumb impression should be within the box only.

SIZE 3.5X3.5CM

























































































Given Name
















































































Aliases, if any































































Has applicant ever changed his/her name ? If so, give previous name in full:


















































Maiden Name, if applicant is a married woman:

































































Present passport No.















Date of Issue






















































Place of Issue










































































Date of Birth










Place & Country of Birth























































Height (Cms)









Colour of Eyes













Colour of Hair











































Father’s Name





































































Nationality of father at the time of applicant's birth:












Country of his birth













































Mother’s Name




































































Nationality of mother at the time of applicant's birth:










Country of her birth



















































Spouse’s Name & Nationality














Married ( )/Unmarried ( )


(Attach Marriage Certificate Attested by

























competent authority)

















































In case of Minor:


Father's passport No.







Date & Place of Issue









































Mother's passport No.







Date & Place of Issue






































Present complete address in K.S.A
















































































Tel. Office

























































Permanent Address in India


House No./Name:






















(In case of Change of Address
























please attaché proof eg- Ration























Card/Telephone bill/ Electricity


Police Station:












































Bill, Driving license/ Election I D
























/Bank Passbook etc)





































































Tel. No.




















































Educational Qualification













































Present Emigration status (with documentary evidence): (ECR/ECNR)























When did applicant first leave India


When was he/she last in India:























Iqama/Business/Visit/Other Visa











Issued on:


Valid till:

















































































- 2 -




















How long has applicant continuously resided abroad?





















Please mention, if citizen of India by Birth/Descent/Naturalization/Registration.















Did applicant ever possess any other nationality or travel document of any other country, if so, please give details:
























Was applicant ever refused an Indian passport? (Yes/No)


















Was applicant's passport ever impounded/revoked ? If so, details please. (Yes/No)















Name and address of two relatives/friends in K.S.A / India:



































Is applicant in Govt. Service/Public Undertaking Service/Statutory Bodies Services of India? If so, please give

details and enclose 'No objection certificate' from you employer in original.









(i) Are any criminal proceedings pending against the applicant in any court in India? If so, please give details :








(ii) Has applicant ever been repatriated from abroad to India at the expenses of the Govt. of India? If so please give


details :

















No. of lost/damaged passport





Date of issue











Place of issue



Valid Until








(i) Briefly state circumstances of loss/theft/damage of passport on a plain paper and attach copy of report lodged


with local police in case of loss/theft.



















(ii) Give details of restriction, if any, put in applicant's damaged/lost passport.




(ii) Did applicant avail transfer of residence, foreign travel scheme facility on lost/damaged passport ? If so, details













Is applicant registered with Indian Mission/Post? If not, is he a member of any Indian Organization?




















Next of kin/friend to contact in case of emergency:























In India





























































DECLARATION : I solemnly affirm that : (i) I owe allegiance to the sovereignty and integrity of India, and (ii) Information given above in respect of myself, my son/daughter/ward is correct and nothing has been concealed and I am aware that it is an offence under the Passport Act, 1967 to knowingly furnish false information or suppress material information, which attract penal and other punishments under the acts, and (iii) I undertake to be entirely responsible for expenses of my son/daughter/ward.


Please sign here



Signature or T.I. of the applicant or his legal guardian


or father & mother (in case of minor child) (Left hand T.I. of male and right hand T.I. of female)

Specimen signature or T.I. within the box below:

SIZE 3.5X3.5CM





Specimen signature or T.I. within the box

How to Edit Indian Passport Renewal Form Online for Free

This PDF editor was built to be as straightforward as possible. Since you try out the following steps, the procedure for creating the how to fill passport form online with example document will undoubtedly be easy.

Step 1: Get the button "Get Form Here" and then click it.

Step 2: When you get into our how to fill passport form online with example editing page, there'll be lots of the options you can undertake about your template at the top menu.

Complete all of the following sections to create the document:

stage 1 to filling out consulate general form

The application will require you to complete the Nationality of father at the time, Country of his birth, Mothers Name, Nationality of mother at the time, Country of her birth, Married Unmarried, Spouses Name Nationality Attach, In case of Minor, Fathers passport No, Date Place of Issue, Mothers passport No, Date Place of Issue, Present complete address in KSA, Tel Office, and Res field.

Completing consulate general form stage 2

Determine the relevant particulars in the State, Tel No, Educational Qualification, Profession, Present Emigration status with, ECRECNR, When did applicant first leave, When was heshe last in India, IqamaBusinessVisitOther Visa, Issued on, and Valid till section.

stage 3 to filling out consulate general form

Within the box How long has applicant, Please mention if citizen of India, Did applicant ever possess any, Was applicant ever refused an, Was applicants passport ever, Name and address of two, Is applicant in Govt ServicePublic, i Are any criminal proceedings, ii Has applicant ever been, and details, list the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

Entering details in consulate general form part 4

End by looking at the next sections and typing in the suitable data: details, No of lostdamaged passport, Date of issue, Place of issue, Valid Until, i Briefly state circumstances of, with local police in case of, ii Give details of restriction if, ii Did applicant avail transfer of, please, Is applicant registered with, Next of kinfriend to contact in, In KSA, In India, and DECLARATION I solemnly affirm.

Finishing consulate general form part 5

Step 3: Press the button "Done". Your PDF form is available to be transferred. You will be able download it to your laptop or send it by email.

Step 4: It is safer to prepare copies of the file. You can rest easy that we won't reveal or see your details.

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