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The FSM passport application is a process that all FSM citizens must go through in order to acquire a passport. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to submit an application, and the process can be completed online or in person. The passport fees may vary depending on the type of passport requested, so it is important to review the different options before submitting an application. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in applying for a FSM passport and outline the documents required for submission. We will also provide information on how to renew or replace your current FSM passport.

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Form NameFsm Passport Application
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields52
Avg. time to fill out11 min 9 sec
Other nameswhat is fsm passport, fsm passport application form, fsm passport get, fsm form passport application

Form Preview Example




Applicant must complete this form and forward it to the


Division of Immigration & Labor, Department of Justice,

Document Issued On: ______________

FSM National Government, Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941



Issuing Official:___________________


Type of Passport: [ ] Ordinary [ ] Official [ ] Diplomatic

Applicant Information


Applicant Photo

1 3/16 x 1 ¾

Name: ___________________________________________



Last Name


Middle Initial

First Name

Other Names You Have Used:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________________ Gender

[ ] Miss

[ ] Mrs. [ ] Ms.

[ ] Mr.

Height: ________________________ Feet _____________________Inches

Hair Color____________________ Eye Color ______________________

Birth Place: ______________________________________ Home Address:____________________________________________________________________

Current Postal Address:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________________________ Phone Number ___________________________________________

Have you ever been issued a foreign passport or FSM passport? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If yes, country of issuance, date issued and passport number_________________________________________________________________________________

Basis of FSM citizen: [ ] Birth [ ] Naturalization [ ] Other means (Provide prove)

Father Information

Last Name:___________________________________ First Name:______________________________________ Middle Name: _______________________

Birthdate: _________________________________ Birthplace: ________________________________________ Is your father FSM citizen? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If no what nationality: __________________________________________________________________________

Mother Information

Last Name:__________________________________ First Name:_______________________________________ Middle Name:_______________________

Birthdate: ________________________________ Birthplace: ________________________________________ Is your mother FSM citizen? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If no what nationality: __________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Applicant Required (Do not sign in the box for infant and adult who cannot


Please sign within the box. Signature must not touch box border lines.

Signature of parent or guardian if applicant under age 14 or unable to sign application.____________________________________________________________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ____________day of ______________ 20NOTARY PUBLIC SEAL

I hereby certify that I have reviewed the application and found to be complete and I am satisfied that the applicant is a citizen of the Federated States of

Micronesia, and that he/she does not owe allegiance to any foreign country.




FSM Immigration Reviewing Officer



This Passport Application Form must be filled out completely, signed and notarize prior to submission to the FSM Passport Office. Please print all information in Block Letters.

For new applicant or renewal of expired passport the following documents are required.

New Passport (New Applicant) – The Passport Application Form must be Notarized

OCourt Registered Birth Certificate

OTwo Identical Passport Photos of the applicant (size: 1 3/16 x 1 ¾ passport photo)

OCourt Registered Marriage Certificate for maiden name change

OIn cases of unavailability of records of Birth Certificate, a court registered Baptismal Certificate can be submitted with your application form.

OIf basis of FSM Citizen is Naturalization provide copy of Naturalization Certificate

Passport Renewal – The Passport Application Form must be Notarized

OThe expired passport must be submitted with your Application Form

OTwo Identical passport photos of the applicant (size: 1 3/16 x 1 ¾ passport photo)

OPayment of passport renewal fee payable to the FSM National Treasury in the amount indicated above.

Passport Replacement – The Passport Application Form must be Notarized

a)A passport that is lost, stolen, damaged or mutilated may be replaced. Application for a replacement shall be made by submitting an Application Form, the passport itself if available, a sworn affidavit detailing the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, damage or mutilation of the passport; replacement fee in money order or cashiers check payable to the FSM National Treasury, and two identical passport photos of the applicant. The Replacement fee for lost, stolen, damage and mutilated shall be $75.00

b)A passport that has no remaining blank visa pages before the date of expiration may be replaced. Application for a replacement shall be made by submitting an Application Form, the passport, a fee of $25.00 in money order or cashiers check payable to FSM National Treasury and two identical passport photos

a)A passport issued to an infant under 12 months may be replaced. Application for a replacement shall be made by submitting an Application Form, the passport itself, two identical passport photos and a passport fee of $50.00

Applicants who are under the age of 14 but are capable of signing the application should sign the application. However, a signature of a parent or guardian shall also be required for applicants under the age of 14. Applicants who are 14 or older but are unable to sign the application due to incapacity or disability shall, in their own handwriting, place an “X” in the signature box. In the event an applicant’s incapacity or disability prevents the applicant from placing an “X” in the signature box, the signature box shall remain vacant and the application shall be accompanied by a written statement of a close relative, legal guardian, or medical doctor attesting to the applicant’s inability to sign the application. In such circumstances, a parent, legal guardian, or other close relative shall sign the application in the space provided for parents and guardians signature on the application form.

Applicant’s Contacts – Email Address or Phone Number

a)Please ensure that you complete the application form with your Email Address (if applicable) or Phone Number so we can contact you as soon as possible if we found your application to be incomplete.

Submission of passport application and supporting documents
a) All completed passport applications and supporting documents should be addressed and forwarded to the FSM Passport Office in accordance with the following address format as required by each Courier as shown below.
For Regular, Certified, Registered and Express Postal Office Mail, please use the following address format:
FSM National Government Department of Justice Division of Immigration & Labor P.O. Box PS-157
Palikir, Pohnpei FSM 96941
For Federal Express Mail and DHL Mail Courier, please use the following address format:
FSM National Government Department of Justice Division of Immigration & Labor Palikir, Pohnpei FSM 96941 Phone: (691) 320-5844

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