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The Blackfeet tribe has been federally recognized since 1868 and is the only tribal nation in Montana. Blackfeet enrollment, like many other tribes' enrollments, has been declining for decades because of a variety of factors such as birth rates and death rates. The Blackfeet Enrollment Office will be hosting an open house to answer questions about enrollment on May 12th from 1-5pm at the agency office located at 1020 Central Avenue in Browning, MT. The staff will also provide information about how to register with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The Blackfeet Nation's population decreased by more than 50% during the 20th century due to deaths from tuberculosis and smallpox epidemics and increased assimilation into U.

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Form NameBlackfeet Enrollment
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesblackfoot indian tribe registration, enrollment office blackfeet, blackfeet form online, how to register with blackfoot indian tribe

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P.O.BOX 850


PH: (406) 338-3533 * FAX: (406) 338-5233


DATE: _________________

Dear Enrolled Blackfeet Tribal Member,

It is important that you update your mailing address with the Blackfeet Enrollment/Per Capita Department on a regular basis. Please be advised that this office needs this information by November 15th of each year to ensure accurate delivery of your annual Per Capita payment. Remember to include your minor children on this form. Adults 18 years & older must fill out a separate form that includes their children.

Due to our policy and procedures, your SIGNATURE must be NOTARIZED before we can accept this form. Please mail this form to the above address. (Faxed requests can be accepted if properly notarized)



NAME: ____________________________________________________

ENROLLMENT # 201-U_____________________









D.O.B: __________/____________/____________

SS#: ___________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________________

STATE: ______________________

ZIP: ______________________

SPOUSE: __________________________________________________

ENROLLMENT # 201-U_____________________









D.O.B: __________/___________/____________


NAME’S OF MINOR CHILDREN, ENROLLMENT #’S AND/OR D.O.B.: ____________________________________________


SIGNATURE: __________________________________ SPOUSE: _____________________________________



Appeared, subscribed and sworn before me, on this ____________________ day of _________________________, 20____________

Office Use Only:



Date Received: _______________


ID Checked:


RESIDING AT:_____________________________

Office Clerk:


COMMISSION EXPIRES:_____________________

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