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The DRC 2096 form is a vital piece of documentation for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This form helps to ensure that those who need accommodations receive the necessary support they require in order to fully participate in their education. The DRC 2096 form should be filled out by anyone seeking accommodations, and submitted to the school district or other educational institution. Filling out this form is the first step in securing the necessary accommodations, and it is important to understand what information is required in order to complete it accurately.

Here is the details regarding the form you were in search of to complete. It will show you how long it may need to fill out drc 2096 form, exactly what parts you will have to fill in and a few further specific facts.

Form NameDrc 2096 Form
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min
Other namesodrc visitation, ohio department of corrections visitation, inmate visitation form, ohio prison visitation

Form Preview Example

































DOTS Check










Print Name:







Visitor Application

















File Check


























(Please enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your driver's license/state issued ID)















































































Street Address:




Offender's Name:





















Zip Code:


Offender's Number:


















You must provide verification of address such as a copy of a utility bill.

EXPLANATION AND INSTRUCTIONS: This questionnaire will provide the institution with the information needed to determine your eligibility for approval as a visitor for the above named offender. Please answer all questions fully, truthfully and accurately. Failure to answer any question and/or falsification of any answer will result in disapproval of your application.

I am a:


Relative, specify relationship:

1.Complete the following:

Driver’s License Number/State ID:

Issuing State:


Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):


Email Address:

2.If you are the parent of any child by this offender, please complete the following. You must provide verification the offender is the parent of each child such as a copy of the child’s birth certificate. If the offender is not named on the child birth certificate, you may Provide other documentation such as DNA Paternity Test Results, Court-ordered custodial papers, Affidavit of Paternity, etc.







3.Have you ever been incarcerated in a DR&C Institution in Ohio?



If yes, enclose a copy of your final release paper. Also, list:

Date of Incarceration




DRC 2096 (Rev. 07/2020)


Are you now a party to any criminal action or proceeding?




Are you currently on probation or parole?



If you answered “yes” to questions 4 or 5 attach a letter detailing any indictments, convictions, sentencing information, details of the offense, State and County involved, name and phone number of your probation/parole officer. Also include a letter from your probation/ parole officer granting permission to visit.

6. Are you now or have you ever been employed by the DR&C?

(Contract Employee, Volunteer, Intern or Unpaid Staff)



if yes,



Position/Job Title:


7.Have you ever been an accomplice or co-defendant of any crime committed by this offender?



If yes, please explain:

8. Have you ever been the victim of any crime committed by this offender?



If yes, please explain:

If your application to visit is accepted, your initial status will be tentatively approved pending verification of your identity at the time of your first visit. If accepted after this verification, your status will be changed to approved. It is the offender’s responsibility to notify you of your status.

I certify all answers to the above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Applicant:





Institution Name:


Contact Person:


DRC 2096 (Rev. 07/2020)

State of Ohio

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

General Visiting Instructions

1.All attire worn upon entry into the facility must be worn throughout the duration of the visit, with the exception of appropriate outerwear such as a coat and gloves.

2.Appropriate undergarments must be worn (i.e., bra, slip, and underwear).

3.No additional clothing is permitted to be carried into the facility.

4.Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to:

a.See-through clothing of any kind.

b.Tops or dresses that expose the midriff or have open backs or open sides (such as any sleeveless clothing such as halter tops, tube tops, cropped tops, tank tops, and muscle shirts).

c.Low-cut clothing cut in a manner that exposes the chest.

d.Any clothing that inappropriately exposes undergarments.

e.Skirts, dresses, shorts, skorts, or culottes with the hem or slit above the mid-knee.

f.Wrap-around skirts/dresses or break-away type pants.

g.Clothing with any gang related markings.

h.Clothing with obscene and/or offensive pictures, slogans, language and/or gestures.

i.Form-fitted clothing made from Spandex or Lycra or other similar knit material such

as leotards, unitards, bicycle shorts, tight jeans, or tight pants.

j.Clothing with inappropriate holes/rips, including shoulder cut-outs.

5.No more than one wristwatch or pocket watch will be permitted.

6.Purses, handbags, backpacks, or similar items are not permitted. Diaper bags and infant carriers, are permitted, but are subject to regular search procedures Clear plastic bags are preferred in place of diaper bags. Diaper bags may include:

a.A reasonable number of diapers and baby wipes

b.Three plastic baby bottles

c.Three plastic containers of baby food

d.One pacifier

7)All visitors are subject to clear the metal detector. The following items often prevent clearance of the metal detector:


b.Bras with metal underwires

c.Certain boots and shoes

d.Clothing with multiple zippers

e.Excessive jewelry



Wearing inappropriate clothing may result in a

visitor not being allowed to visit or not clearing the metal detector.

For directions and other information visit our web site - http://www.drc.ohio.gov/

DRC2274 (Rev. 01/06)

Declaration of Understanding

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has a zero tolerance for the conveyance of drugs, alcohol, and weapons into its correctional institutions. Any such act will constitute a violation of section 2921.36 of the Ohio Revised Code which states in part that “No person shall knowingly convey, or attempt to convey, onto the grounds of a detention facility (including prisons, owned and operated by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction) or of an institution that is under the control of the department of mental health or the department of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, any of the following items:

(1)Any deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance, or any part of or ammunition for use in such deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance;

(2)Any drug of abuse, as defined in section 3719.011 of the Revised Code;

(3)Any intoxicating liquor, as defined in section 4301.01 of the Revised Code;


(5)Cellular telephone, two-way radio, or other electronic communication device.

(6)Any product that contains tobacco including but not be limited to cigarettes, loose tobacco, cigar, snuff, chewing tobacco, or any other preparation of tobacco, tobacco substitutes, smoking paraphernalia (i.e., matches, lighter, cigarette papers, and rolling machine)

Every effort will be made to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any person found to be in violation of this section of the Ohio Revised Code.

I have read or it has been read to me, and I understand the above declaration. I will not bring any weapon, dangerous ordnance, ammunition, drug, intoxicating liquor, cash, cellular telephone, two-way radio, or electronic communication device into the prison.





Name (typed or printed):







DRC 2554 (rev. 07/09)

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Due to the goal of allowing it to be as easy to apply as possible, we made this PDF editor. The process of filling the ohio department of corrections visitation is going to be uncomplicated in case you check out the following actions.

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ohio correctionalcenter visitor request empty spaces to complete

Make sure you fill out the Drivers License NumberState ID, Issuing State, Expiration, Date of Birth MMDDYYYY, Phone Number INCLUDING AREA CODE, Email Address, If you are the parent of any child, Last, First, Middle, NAME OF INMATES CHILD, DOB MMDDYYYY, Have you ever been incarcerated, Yes, and If yes enclose a copy of your space with the appropriate details.

Completing ohio correctionalcenter visitor request part 2

The application will request for additional info in order to automatically fill out the part DRC Rev.

Finishing ohio correctionalcenter visitor request step 3

The Are you now a party to any, Are you currently on probation or, Yes, Yes, If you answered yes to questions, Are you now or have you ever been, Contract Employee Volunteer Intern, Yes, if yes, LocationInstitution, PositionJob Title, Dates, Have you ever been an accomplice, Yes, and If yes please explain segment could be used to specify the rights and obligations of each side.

part 4 to completing ohio correctionalcenter visitor request

Review the sections Signature of Applicant, Dates, RETURN PROMPTLY TO, Institution Name, Address, and Contact Person and next fill them out.

Filling out ohio correctionalcenter visitor request stage 5

Step 3: When you click the Done button, your ready form can be transferred to all of your devices or to electronic mail specified by you.

Step 4: Produce copies of the file. This would protect you from possible worries. We do not watch or disclose your information, as a consequence be sure it will be safe.

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