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Mental health is a sensitive topic and one that we all must be aware of. The more educated we are the better prepared we will be to help those around us who need it most. The CT 200 V is an intelligence test, or IQ test as they're often called, designed specifically for adults with intellectual disability. This exam measures certain cognitive abilities such as verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning skills in individuals between the ages of 16-75 years old. It can also measure abstract thinking ability, but this cannot always be measured accurately because many people with an intellectual disability have difficulty understanding what abstract concepts mean. This blog post discusses the different types of questions on the CT 200 V and how these tests work for individuals with mental disabilities.

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Form NameCt 200 V
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields17
Avg. time to fill out3 min 43 sec
Other namesform ct 200 v 2018, new york ct 200 v, nys form ct 200 v, ct 200v

Form Preview Example


Department of Taxation and Finance

Payment Voucher for E-Filed

Corporation Tax Returns and


Employer identiication number

Primary return type

Tax period beginning (mm-dd-yyyy)

Tax period ending (mm-dd-yyyy)








Legal name of corporation














Mailing name (if different from legal name)














Number and street or PO box


















ZIP code

Business telephone number








Type of form e-iled

Return ....................

Extension ...............

Mandatory irst installment (MFI).....

Amount(s) due NYS amount

MTA amount

Make your check or money order payable in U.S. funds to: New York State Corporation Tax. Do not staple or clip your check or money order. Detach all check stubs.

Enter payment enclosed....

File this entire page with your payment


General information

File Form CT-200-V if you e-iled your New York State (NYS) corporation tax return or extension and wish to pay the amount due with a check or money order. Do not use this form if you authorized a direct debit from your bank account when you e-iled your return or extension, or if you have arranged an ACH credit through your bank.

Your Form CT-200-V and payment must be postmarked by the return due date to avoid late payment penalties and interest.

Enter your business information, primary return type, tax period, type of form e-iled, amount(s) due, and enclosed payment amount in the spaces provided.

Primary return type

Enter the form number of the corporation tax return that you e-iled, or will e-ile, for this iling period but leave out any slashes or dashes (for example, CT3, CT3S, CT186, etc.). This entry is required.

Type of form e-iled

Be sure to indicate whether the payment due is for a RETURN, an EXTENSION, or a Mandatory irst installment (MFI) by marking an X in the appropriate box.

Amount(s) due

Enter the amount of your NYS tax due (NYS amount), and the amount of MTA surcharge due (MTA amount), if any, from your return, extension, or MFI.


The amount you pay should be the amount shown as due on your e-iled NYS return, extension, or MFI. This amount may not match the total of your NYS amount and MTA amount (for example, if you owe penalty and interest). Do not include any federal tax owed (that must be paid directly to the Internal Revenue Service). Enter the exact amount of your payment where instructed, Enter payment

enclosed. We will accept a foreign check or money order only if payable through a U.S. bank or if marked Payable in U.S. Funds.

Fee for payments returned by banks

The law allows the Tax Department to charge a $50 fee when a check, money order, or electronic payment is returned by a bank for nonpayment. However, if an electronic payment is returned as a result of an error by the bank or the department, the department won’t charge the fee. If your payment is returned, we will send

a separate bill for $50 for each return or other tax document associated with the returned payment.

Where to mail

Mail your payment along with this entire page to:



PO BOX 15163

ALBANY NY 12212-5163

Private delivery services

You may use a private delivery service to mail in your form and tax payment. If you need to establish the date you iled or paid your tax, you cannot use the date recorded by a private delivery service unless you used a delivery service that has been designated

by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury or the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance. See Publication 55, Designated Private Delivery Services, for the list. If you use any private delivery service, send Form CT-200-V to: NYS Tax Department, Corp – V, 90 Cohoes Ave, Green Island NY 12183-1515.

Need help? and Privacy notiication

See Form CT-1, Supplement to Corporation Tax Instructions.


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