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In the legal landscape of Maryland, the DC-002 form plays a pivotal role in court proceedings within the District Court of Maryland, encompassing actions and requests pertinent to individuals and entities alike. This document serves as a formal motion, facilitating requests before the court in various case types excluding certain restricted case types like Adoption, Emergency Evaluation, Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO), Guardianship, and Juvenile matters. A key provision stipulates that, for submissions containing Restricted Information—information deemed confidential by statute, rule, or court order—there is an obligation to file an accompanying Notice Regarding Restricted Information (form MDJ-008), ensuring compliance with Rule 20-201.1. The form encompasses sections for detailing the parties involved, namely the plaintiff/judgment creditor and the defendant/judgment debtor, along with their respective addresses and the specifics of the legal matter including the trial date. It also includes a declaration of representation, be it by an attorney, the plaintiff, the defendant, or another specified party. Integral to the procedural formalities, the DC-002 form requires a certification of service, verifying that a copy of the motion has been duly served to relevant parties by specified means. Finally, it culminates in an order section, allowing for judicial directives regarding the motion's hearing, the grant of requested relief, or the denial thereof. This methodology underscores the form’s critical utility in ensuring not only that procedural requirements are met but also that the integrity of sensitive information is meticulously safeguarded within the judicial process.

Form NameDc 002
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmaryland district court forms form, maryland motion form, motion maryland court, district court forms maryland

Form Preview Example

Mark this box if this form contains Restricted Information.



Located at

Case No.


Court Address


Trial Date



Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor


Defendant/Judgment Debtor



City, State, Zip

City, State, Zip


MDEC counties only: Unless you are filing into a restricted case type (Adoption, Emergency Evaluation, Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO), Guardianship, Juvenile), if this submission contains Restricted Information (confidential by statute, rule or court order) you must file a Notice Regarding Restricted Information Pursuant to Rule 20-201.1 (form MDJ-008) with this submission, and check the Restricted Information box on this form.

I am the ☐ attorney for ☐ plaintiff ☐ defendant ☐ other – specify:

Request hearing on Motion



Attorney Number



Printed Name















I certify that I served a copy of this Motion upon the following party or parties by ☐ mailing first class mail, postage

prepaid ☐ hand delivery, on














Signature of Party Serving

It is hereby ORDERED:




☐ the hearing on Motion be set for


at the following location:

the relief requested be granted

the relief requested is denied Comments:



ID Number

DC-002 (Rev. 07/2021)




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part 1 to completing motion maryland court form

Fill in the I am the attorney for plaintiff, Request hearing on Motion, Date, Signature, Attorney Number, I certify that I served a copy of, Date, CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE, Printed Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, Email, Name, and Name space using the particulars asked by the software.

Entering details in motion maryland court form stage 2

Highlight the key information about the It is hereby ORDERED the hearing, the relief requested be granted, ORDER, at the following location, Date, Judge, DC Rev, ID Number, and REQUE box.

motion maryland court form It is hereby ORDERED  the hearing, the relief requested be granted, ORDER, at the following location, Date, Judge, DC Rev, ID Number, and REQUE fields to complete

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