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The Bir 2305 form is a document that has to be filed with the IRS and submitted before an individual can claim their foreign tax credit. This form lists all of the taxes paid overseas and the amount of credits available for US taxation purposes. This form must be filed with your annual tax return, but it's not too difficult to fill out if you have access to all necessary documents such as copies of passports or employment records from abroad. It may take up to three months after filing this form for any refunds due on these taxes to show up in your account, so it's best not wait until April 15th rolls around without submitting this document first.

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Form NameBir 2305 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names2305 bir form, bir 2305, bir form 2305 november 2014, 2305 form

Form Preview Example

Oregon Combined Payroll Tax

Business Change in Status Form

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To update business status and employment information

Attach additional sheets if needed.


















Business name






BIN (Oregon business identification number)

Owner/Officer updates:

























To update owner/officer informa-

Other names (ABN/DBA)






FEIN (Federal employer identification number)






tion, attach a complete list of













current owners/officers including













position, social security number

General updates (check all that apply)









(SSN), home address, and phone.

Update/Change FEIN to:


Update/Change business name to:






Now doing business in TriMet/Lane












Transit District as of:

















Closing account (check all that apply)














Closed pension/annuity account as of:




No longer doing business in TriMet/Lane Transit District as of:




















All or































Part of the business was


No longer doing business in Oregon




Was business operating at the time it was sold, leased or transferred? Yes

No Effective date:







How many employees were transferred?





Date of final payroll:

























Describe what was transferred

New business name

New owner’s name

New owner’s phone

New owner’s address



ZIP code

Where are the records of the terminated business? (Include contact name, phone, address, city, state, ZIP code)

Changing entity (check all that apply)

Effective date: Note: A new Combined Employer’s Registration form, 150-211-055, is required when there is an entity change.



Corporation—Subchapter “S”

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)



Individual (Sole Proprietor)


LLC (Limited Liability Company) Recognized by IRS as:







Sole Proprietor/Single Member





Corporation—Subchapter “S”

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)



Individual (Sole Proprietor)


LLC (Limited Liability Company) Recognized by IRS as:







Sole Proprietor/Single Member


Employment status updates (check all that apply)

Still in business, but have no paid employees (corporate officers are still subject to payroll taxes). Effective date:

Only have workers’ compensation insurance

Only LLC members or officers

Only using independent contractors

to cover owners, officers or members.

Courtesy withholding










Employing Oregon residents in another state. State:


Now working in Oregon.

Effective date:



Using leased employees

Name of leasing company

Worker leasing company license number

Date employees leased




ZIP code



Leasing company contact name


Number of leased employees:

Number of non-leased employees:

Leasing corporate officers/owners? Yes


Submitted by

Print name











Fax to: 503-947-1700 or mail to: Employment Department, 875 Union St NE Rm 107, Salem OR 97311-0030

150-211-156 (Rev. 12-16)

Business Change in Status Form Instructions

Use this form to notify the Employment Department (OED), Department of Revenue (DOR), and Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) of changes to your business or employment status. Attach additional sheets if needed.

General updates

NOTE: Some federal employer identification number (FEIN) and name changes may require a new Combined Employer’s Registration, 150-211-055, form to be completed.

Provide the correct FEIN for your business.

Correct the business name and spelling errors as needed.

Check the “Now doing business in TriMet/Lane Transit District” box and include the effective date if you’re an employer paying wages earned in the TriMet or Lane Transit District. You must register and file with the Oregon Department of Revenue. Wages include salaries, commis- sions, bonuses, fees, payments to a deferred compensation plan, or other items of value.

For boundary questions, see the Oregon Combined Payroll Tax booklet, 150-211-155, for the list of cities and ZIP codes.

——The TriMet district includes parts of Multnomah, Wash- ington, and Clackamas counties. For TriMet boundary questions call 503-962-6466.

——Lane Transit District serves the Eugene-Springfield area. For Lane Transit District boundary questions call 541-682-6100.

Re-opened business

To re-open your business that you’ve closed for:

Less than one year, file a:

Business Change in Status Form, 150-211-156.

One year or more, file a:

Combined Employer’s Registration, 150-211-055.

For more questions contact DOR at 503-945-8091.

Employment status updates

Check each box that applies to your business and include the effective date of change.

If Oregon residents are working out of Oregon, indicate which state.

Check box and indicate effective date of employees now working in Oregon that previously worked in another state.

Using leased employees

If you lease your employees from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/Worker Leasing Company, fill in the information requested.

Changing entity

Include the effective date of change, check the box of the entity you’re changing from and the box of the entity chang- ing to.

NOTE: Entity changes require the completion of a new Com- bined Employer’s Registration form.

Examples include, but aren’t limited to:

Changing from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or corporation.

Changing from a partnership to a sole proprietorship or corporation.

Changing from a corporation to a sole proprietorship or partnership.

Changing of members in a partnership of five or fewer partners.

Adding or removing a spouse as a liable owner.

Changing from a sole proprietorship, corporation, or part- nership to a limited liability company.

Owner/officer updates

Attach a separate sheet to update or change corporate officer or owner information.

Compensation for services performed by corporate officers and shareholders is subject to payroll taxes (withholding, transit, and unemployment). If owners and officers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, the hours worked are also subject to Workers’ Benefit Fund (WBF) assessment.

Fax to: 503-947-1700 or

Mail to: Employment Department 875 Union St NE Rm 107 Salem OR 97311-0030

For additional copies of this form, download at: or call: 503-947-1488

Closing account

Check the box if you closed a pension and annuity account. Include the effective date of change.

Check the “No longer doing business in TriMet/Lane Tran- sit District” box and include the effective date if you moved your business from the TriMet or Lane transit district and are no longer subject to this tax.

Check the box if you closed the business or dissolved a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company, and no longer have payroll to report. Fill in the date of final payroll.

If you sold your business, leased your employees, or trans- ferred your business assets, indicate whether the transac- tion applied to all or part of the business.

If you leased all or part of the business, fill out the section “Using Leased Employees.”

NOTE: New or reorganized businesses must complete a Combined Employer’s Registration, 150-211-055, which can be found in pdf format at: or elec- tronically at

150-211-156 (Rev. 12-16)

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It is possible to fill in the 2305 document using this PDF editor. The following steps will help you quickly create your document.

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To be able to obtain the template, provide the information the platform will require you to for each of the next segments:

example of blanks in 2305 bir form

Note the expected details in the segment Where are the records of the, Changing entity check all that, Corporation C Individual Sole, Note A new Combined Employers, CorporationSubchapter S, LLP Limited Liability Partnership, LLC Limited Liability Company, Partnership General, PartnershipLimited, Corporation, Sole ProprietorSingle Member, Partnership, Change to, Corporation C Individual Sole, and CorporationSubchapter S.

Filling out 2305 bir form part 2

You'll have to note certain data in the segment Submitted by Print name, Signature, Title, Date, Phone, and Fax to or mail to Employment.

Completing 2305 bir form stage 3

Step 3: Select the button "Done". The PDF form is available to be exported. It is possible to save it to your laptop or send it by email.

Step 4: It may be simpler to maintain duplicates of the document. You can be sure that we won't share or read your information.

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