Certificate Of Completion Construction Form PDF Details

The Certificate of Completion is a legal form used in the construction industry to document the completion of a project. Typically, the form is filled out by the contractor and signed by the property owner or their representative. The Certificate of Completion can be used to prove that the construction project was completed in accordance with the terms of the contract, and can be helpful if disputes arise. If you're involved in a construction project, it's important to understand what this form is and how it can be used.

Form NameCertificate Of Completion Construction Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesroofing certificate construction, certificate of completion for roof replacement, printable roofing certificate of completion template, printable roofing certificate of completion

Form Preview Example



Project No.


Bid Opening Date ________________

Project Name _______________________

Contract Award Date _____________

Notice to Proceed Date (if working day project): ______________________________

Work Started _______________________ Work Completed _________________

Contract Time or Completion Date ______________

_________________________ Approved Time Extensions (days)_______________


Revised Contract Time or Date __________ Number of Working Days Used ______

Gross Overrun (+) in Contract time or Net Time Credit (-) (in days) _____

I, the Project Manager for this project, hereby certify that on_____ the

contractor certified this project’s completion. The contractor certified that the project was completed in full compliance with the plans, specifications and special provisions, as authorized by the MDT. I certify that I had final inspection of the project made by the Local

or Tribal Government project personnel on______ and they

verified the completion and the fact that the project was fully and satisfactorily completed on that date. Therefore, I recommend as the authorized representative of the Local or Tribal Government, that the contract for the above project be finally accepted by the MDT.


Local or Tribal Government Project Manager









Project Engineer





District Liaison

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1. The certificate of completion for roofing job involves specific information to be typed in. Be sure the following fields are complete:

roofing contractor certificate of completion conclusion process detailed (portion 1)

2. Your next part is to fill out all of the following blank fields: authorized by the MDT I certify, or Tribal Government project, verified the completion and the, that date Therefore I recommend as, Government that the contract for, Date, CONCURRED, Local or Tribal Government Project, ACCEPTED, Date, Project Engineer, Date, and District Liaison.

Writing section 2 in roofing contractor certificate of completion

As for District Liaison and CONCURRED, make sure you do everything correctly in this section. The two of these are considered the most important fields in this page.

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