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In order to be able to work at your company, you will need to complete and submit an Employee Clearance Form. This form is a way for your employer to conduct a background check on you and ensure that you do not have any criminal convictions that would disqualify you from working at the company. The process of completing and submitting this form may seem daunting, but our guide will walk you through every step so that you can feel confident in submitting your application.

Below is the information concerning the form you were in search of to complete. It can tell you the span of time you'll need to finish employee clearance form, what parts you need to fill in and a few further specific details.

Form NameEmployee Clearance Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesoffice clearance certificate format, employment clearance sample, employment clearance certificate, employee clearance certificate

Form Preview Example

Employee Clearance Form

Employee MUST be present on last day of work and is responsible to obtain all signatures by each

Department noted below. Return this form to the Human Resources Department-HH 106 on last day of work.



Employee Name:


Employee #:














Job Title:
















AAPF & CCMSA employees: Do you have any outstanding Tuition Waivers?















Signatures Required Below



A Department representative for each area listed below MUST sign-off




Date Signed


on this form to acknowledge the employee has nothing outstanding












LRC: All books and other materials that are the property of the LRC must be
















Campus Life: All outstanding DVDs & other equipment must be returned.
















AS REQUIRED – All outstanding department equipment, uniforms, supplies








& credit cards must be returned to your Supervisor/Manager.









IS: If you stored college information anywhere other than on College owned








Equipment (ie: iPad, Tablet, personal computer, etc.), IS must clear your








media of all College related data.









IS: If you linked your Smartphone to the CCM server for email, please have








this function turned off & all college related emails removed by IS.

















FACULTY ONLY – All grades from previous semesters have been entered.








The Office of Records and Registration will take a copy & return to HR.








Public Safety Department: All College keys and “Essential Employee”








Cards must be returned.









Human Resources Department: Employee ID card must be returned.









*An employee with at least 25 years of full-time service may keep their








employee ID card.













Employment Verification requests will only be verified if an “Authorization to Release Information” form signed by you is provided by the requestor. (Except as required by law.)


Employee’s retiring with at least 10 years of full-time service can elect to Opt-In to the retiree email group by registering a PERSONAL email address on the CCM website: www.ccm.edu/retiree-email/

ALL employees MUST provide an alternate email address so that CCM can update your record in Colleague. This information will enable you to access Titans Direct so that you can obtain pay advices, your W-2 and your 1095-C forms for tax purposes.

Alternate email:@.


If you will be moving, please provide your NEW ADDRESS below and the effective date:

New Address:



Zip Code:




Employee Signature:

Employee Clearance Form – Eform – Rev. 06-2021

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portion of blanks in job clearance certificate format pdf

Remember to insert the data inside the part ALL employees MUST provide an, Alternate email, If you will be moving please, CHANGE OF ADDRESS, New Address, City, Employee Signature, Employee Clearance Form Eform, State, and Zip Code.

Finishing job clearance certificate format pdf step 2

Step 3: Hit the "Done" button. You can now transfer your PDF file to your electronic device. Aside from that, you can send it by means of electronic mail.

Step 4: Make sure you keep away from forthcoming challenges by preparing as much as 2 duplicates of your document.

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