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The Bir Form 1901 is a document that certifies the authenticity and validity of an individual's citizenship. The form was created in order to provide proof of one's nationality, especially when traveling abroad. The Bir Form 1901 has been required by law to be carried at all times since June 4th, 1914 for those who are not serving in the military or other governmental position requiring such verification. To obtain this form, you must fill out Section I with your name and place of birth; Section II with your occupation; and Sections III-VI with information about yourself and any dependents (including their names). You will then need to attach photos as well as references from two people who can attest to your identity before submitting it for review.

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Form NameBir Form 1901
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields82
Avg. time to fill out16 min 43 sec
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It really is super easy to fill out the DTI. Our PDF editor was designed to be assist you to fill out any PDF easily. These are the basic steps to go through:

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To fill out the DTI PDF, provide the information for all of the parts:

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Provide the required details in the Previous and Concurrent, TIN, Name of Employer/s, 35 Declaration, I declare, and belief is true and correct, Part V 36 Taxpayer Identification, TAXPAYER / AUTHORIZED AGENT, (Signature over printed name), Current Main Employer Information, 37 RDO Code (To be filled up by, 38 Employer's Name (Last Name, 39 Employer's Business, Address, 40 Zip Code, 41 Municipality Code, 42 Effectivity Date, 43 Date of Certification, (Date when Exemption Information, (Date of certification of the, exemption information), (MM/ DD/ YYYY), Stamp of BIR Receiving Office, (To be filled, up by the BIR), 44 Telephone Number, 45 Declaration, and (MM/ DD/ YYYY) box.

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You may be requested for particular significant data if you want to prepare the Attachments Complete, Yes, I declare, EMPLOYER / AUTHORIZED AGENT, ATTACHMENTS: (Photocopy only), Title / Position of Signatory, 1- Birth Certificate or any, 3- DTI Certificate of Registration, and birth date of the applicant, to be submitted prior to the, to be submitted prior to the, NOTE:, POSSESSION OF MORE THAN ONE, and PROVISIONS OF THE NATIONAL section.

part 3 to completing 32D

Step 3: As soon as you hit the Done button, the finalized document is simply exportable to any kind of of your devices. Or alternatively, it is possible to send it by using mail.

Step 4: Make sure you prevent forthcoming misunderstandings by creating as much as two copies of the document.

Bir Form 1901
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