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Every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, the Calabasas Farmers Market transforms Old Town Calabasas Center into a vibrant hub of local farmers, artisans, and producers, inviting them to share their goods with the community. To secure a spot at this cherished weekly event, vendors are required to navigate the specifics laid out in the Calabasas Farmers Market Vendor Form, provided by Raw Inspiration, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to promoting local agriculture and crafts. This form not only specifies the logistical details, such as booth size ranging from 10’ to 40’ and varied fees depending on the type of goods sold—certified agricultural products, flowers, prepared or pre-packaged foods, and handcrafted items—but it also outlines the necessary documentation vendors must submit. Essential paperwork includes a signed Farmers Market Booth Concession Rental Agreement, adherence to Market Rules and Policies, proof of insurance, and for certain vendors, additional requirements like a seller's permit or specific product photos. The form emphasizes the community-centric nature of the market, ensuring all participants contribute to a safe, diverse, and engaging environment every Saturday. Interested vendors are encouraged to prepare their applications meticulously, accompanying them with the required checks and documents, to kick start their journey of becoming a part of the Calabasas Farmers Market tradition.

Form NameCalabasas Farmers Market Vendor Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesfarmers market vendor application, obtain calabasas farmers get, calabasas market application, calabasas farmers market vendor

Form Preview Example

Raw Inspiration, Inc.

(A 501c3 Corporation)

23501 Park Sorrento Dr., # 105 Calabasas, CA 91302 Phone: 818-591-8161 Fax: 818-591-8216 /

Calabasas FarmersMarket Application

Saturdays 8:00 am 1:00 pm

L o c a t e d i n O l d T o w n C a l a b a s a s C e n t e r 2 3 5 0 4 C a l a b a s a s R o a d

Tent Space Needed – Circle one: 10’ 20’ 30’ 40’




EMPLOYEE NAME (If Certified Farmer, please attach employee letter)





















SPACE FEES (note weekly rates are a garunteed rate or a percentage whichever is greater):

Check One:

CERTIFIED AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS $25 for each 10x10 Booth or 8%, whichever is greater / week

FLOWERS $60 for each 10x10 Booth or 10%, whichever is greater / week

PREPARED FOODS $65 for 1st 10 x 10 space or 10%, whichever is greater / week

PRE-PACKAGED FOODS $50 for each 10x10 Booth or 10%, whichever is greater / week

HANDCRAFTED ITEMS $100 for each 10x10 Booth or 10%, whichever is greater / week



ALL VENDORS: Crafters & Prepared / Pre-packaged Foods: Please enclose a check for$50.00- prepackaged,

$100 Crafter or $65 for Prepared Foods payable to: Raw Inspiration, Inc. to reserve a spot for this market.

Additionally, please include the following:

1.Signed copy of Farmers Market Booth Concession Rental Agreement (obtain at

2.Signed copy of Market Rules and Policies (obtain at

3.A copy of Insurance Certificate *once you are approved (obtain info at Note: we do not provide this insurance, but are including two contacts that could assist you in obtaining this insurance in order to participate in the Fa rmers Market:

a.Shahinian Insurance (800) 457-2231 (Contact: Lizabeth)

b.Hartford Insurance (877) 495-8542 x2

4.For Prepared Food Vendors, a signed copy of the Requirements for Cooking at Special Events (Prepared foods must have a full fire extinguisher at all times).

5.For Crafters and Food Vendors, a copy of your Seller’s Permit.

6.For Crafters, photos of your products.

FARMERS: In addition to the first THREE requirements above, please include the following:

Employee Letter

Copy of Producer’s Certificate

Please feel free to call the office if you have any further questions (818-591-8161) or if you need any documents emailed/faxed to you. We must receive all of the above before your application can be processed. You will be notified when you have been approved for this market at which point you can obtain insurance.

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