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In the realm of corporate governance and management, the Corporate Resolution for Land Trust is a pivotal document that plays a crucial role. It serves as a formal declaration by a corporation's board of directors, detailing specific actions or decisions that the corporation has agreed to take. This document is particularly significant when a corporation decides to enter into a Trust Agreement with a financial institution like PARKWAY BANK & TRUST COMPANY, or to accept an Assignment of Beneficial Interest under said Trust. It confirms the board's decision to designate the corporation as a beneficiary of a trust and outlines the authority vested in certain officers to execute agreements, convey property, and handle financial transactions related to the trust's real estate. Furthermore, it assures the trustee and other third parties that the officers named in the resolution have the ongoing authority to act on behalf of the corporation, providing a layer of security and trust in corporate transactions. The certification of such resolutions under the corporate seal by the corporation’s Secretary attests to their validity and enforceability, making it an essential instrument for ensuring transparent and authorized corporate actions regarding trust agreements and property transactions.

Form NameCorporate Resolution Form Template
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Other namescorporate resolution form template, corporate resolution template, corporate resolution form, company resolution template

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I DO HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I am the duly elected and qualified Secretary of ___________________, a

corporation organized and existing under the Laws of the State of_______________, and that the following is a true

and correct copy of certain resolutions duly adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors thereof held

on_________________, and that such resolutions are now in full force and effect and have not been revoked,


altered, or amended.

BE IT RESOLVED, that this corporation enter into a Trust Agreement with PARKWAY BANK & TRUST COMPANY, as Trustee of Trust#______________dated___________ (or accept an Assignment of

Beneficial Interest under said Trust), wherein this corporation shall be designated as a beneficiary and that said Agreement or Assignment be executed on behalf of the corporation by________ of the officers described below.


The property now held or to be held within this Trust is:____________________________________.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that________of the officers described below, are hereby given


the authority to direct the Trustee as follows: convey title to said real estate or any real estate held in said Trust. execute and deliver deeds, mortgages, notes and any and all other documents pertaining to the property. all matters regarding the Trust or Trust property proceeds therefrom.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that ________of the officers described below are authorized


to execute Assignments, assigning all or part of the beneficial interest under the aforesaid Trust.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the authority of the following officers be continuing and, unless notified in writing to the contrary, the Trustee, and purchaser of the real estate of the beneficial interest, or any person loaning money or otherwise dealing with the following officers shall be fully protected in relying on the direction of these officers and no one shall be required to see to the application of monies or assets paid or delivered to these officers or pursuant to their direction or to inquire into the propriety of the exercise of their authority.













AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of this corporation is authorized to certify under the corporate seal of the corporation, to said Trustee, a copy of these resolutions and the names of the persons authorized to act on behalf of the corporation in the premises, and said Trustee is hereby authorized to rely upon such certification of the Secretary of the corporation until it is formally advised of any changes therein by a subsequent certification under the corporate seal.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my name as Secretary, and have caused the corporate seal of said corporation to be hereto affixed on__________________________.


_________________________________________ (Seal)

(Signature of Secretary)

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