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As a business owner, you understand the importance of having reliable vendors who provide the products and services your customers depend on. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your vendor selection process is thorough, efficient, and effective. To make sure all potential vendors are evaluated fairly and thoroughly during this process, it’s essential to use a uniform survey form. In this blog post, we will explain the key components of an effective vendor survey form and how it can help you capture valuable data about each prospective vendor.

Form NameVendor Survey Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesvendor positions form get, vendor positions form, vendor request you make, vendor request survey

Form Preview Example



Please type this form and fax it to the Office of Procurement (256-372-5223)

To assist the Purchasing Department with vendor certification efforts, please answer the following questions. The information from this survey will be used to help analyze the vendor request.

1.What commodity or service will the vendor provide? (please specify) ____________________________________________________

2.Was the Purchasing Department contacted for the name of a suggested vendor? Yes ______ No ______ (if no please explain)


3.Why did you choose this vendor? ______Recommended _______ Location _____ Previous Visit ______ Other (please specify)

4.How did you learn about this particular vendor? Magazine ___Newspaper ___Television ___Radio___ Email____ Other_______

(please specify)_________________________________________________________________________________________

5.In what capacity will the commodity or service be utilized? (Justification for vendor selection)________________________________

6.How often do you plan to utilize the vendor? Weekly______ Monthly______ Occasionally_______ Once ______ Yearly________

7.Surplus property; Was Property Management contacted? Yes________ No_______

8.Neither I, nor, anyone in my department has a conflict of interest or financial ties with this vendor. Yes___________ No__________


Name (Print) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Department__________________________________Email____________________________________ Phone__________________



1.Notice that each record field has a maximum for the number of characters that can be recorded in the spaces provided.

2.The form is divided into two parts. (1) Ordering address and (2) Paying address. The ordering address is used when the purchase order is prepared by the computer. The paying address is the address to which vendor payments must be mailed.

3.Vendor Request Forms will be EMAILED to you once they have been completed.

4.Please specify if they are a Student or Employee of Alabama A&M University.


5.The vendor change request is used to load new vendors. Fed. Tax ID# or Social Security No. _________________________________

Ve dor’s Na e: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

(29 Positions) Ve dor’s Orderi g Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

(20 Positions) City____________________________ State _____________________ Zip Code ___________________________________________

(18 Positions) Phone Number _______________________________________________ Fax ____________________________________________

Vendor Paying Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

(20 Positions) City _____________________________ State ____________________ Zip Code __________________________________________

(18 Positions) Organization: Manufacturer____________ Distributor ____________ Retail _____________ Contractor _________Other _________

Commodity Code# _______________ Small Business (SB) ______________ Minority Owned _____________ Other______________

Requested By: ___________________________________________ Date Requested: _____________/____________/____________



Date Received: ___________/__________/____________ Vendor No. Assigned _________________________________