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The Export Decleration Form is a helpful tool that can be used to ensure the safe and legal export of goods from the United States. The form is available on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, and it can be filled out and submitted online. The form asks for information about the exported goods, including their value and destination. It is important to fill out the form accurately and completely, so that there are no delays or problems with the shipment.

In the list, there's some information in regards to the export decleration form. There, you will obtain the specifics of the PDF you would like to fill out, which includes the assumed time to fill it out as well as other details.

Form NameExport Decleration Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesexport declaration form india, export declaration form in word format, export declaration form template, export declaration format

Form Preview Example












Annex I









































General Information:




Customs Security No.:








Form No:






























Nature of Cargo:



Shipping Bill No. & Date:




Mode of Transport:





] Land
















] Sea





] others























Category of Exporter:

[ ]

Custom (DTA units) [



RBI approval no. & date, if any:









] Status holder exporters [ ] 100% EOU


















Warehouse export [

] others (Specify)


















IE Code:








AD code:






























Exporters Name & Address:






AD Name & Address:


























Consignee’s Name & Address:






Mode of Realisation : [








] Others










(advance payment, etc. including transfer/remittance to bank










account maintained overseas )

































Port of Loading / Source Port in case of SEZ :
















Name of the Indian bank and AD code, in case of LC/BG


Country of Destination:



Port of Discharge:



























Whether payment to be



Let Export order (LEO) Date:










Received through ACU?




















] Yes [












General Commodity Description:






































State of Origin of























Total FOB value in words (INR):



Custom Assessable value (INR)*:





























2. Invoice –Wise details of Export Value



















( If more than one invoice for a particular shipping bill , the block 2 will repeat as many times of invoices)


Invoice No.



Invoice Currency:






Nature of Contract:























] C&F


Invoice date.



Invoice Amount:


































Amount in FC



Exchange Rate



Amount (INR)























FOB Value


































































































































































































































Other Deduction












































Packing Charges
















































Net Realisable value








































3.Applicable for Export under FPO/Couriers Name of the post Office:

Number & date of Parcel receipts :

Stamp & Signature of Authorised Dealer

4.Declaration by the Exporters (All types of exports)

I /We hereby declare that I/we @am/are the seller/consignor of the goods in respect of which this declaration is made and that the particulars given above are true and that the value to be received from the buyer represents the export value contracted and declared above. I/We undertake that I/we will deliver to the authorised dealer bank named above the foreign exchange representing the full

value of the goods exported as above on or before

(i.e. within the period of realisation stipulated by RBI from time to

time ) in the manner specified in the Regulations made under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.


@ am/are not in the Caution List of the Reserve Bank of India.



(Signature of Exporter)

5.Space for use of the competent authority (i.e. Custom/SEZ) on behalf of Ministry concerned:

Certified, on the basis of above declaration by the Custom/SEZ unit, that the Goods described above and the export value declared by the exporter in this form is as per the corresponding invoice/gist of invoices submitted and declared by the Unit.


(Signature of Designated/Authorised officials of Custom /SEZ )

@ Strike out whichever is not applicable.

*Unit declared Value in case of exports affected from SEZs

How to Edit Export Decleration Form Online for Free

We've used the efforts of our best computer programmers to design the PDF editor you are about to operate. Our software will help you fill in the export declaration example document easily and don’t waste time. All you need to do is keep up with the following quick instructions.

Step 1: Select the button "Get form here" to get into it.

Step 2: You can now manage your export declaration example. This multifunctional toolbar enables you to include, erase, change, and highlight content or undertake several other commands.

Prepare the next segments to fill out the template:

ex1 declaration fields to fill out

In the General Commodity Description, Whether payment to be Received, State of Origin of Goods, Let Export order LEO Date, Total FOB value in words INR, Custom Assessable value INR, Invoice Wise details of Export, If more than one invoice for a, Invoice No, Invoice date, Particulars FOB Value, Freight, Insurance, Commission, and Discount area, put in writing your data.

Filling in ex1 declaration part 2

The program will require for additional info with a purpose to effortlessly fill out the part Packing Charges, and Net Realisable value.

ex1 declaration Packing Charges, and Net Realisable value fields to insert

Within the field Applicable for Export under, Number date of Parcel receipts, Stamp Signature of Authorised, Declaration by the Exporters All, I We hereby declare that Iwe amare, IWe amare not in the Caution List, Date Signature of Exporter, Space for use of the competent, and Certified on the basis of above, list the rights and obligations of the parties.

part 4 to entering details in ex1 declaration

Review the sections Date, Signature of DesignatedAuthorised, and Strike out whichever is not and thereafter complete them.

step 5 to finishing ex1 declaration

Step 3: Once you click on the Done button, the finished document is readily transferable to all of your devices. Or, you can send it by using email.

Step 4: It's going to be safer to keep copies of the file. You can rest assured that we will not share or view your particulars.

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