Fire Certificate Completion Form PDF Details

In order to obtain your fire certificate, it is necessary to fill out the Fire Certificate Completion Form. This document can be downloaded from the city or county website where you obtained your fire certification. The form must be filled out in its entirety and returned to the issuing authority within 30 days of completing your fire training program. Make sure to include all required documentation, such as course completion certificates and photo identification. Failure to comply with all filing requirements may result in delays or even denial of your certificate. So make sure to take care of everything, so you can start putting your new skills into practice!

Form NameFire Certificate Completion Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesfire alarm record of completion, fire alarm certificate template, osha certificate of completion fire extinguisher, fire alarm certificate of completion

Form Preview Example

Fire Alarm System - Certificate of Completion

This form must be completed and available to the fire inspector upon their arrival to conduct a final fire alarm system performance test.

Location of Fire Alarm System

Alarm System Installer

Name: ________________________________

Name: ________________________________

Address: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________

City/Sate/Zip: __________________________

Telephone #: __________________________

Telephone #: ___________________________

Contact: ______________________________

Contact: _____________________________

General Information:



Alarm Panel Manufacturer: ______________________________

Model: _________________

Alarm Panel Location: _________________________________


Telephone Circuit #: ___________________________________

Position No.: ____________


Inspectors Test Valve Location: _________________________________________________

Time of Opening of Test Valve to Alarm: _________________________________________

Main Drain Test Date: _________________________________________________________

Static Pressure: ___________________________________________________________ PSI

Residual Pressure (Flowing): ________________________________________________ PSI

Normal Operating Pressure of System: ________________________________________ PSI

Date of Last Fire Pump Test (If Applicable): ______________________________________


rev. 06/98 effective - 07/13/98


Alarm And Detection Equipment

1. Fire Alarm Control Panel


A.Does the panel indicate normal conditions?

B.Are all indicating lamps in working order?

C.Does the trouble light operate?

D.Does the silence switch operate?

E.Does the panel have Battery Backup?

F.Are the Batteries properly charged?

G.Does the panel have Zone Disable Capabilities?





2.Remote Annunciators


4.Manual Pull Stations









F.Rate of Rise

G. Fixed Temperature

6.Audible Alarms




D.Horn & Strobe

7.Water Flow Switches

A.Paddle Type

B.Pressure Type

8.Tamper Switches

A.O.S. & Y




rev. 06/98 effective - 07/13/98


Comments: _________________________________________________________________



Did the Alarm Monitoring Company Receive the Signal?


Date: __________

Time: __________



Is the Alarm System Back In Service:





I, ______________________________, representing the Firm _________________________,

have installed the Fire Alarm System at the location detailed above in accordance with the approved plans and have tested the system in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and appropriate NFPA requirements and Local Ordinances.

Alarm Installer: ______________________________

Date: _________________


rev. 06/98 effective - 07/13/98


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Filling in section 2 in fire sprinkler certificate of completion

3. Your next step is normally hassle-free - fill in all of the empty fields in A Does the panel indicate normal, DEVICES, QTY, QTY TESTED, CLEANED OK, and Remote Annunciators Zones to conclude this process.

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4. This fourth subsection arrives with all of the following blanks to consider: Remote Annunciators Zones.

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5. The very last step to conclude this document is pivotal. Ensure you fill in the necessary form fields, consisting of Comments, Did the Alarm Monitoring Company, Yes, Date, Time, Is the Alarm System Back In Service, Yes, ALARM INSTALLER CERTIFICATION, and I representing the Firm have, prior to submitting. Neglecting to do so might contribute to an incomplete and possibly incorrect document!

How you can fill in fire sprinkler certificate of completion portion 5

It is easy to make a mistake while filling out your Is the Alarm System Back In Service, consequently be sure you take a second look prior to when you send it in.

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