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The Department of the Army Form 1380 is a form used to request an exception to policy. This form is used when a soldier needs an exemption from a policy or regulation that has been set forth by the Army. The DA Form 1380 must be completed and submitted to the appropriate authority in order to receive an exception to policy. There are many reasons why a soldier may need an exception to policy, and the process for obtaining one can be complicated. The instructions for completing and submitting the DA Form 1380 can be difficult to understand, so it is important to seek help from someone who knows how to complete this form correctly. Filling out this form incorrectly can delay or even prevent your request from being approved.

You can find details about the type of form you would like to fill out in the table. It will tell you how much time you will require to finish da form 1380, what fields you will need to fill in and a few additional specific facts.

Form NameDa Form 1380
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names1380 fillable, fillable 1380, 1380, army 1380

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How to Edit Da Form 1380 Online for Free

We chose the best programmers to create our PDF editor. The app will help you fill in the fillable 1380 file simply and won't require a lot of your time. This easy guideline will enable you to learn how to start.

Step 1: In order to start, hit the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: So, you are on the file editing page. You can add information, edit existing data, highlight specific words or phrases, insert crosses or checks, insert images, sign the template, erase unrequired fields, etc.

These particular sections will make up the PDF form that you will be filling in:

da 1380 form fields to complete

Inside the part cid cidcid, cid AB, cidcid CB, cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid DB, cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid, and cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid enter the particulars which the application demands you to do.

da 1380 form cid  cidcid, cid AB, cidcid  CB, cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid DB, cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid, and cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid fields to fill

Jot down the essential data in cidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcidcid, cidcid, cidcidcidcidcidcid, cidcidcid, cidcid, cidcidcid, cidcid LcidM, and cidM part.

Entering details in da 1380 form part 3

Step 3: In case you are done, select the "Done" button to transfer the PDF file.

Step 4: Generate minimally a few copies of the form to keep clear of any sort of upcoming complications.

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