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Dtf 95 I form is a vital document for any tax-exempt organization. The document ensures that the IRS has all of the required information needed to properly categorize and tax your organization. This guide will go over what information is included in Dtf 95 I form, and how to complete it. Completing this form accurately is critical for maintaining your tax-exempt status.

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Form NameDtf 95 I Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesinformation form dtf, business tax updated, new dtf 95, nys dtf 95

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Department of Taxation and Finance



Instructions for Form DTF-95



Business Tax Account Update

General information

If you are only reporting an address change, the fastest and easiest way for most tax types is online. Visit our website (see Need help?) and select the option to change your address.

Use Form DTF-95 to correct or update certain business tax records with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (Tax Department). You must complete a separate form for each tax type that has updated information to report. If you are reporting only an address change, and not doing so online, you may use Form DTF-96, Report of Address Change for Business Tax Accounts, instead of Form DTF-95.

Legal name, doing business as (DBA) name, or address changes to withholding tax information will also update corresponding information on your unemployment insurance account with the New York State Department of Labor and your Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility

Tax (MCTMT) account.

What you may update on this form

You may report a change to any of the following:

your business name, identification number, telephone and fax numbers, email address, and owner/officer/responsible person(s)/affiliated person(s) information;

your business activity;

your business location (physical address) or mailing addresses (you may use Form DTF-96 instead for address changes only).

What you may not update on this form

you may not change your business’ entity (see Entity change);

you may not register a business with the Tax Department;

you may not change PrompTax (EFT) program participant information (call the PrompTax Customer Service Center at 518-457-2332);

you may not close your account with the Tax Department (see Closing a business);

you may not add another location or delete a location for sales tax (see Form DTF-17, Application to Register for a Sales Tax Certificate of

Authority; see Need help?).

Send your written notification to:




ALBANY NY 12227-2993

Certain changes may require you to complete a new registration for your business.

Entity change

You may not use this form to request a change in the type of entity of your business (for example, from sole proprietorship to partnership or partnership to corporation, and so on). Changes of this nature have certain legal

requirements, such as incorporation, dissolution of a corporation, registering a new partnership, altering the partners, filing for a DBA certificate, and so

on. Entity types include corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, and several types of limited liability organizations (LLC, LLP, LLIC, and LLTC). See the instructions for your tax returns or contact the Tax Department if you need to change your type of entity (see Need help?).

Legal name change

If you are a domestic corporation (incorporated within New York State) or foreign authorized corporation (incorporated outside New York State), or an LLC or LLP, registered with the New York State Department of State

(NYSDOS), you must report a legal name change with NYSDOS (after which you may file Form DTF-95).

If you are a foreign corporation that is not authorized (registered with NYSDOS), use Form DTF-95 to report a legal name change. You may be asked to provide further information.

All other business entities may use Form DTF-95 to report a legal name change.

Closing a business

In many cases a final return must be filed to report your last activity and to close that account. Corporations must complete a dissolution process and

obtain a filing receipt from the NYSDOS. For more information on voluntary dissolution and surrender of authority, see Forms TR-125, Instructions for Voluntary Dissolution of New York State Business Corporations, and TR-199, Surrender of Authority-Foreign Corporation, on our website (see Need help?).

Legal restrictions

Legal restrictions for petroleum-, alcohol-, and cigarette-related businesses

Filing Form DTF-95 is not a substitute for prior approval required for certain changes. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in the cancellation of your registration, license, or permit.

In addition to filing Form DTF-95, if you are registered, licensed, or granted a permit for any of the following activities:

a distributor of beer, cider, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic beverages (Article 18);

a cigarette agent, wholesale dealer of cigarettes, distributor of tobacco products or wholesale dealer of tobacco products, or a chain store (Articles 20 and 20-A);

a motor fuel distributor, importing/exporting transporter, terminal operator, or liquefied petroleum gas fuel permittee (Articles 12-A and


a diesel motor fuel distributor, retailer of heating oil only, or distributor of kero-jet fuel only (Articles 12-A and 13-A); or

an aviation fuel business or residual petroleum products business (Article 13-A);

you must also:

notify the Tax Department in writing to report changes to the owner/officer/responsible person information of any type of registrant or licensee; or

report changes, additions, and deletions of the location of a cigarette agent or wholesale dealer warehouse.

Foreign addresses

If you are located outside of the United States and you find that your address will not fit in the spaces provided, you may attach a separate sheet

with your address information. Be sure to identify for which tax type(s) each address is to be used.

Specific instructions

You must always complete Steps 1, 2, and 6. Complete Steps 3 through 5 and page 2, as needed, to report your updates.

Step 1 – Select tax type(s) to be updated

See Legal restrictions before selecting the tax types. Then indicate which business tax records should be updated by marking an X in the appropriate

box(es) in the section. If the updated information is the same for all your business tax types on file with the Tax Department, you need to mark the first box only, All business tax types on file with NYS Tax Dept. If you are not marking the first box and your change affects a tax not listed, mark the

box labeled Other and enter the tax type and account number in the spaces below that box.

Step 2 – Identify your business

Current information on file

Identify your business by filling in all the requested information for your business as currently on file with the Tax Department. This will assist us in

updating your records.

Identification number – Enter your identification number as it appears on materials you are currently receiving, or the identification number that you entered when you last filed a tax return.

Legal name – Enter your business’ legal name as follows:

for a corporation or LLC, enter the exact legal name of the business as it appears on the Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration;

Page 2 of 2 DTF-95-I (12/20)

for an unincorporated business, use the name in which the business owns property or acquires debt;

for a partnership, use the registered partnership name; or

for a sole proprietor, use the name of the individual owner.

Trade name (DBA) – Enter the trade name, doing business as (DBA) name,

or assumed name if different from the legal name. For an unincorporated business, use the DBA name filed with the county clerk’s office.

Business telephone number – Enter the general number that we have on file, or if more than one, enter the one that you want replaced.

Business fax number – Enter your fax number if you previously provided one.

Email address – Enter your business email address.

Physical address – Enter the complete address where your business is physically located. (See Foreign addresses if you are not in the U.S.)

Step 3 – Enter updated information

Legal name reminder: See Legal name change for restrictions.

Updating address information - Mark an X in the box and enter the updated address information in Section A. See Address changes.

Step 4a – Owner/officer/responsible person information

Complete this step if there have been any changes to the information

about the persons required to be listed on your application forms as owner/officer/responsible persons. If there are changes for more than two

individuals, attach an additional list to this form, using the same format. See Legal restrictions if you are updating records for petroleum business, alcoholic beverages, or cigarette tax types.

Note: Removing a person as an owner/officer/responsible person of your business does not determine whether that person is legally responsible for the tax liabilities of the business. That determination is made based on all the information available to the department.

Mark an X in the appropriate box to indicate whether you are adding, removing, or revising officer information, and provide all the information

requested for each one. You may select a current or future date for a change of owner/officer/or responsible person to take effect, but you may

not select a date in the past. If this form is received with a past effective date, or if the effective date is left blank, the change will be effective as of the date the form is received.

Step 4b – Affiliated person information

Enter the applicable information for all affiliated persons that you wish to

add, remove, or revise. For purposes of the cigarette and tobacco tax,

persons are affiliated persons (AP) with respect to each other where:

one of such persons has a direct or indirect ownership interest of more than 5% in the other;

a direct or indirect ownership interest of more than 5% is held in each of

such persons by another person, or by a group of other persons that are affiliated persons with respect to each other.

You must provide all the information required. Attach additional sheets as necessary, using the same format.

Mark an X in the appropriate box to indicate whether you are adding,

removing, or revising information, and provide all the information requested for each one. If removing an affiliated person, you must enter an ownership

percentage of 5% or less. You may select a current date for a change of affiliated person to take effect, but you may not select a date prior to

September 1, 2020. If this form is received with an effective date prior to September 1, 2020, or if the effective date is left blank, the change will be effective as of the date the form is received.

Step 5 – Report sale of business or change of business activity

If you sold or transferred your business (or your entire inventory), mark an X in the box and enter the name, address, and employer identification number (EIN) of the buyer and the date of sale. You must still officially

notify the Tax Department of the sale using Form AU-196.10,

Notification of Sale, Transfer, or Assignment in Bulk.

If your primary business activity has changed, describe your new

type of business activity and enter the new six-digit NAICS business activity code(s). To find the best NAICS code for your new activity, see Publication 910, NAICS Codes for Principal Business Activity for New York State Tax Purposes on the Tax Department’s website (see Need help?).

Step 6 – Sign and mail your update

The authorized person must sign and date the report, enter his or her title, and print the name of a contact and the contact’s daytime telephone number (including area code and extension, if any) and e-mail address. The person who signs the form must be authorized to report updates for this business.

Mail your completed form to:




ALBANY NY 12227-0865

Private delivery services – If you are not submitting your form by U.S. Mail, see Publication 55, Designated Private Delivery Services, for the address and other information.

Address changes

If not doing so online, you may report address changes on this form or on Form DTF-96. Mark an X in the box in the Updated information section and enter your updated address information on the back of Form DTF-95. See

Legal restrictions for special reporting requirements. Enter your addresses in a format that will be recognized by the post office. It is important that you

enter your addresses correctly. If you need to enter an address outside the U.S., see Foreign addresses.

Section A – List your updated address(es)

Enter address information only if it is different from current information.

If applicable, enter your new physical location, the effective date of the address change, and your new business telephone number.

If applicable, enter your new mailing address or the mailing address of the person and firm that you wish to receive mailings sent by the Tax

Department. Also enter the effective date of the change and the new telephone number for a person who can be contacted about any tax information.

Privacy notification

New York State Law requires all government agencies that maintain a system of records to provide notification of the legal authority for any

request for personal information, the principal purpose(s) for which the information is to be collected, and where it will be maintained. To view this

information, visit our website, or, if you do not have Internet access, call and request Publication 54, Privacy Notification. See Need help? for the Web

address and telephone number.

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