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Embarking on higher education in the United States presents a significant financial undertaking, especially for international students. Brenau University, recognizing this challenge, mandates the completion of the Brenau Financial Verification Form to ensure all prospective international students possess the necessary funds to cover tuition, health insurance, technology fees, books, and living expenses for at least the first year of their studies. This critical document, integral to the issuance of the Form I-20, requires students to provide a detailed account of their financial resources, including personal funds, family or sponsor support, and scholarships from government or other sources. Applicants must furnish official bank statements or letters as evidence of financial capability, alongside letters of sponsorship if applicable, declaring a commitment to support the student’s educational journey. Additionally, the form highlights the need for extra financial planning for those intending to bring family members to the U.S. The accurate and honest completion of this form is pivotal, as it directly impacts the student's admission and their ability to comply with Brenau University's policies, further emphasizing the institution's dedication to ensuring students are well-prepared to embark on their academic and personal journey in the U.S.

Form NameBrenau Financial Verification Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesPHOTOCOPY, edu, how to get the 1098 form from brenau university, invalidate

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International students must demonstrate that sufficient funding is available to meet all University and living expenses for at least the first year of study, with the assumption that this funding will be available for the duration of the degree program. An I20 cannot be issued without this form (completed and signed) and the appropriate supporting documents. PHOTOCOPY THIS FORM IF IT MUST BE SENT SEPARATELY. All signatures must be original.

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________________________________________________


Source of Funds: ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Fees per Year


(Contact the Office of Admission for current

fulltime tuition rate) $_________________


Health Insurance


Technology Fee






The se e stima te s d o no t inc lud e tra ve l o r living e xp e nse s. If yo u p la n to b ring yo ur fa mily, a n a d d itio na l $3,000 p e r p e rso n will b e ne c e ssa ry.

P ERSON AL FU N D S ____________________________________________________________________USD$________________

Submit a bank letter verifying cash amount that is available. A current bank statement (within the last 6 months) is acceptable; however a bank letter is preferred.

FAM I LY / SPON SO R FU N D S ____________________________________________________________USD$________________

Submit BOTH

1.An official and original bank letter verifying cash amount that is available is preferred. A current bank statement (within the last 6 month) is acceptable; however a bank letter is preferred.

2.An official and original letter from the sponsor, certifying that he or she will finance your education for the duration of your studies.

Name of Sponsor: _________________________________________________ Relationship to Student: _______________________

Address of Sponsor: ___________________________________________________________________________________________



Signature of Sponsor: _______________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

GOV ERN M EN T SCH OLARSH I P __________________________________________________________USD$________________

Name of Scholarship and Originating Country: _____________________________________________________________________

Submit an official and original letter indicating cash amount and availability of funds.

O TH ER SCH OLARSH I P _________________________________________________________________USD$________________

Name of Scholarship and Scholarship Provider: _____________________________________________________________________

Submit an official and original letter indicating cash amount and availability of funds.

T OTAL AM O U N T AV AI LABLE ___________________________________________________________USD$________________

My signature below indicates that all information in my application is complete, factually correct and honestly presented. I understand that failure to provide accurate and true information may invalidate my admission to Brenau University. I have read and understand the admissions policy of Brenau (catalog can be found at If my application is accepted and I become a student, I agree to abide by all policies and regulations of Brenau University, including the student honor code.

Signature of Applicant: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Rev ised: 5 . 5 . 1 1 dpg

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Few things can be simpler than filling out documents working with our PDF editor. There is not much you should do to change the fulltime form - merely follow these steps in the next order:

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The next segments will constitute the PDF document that you will be creating:

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Remember to type in your details in the part Name of Sponsor Relationship to, Address of Sponsor, Signature of Sponsor Date, GOVERN M EN T SCH OLARSH I P USD, Name of Scholarship and, OTH ER SCH OLARSH I P USD, Name of Scholarship and, TOTAL AM OUN T AV AI LABLE USD, and My signature below indicates that.

Finishing dpg step 2

It is necessary to note particular details inside the field My signature below indicates that, Signature of Applicant Date, and Revised dpg.

Finishing dpg part 3

Step 3: If you're done, hit the "Done" button to upload your PDF document.

Step 4: Make duplicates of the form - it will help you stay clear of future difficulties. And don't worry - we don't reveal or see your data.

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