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A credit reference request is made by a company to check the financial history and credit worthiness of an individual or business. A credit reference request can take up to 3 days to process, but we will do our best to provide you with the information as soon as possible. All requests are confidential and not shared with any other party without explicit consent from the customer. A credit reference request entails checking an individual's or business's current and past transactions in order to assess their potential for repayment on a loan or debt obligation; it also evaluates whether they have enough money available that could be used for additional borrowing needs in the future.

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Form NameCredit Reference Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namescredit reference check form, credit reference request form template, credit reference questions template, credit reference request form

Form Preview Example

iGoLogic, Inc.

46750 Fremont Blvd. Ste. 104

Fremont, CA 94538

Tel: 510-252-9388

Fax: 510-252-9399


Credit Reference Request


Urgent, Order Pending

Request Date: _________________

1st Request



2nd Request



3rd Request



To: _____________________________ Re: ________________________________

Co: _____________________________ Acct#: ______________________________

Address: _________________________ Address: ____________________________

________________________________ ____________________________________

Tel: _____________________________Tel: ________________________________

Fax: ____________________________ Fax: _______________________________

We are in the process of updating our credit file on the above referenced company. We ask you in confidence to assist us with the following information:

Sales Activity Since: _______________ Terms of Sales: ______________________

Date of Last Sale: __________________Credit Limit: _________________________

Highest Balance: ___________________NSF Activity: Yes No

Open Balance: ____________________ If Yes how many times: ________________

Over All Rating: Good Fair Poor Payment History:

Prompt Slow

Average days to pay: _______________


Please provide any comments on your experience with this customer that would be helpful to us in determining the terms of credit to extend to applicant:



Products Customer are purchasing? _________________________________________________

Reference given by:





Position / Title



Print Name

Date Completed

► Please fax it to: 510-252-9399

Attn: Credit Department

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Credit Department

iGoLogic, Inc.

Page 1/1

CreditRef Ver. 0111

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stage 1 to completing credit reference form pdf

The software will need you to submit the Please provide any comments on, Products Customer are purchasing, Reference given by, Signature, Position Title, Print Name, Date Completed, Please fax it to Attn Credit, Thank you very much for your, Sincerely, and Credit Department iGoLogic Inc part.

Completing credit reference form pdf stage 2

Step 3: As you click the Done button, your finalized document can be easily transferred to any kind of your devices or to electronic mail indicated by you.

Step 4: Be certain to stay away from possible future worries by getting a minimum of two copies of your form.

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