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CFS 2275 is a form that taxpayers use to request an extension of time to file their tax return. The form must be filed by the original due date of the tax return, or by the extended due date if one has been granted. There are different rules for individuals and businesses, so it's important to know which one applies to you. In this blog post, we'll go over the basics of Form Cfs 2275 and explain how to file for an extension. We'll also discuss the consequences of not filing on time. So if you're running into trouble meeting the deadline, read on!

Form NameForm Cfs 2275
Form Length1 pages
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names2008, dcf form 2275, eWiSACWIS, Agency1

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Division of Safety and Permanence


DCF-F (CFS-2275) (R. 12/2008)



All employees, subcontractors, or other individuals under the control of a Custodial Agency1 or an Accessing Agency2 with a eWiSACWIS Agency Agreement who will have access to eWiSACWIS shall sign the following Agreement:

I hereby certify that I have read and understand the eWiSACWIS Agency Agreement and the Department of Children and Families "Access to eWiSACWIS and Information Contained in eWiSACWIS" Policy. I

also certify that I am aware of the laws and regulations affecting my access to information and my ability to re-disclose any information maintained in eWiSACWIS.

I acknowledge my responsibilities under the above-noted Agreement, Policy, and laws and regulations and agree to abide by them. I understand that programs within eWiSACWIS may maintain a record of any files or other information I may access.

I acknowledge that I must have a valid, work-related reason to access or review any record or part of a record within eWiSACWIS.

Name – eWiSACWIS User (Type or Print)



Date Signed (mm/dd/yyyy)

1"Custodial Agency" means an agency which enters information into eWiSACWIS on behalf of clients it is serving. In virtually all cases, this will be the Department of Children and Families or a County Department of Human / Social Services.

2"Accessing Agency" means an agency, other than the Department of Children and Families or a County Department of Human / Social Services, which, through an "Agency Agreement on Access to eWiSACWIS," has direct access to eWiSACWIS for the purpose of viewing, adding, deleting, or modifying information on that system.

Distribution: For County / Department staff, the original shall be maintained by the supervisor and a copy provided to the employee.

For Accessing Agencies, the original shall be maintained by the supervisor and copies provided to the employee and the Custodial Agency.

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