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CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education, and it's a requirement for many professionals in the United States. Every state has different requirements, but Florida is one of the states that requires CPAs to complete 120 hours of CPE every three years. This blog post will provide an overview of the CPE reporting form Florida CPAs are required to complete. We'll discuss what information is required on the form, and we'll provide some tips for completing it accurately. Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will provide more detailed instructions on how to complete the CPE reporting form.

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Form NameCpe Reporting Form Florida
Form Length2 pages
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Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesflorida cpa cpe reporting form printable, florida cpe reporting form electroinc, florida board of accountancy cpe reporting, florida board of accountancy

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Print form









NAME: __________________________________________________

LICENSE NUMBER: _____________________

MAILING ADDRESS: ______________________________________

Report your CPE hours only after you have completed all the required hours for the


reestablishment period. Form must be postmarked by July 15th following the end

SOCIAL SECURITY NO.:___________________________________



of the reestablishment period (June 30) to avoid $50 late reporting fee.

Please note that a new address listed above does not constitute official notification to the Board of a change of address.







Credit Hours Claimed As:



























(No fractional hours)



Date of





























Name of sponsor














































(Check Box if Self Study)



Name of Course or Program

A/A TB Ethics Beh.




TB Ethics Beh.

A/A TB Ethics Beh.




















































































































Important Notice:






































































When mailing this form to the Department of Business and


























Professional Regulation it must be addressed to:



























































Department of Business and Professional Regulation






























Bureau of Education and Testing






















1940 North Monroe Street




















Tallahassee Florida, 32399-1046
















































































































































































































































































































































































































Cumulative totals brought forward from attached pages (if any)





















I certify that the above information is true and correct and that the reported courses directly













































relate to enhancing my professional knowledge and competence. I have properly identified











all sponsored courses with the correct sponsor name. I understand that any or all credit is


















subject to the Committee’s review. I agree to retain all documentation relating to the above











programs for two years after this reestablishment period.
















Bureau of Education and Testing



























1940 North Monroe Street






















Tallahassee, FL 32399-1046
























Print form


1.This form must be printed or typed and returned to the Bureau of Education & Testing. All information requested on the form must be completed. Courses must be listed directly on the form to make it complete. Incomplete forms cannot be evaluated and will be returned. (Licensees should retain a copy for their files). Xeroxed copies are acceptable. However, original signatures are required.

2.The minimum requirements for each two year reestablishment period are completion of at least 80 total hours, of which at least 20 hours must be in accounting and auditing (A/A) subjects, 4hours must be in ethics, and no more than 20 hours may be in behavioral subjects. The A/A category includes courses on financial reporting, financial auditing, the related pronouncements, and accounting for specialized industries. The Technical Business category includes courses on taxation, MAS, and general business subjects. The Behavioral category includes courses on oral and written communication, practice administration, management, and marketing. The Ethics category includes only providers and courses approved by the Florida Board of Accountancy. The list of approved courses is available on the board’s website http://www.myflorida.com/dbpr/cpa.

3.Please indicate self-study or correspondence course(s) by writing the sponsors name and marking the box beside the sponsor's name. Please note all self-study continuing education courses qualifying for accounting and/or auditing and technical business credit must be taken from sponsors approved by NASBA's Quality Assurance Service (QAS) program. Sponsors that are approved QAS providers can be found on NASBA's website at www.nasba.org or by contacting NASBA at 615.880.4200.

4.If the course was presented by an approved sponsor, please enter the sponsor code. If the sponsor was not approved leave this area blank. Note that sponsors do not report for you. You must report all courses which you wish to have recorded.

5.When listing the sponsor code, be certain to complete the blanks with the alpha letter in the first column followed by the numeric digits.

6.Credit can be claimed for two types of activity: (1) hours earned as a participant and (2) hours earned as an instructor or lecturer. If you are reporting hours of instruction, you may claim double credit for the first presentation of the course, single credit for the second presentation of the same course, and no credit thereafter except for new content (See Rule 61H1-33.003 (4)(b)(3).

7.List the hours claimed in the appropriate column. Report whole hours only, no fractions. Fractional hours must be rounded down to the nearest whole hour. Any fractional hour reported will be removed. Total all columns and indicate the total of all hours from all categories in the box at the bottom.

8.The form must be signed and dated. Be sure to indicate your employer or firm name.

9.You are required to notify the Board office in writing of address changes (Rule 61H126.005). A change of address on this reporting form will not constitute official notification and will not result in an address change.

10.If there are any questions regarding the use of this form, contact:

Bureau of Education & Testing

1940 N. Monroe Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1046


Or by Phone: 850.487.1395

*Under the Federal Privacy Act, disclosure of Social Security numbers is voluntary unless specifically required by Federal statute. In this instance, social security numbers are mandatory pursuant to Title 42 United States Code, Sections 653 and 654; and sections 455.203(9), 409.2577, and 409.2598, Florida Statutes. Social Security numbers are used to allow efficient screening of applicants and licensees by a Title IV-D child support agency to assure compliance with child support obligations. Social Security numbers must also be recorded on all professional and occupational license applications and will be used for licensee identification pursuant to the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (Welfare Reform Act), 104 Pub.L.193, Sec. 317.


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