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In the realm of real estate appraisals, the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR), commonly known as the 1004 form, serves as a critical tool for mortgage lenders. This comprehensive document is utilized to assess the market value of a residential property, a process pivotal in the decision-making for home loans. The 1004 form requires detailed information about the property in question, including but not restricted to its physical characteristics, condition, and location. Additionally, it encompasses an analysis of comparable homes in the area, adjustments for any differences, and an overall market analysis. For homeowners and buyers, understanding the intricacies of this form can shed light on how a property's value is determined, potentially influencing mortgage approvals, refinancing decisions, or home sale prices. The role of the 1004 form in the real estate and lending processes cannot be overstated, ensuring that property valuations are grounded in objective criteria and comprehensive analysis.

Form NameForm 1004
Form Length6 pages
Fillable fields620
Avg. time to fill out31 min 23 sec
Other namesfannie mae form 1004, appraisal report fannie, 1004 appraisal, form urar

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The entire process of completing the 1004 fannie form is pretty effortless. We made sure our PDF editor is easy to use and can help complete almost any PDF very quickly. Consider a couple of steps you'll want to follow:

Step 1: To start with, click on the orange "Get form now" button.

Step 2: You are now capable of manage 1004 fannie form. You've got plenty of options thanks to our multifunctional toolbar - it's possible to add, remove, or change the content material, highlight its particular parts, and carry out other commands.

The next sections will make up your PDF file:

portion of gaps in urar form

Within the segment Shape, View, Area, Offsite, Improvements, Type, Street, Alley Water, Sanitary, Sewer, No, FEMA, Flood, Zone Public, Other, describe FEMA, Map, Date FEMA, Map Public, Private, General, Description Foundation, materials, condition, Interior materials, condition and One, One, with, Accessory, Unit provide the information the application requests you to do.

Filling in urar form part 2

Make sure you provide the important data within the Freddie, Mac, Form, March Page, of and Fannie, Mae, Form, March field.

urar form FreddieMacFormMarch, Pageof, and FannieMaeFormMarch blanks to complete

The Uniform, Residential, Appraisal, Report COMPARABLE, SALE SUBJECT, FEATURE, There, are, There, are Address, File, to COMPARABLE, SALE sq, ft sq, ft sq, ft sq, ft DESCRIPTION, DESCRIPTION, and S, Adjustment section could be used to identify the rights and obligations of each party.

stage 4 to finishing urar form

Finish by looking at the following sections and preparing them correspondingly: did, Net, Adj, Gross, Adj Net, Adj, Gross, Adj Net, Adj, Gross, Adj My, research did, DatasourcesMy, research did, COMPARABLE, SALE COMPARABLE, SALE SUBJECT, ITEM, and Summary, of, Sales, Comparison, Approach

urar form did, NetAdjGrossAdj, NetAdjGrossAdj, NetAdjGrossAdj, Myresearch, did, DatasourcesMyresearch, did, COMPARABLESALE, COMPARABLESALE, SUBJECT, ITEM, and SummaryofSalesComparisonApproach blanks to insert

Step 3: As soon as you are done, choose the "Done" button to export the PDF file.

Step 4: Ensure that you stay clear of future worries by generating around two copies of the document.

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