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Form De 1378N is a tax form that businesses in Spain use to report their annual income and expenses. This form is used to calculate the business's taxable income, and it must be submitted to the Spanish Tax Agency by April 30th each year. There are several sections on Form De 1378N, and each one must be completed accurately in order to avoid penalties from the government. In this blog post, we will explain what each section of Form De 1378N entails, so that you can complete it correctly.

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Form NameForm De 1378N
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields63
Avg. time to fill out13 min 10 sec
Other namesform de1326 c, de1326c, de1326c form, edd de1326c form

Form Preview Example

Taxpayer Assistance Center, Attention: Specialized Coverage Desk, P.O. Box 2068, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-2068, 916-654-6288

Application for Elective Coverage of State Disability Insurance* ONLY

For Department Use Only

Account No.

Statistical Code

Effective Date

Approved By


Employer Notified



Number of Employees


This form is not an application for an account number under the compulsory provisions of the California Unemployment Insurance Code (CUIC). Do not complete this form unless you wish to apply for State Disability Insurance coverage ONLY for your employees under Section 702.6, 710.4, 710.5, 710.6, or 710.9 of the CUIC. Coverage under these sections of the CUIC does not make provision for Unemployment Insurance benefits.

Complete this form only for:

1.Employing units with eligible employees who are California residents whose services are covered by the unemployment compensation laws of another state that does not have a disability insurance program under Section 702.6 of the CUIC.


2.Employees of any of the following:

A public school employer under Section 710.4 of the CUIC.

A public agency employer under Section 710.5 of the CUIC.

An Indian tribe under Section 710.6 of the CUIC.

A community college district under Section 710.9 of the CUIC.

NOTE: If your application is approved, the elective coverage agreement will be subject to all of the requirements and conditions outlined in the Information Concerning Elective Coverage for State Disability Insurance ONLY Under Section 702.6, 710.4, 710.5, 710.6, or 710.9 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code (DE 1378P) form. Please retain your copy of the DE 1378P for reference.


Please Type or Print

1.Name of Employer










Business Address








(Number and Street)




(ZIP Code)


Mailing Address








(Number and Street)




(ZIP Code)

4.Type of Employer – (Check one)

Employing Unit With Eligible Employees – Section 702.6

Public School – Section 710.4

Public Agency – Section 710.5

Indian Tribe – Section 710.6

Community College District – Section 710.9

5.Law under which agency/employer was established. (Does not apply to Indian Tribes.)


California General Laws













Title of Act









Year Enacted
















California Codes













Title of Code

























6.Members of governing body of the employer.





Residence Address
















*Includes Paid Family Leave (PFL).

DE 1378N Rev. 13 (12-13) (INTERNET)

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7.This application covers employees of the following appropriate units:

Show Name of Bargaining Unit or Describe Type of Services

Bargaining Unit Management Confidential Unrepresented Academic Other

8.Complete this schedule covering all elected officers and appointees who perform services for the agency named in Item 1. Exclude individuals listed in Item 6.

(a)Elected offices: (These individuals are ineligible for coverage.) Title of Position

(b)Person holding appointive positions: (These individuals are eligible for coverage unless appointed to fill a vacant elected office.)


No. of Positions


No. of Such Individuals


Title of Position

in this Category

By Whom Appointed

Desiring Coverage






















(c)Total number of employees to be covered (excluding elected officers and those appointed by the Governor).

9.Deductions should not be made from your employees' wages for the purpose of paying employee contributions required under the CUIC until your election is approved.

10.On what date do you wish elective coverage to commence? Keep in mind that the commencement date of an elective coverage agreement shall not be prior to the first day of the calendar quarter in which the application is filed, nor later than the first day of the following calendar quarter.

First day of current quarter

First day of next quarter

11.Attach a copy of either:

The negotiated agreement between the employer and the recognized employee organization or written petition signed by a majority of the eligible employees to be covered by the election under Section 702.6 of the CUIC.


The resolution in which the governing body described in Item 6 approved the filing of an application for elective

coverage under Section 710.4, 710.5, 710.6, or 710.9 of the CUIC.


The employing unit with eligible employees or governmental or tribal entity described in Item 1 hereby files its application under Section 702.6, 710.4, 710.5, 710.6, or 710.9 of the CUIC to become an employer subject to the CUIC. It is understood that upon approval of the election by the Director, the Employing Unit/Public School/Public Agency/Indian Tribe/Community College District will be an employer subject to the CUIC for State Disability Insurance purposes ONLY to the same extent as other employers as of the date specified in the approval, and will remain a subject employer for at least two complete calendar years and thereafter, until this election is terminated as provided by the CUIC.

I declare that this application has been examined by me, and to the best of my knowledge, it is true and correct and made in good faith under the provisions of the CUIC.

This declaration must be signed by one




or more individuals shown under Item 6.








DE 1378N Rev. 13 (12-13) (INTERNET)

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How to Edit Form De 1378N Online for Free

You can easily complete documents with the help of our PDF editor. Updating the what is de1326cd from unemployment file is a breeze in case you keep to the next steps:

Step 1: Search for the button "Get Form Here" on this webpage and click it.

Step 2: Once you've got entered the editing page what is de1326cd from unemployment, you will be able to discover all of the functions available for the document at the top menu.

The next parts are what you are going to complete to obtain the finished PDF form.

edd de1326c form blanks to complete

Fill out the Please, Type, or, Print Name, of, Employer Business, Address Mailing, Address Number, and, Street Number, and, Street City, City, County, State, ZIP, Code County, State, ZIP, Code and Phone fields with any data that can be asked by the software.

edd de1326c form PleaseTypeorPrint, NameofEmployer, BusinessAddress, MailingAddress, NumberandStreet, NumberandStreet, City, City, County, State, ZIPCode, County, State, ZIPCode, and Phone fields to complete

Write down the crucial information in Title, of, Position elected, office Title, of, Position No, of, Positions, in, this, Category By, Whom, Appointed and No, of, Such, Individuals, Desiring, Coverage area.

step 3 to finishing edd de1326c form

The Title, of, Position No, of, Positions, in, this, Category By, Whom, Appointed No, of, Such, Individuals, Desiring, Coverage First, day, of, current, quarter First, day, of, next, quarter Attach, a, copy, of, either and coverage, under, Section, or, of, the, CUI, C segment should be applied to write down the rights or obligations of both parties.

edd de1326c form TitleofPosition, NoofPositionsinthisCategory, ByWhomAppointed, NoofSuchIndividualsDesiringCoverage, Firstdayofcurrentquarter, Firstdayofnextquarter, Attachacopyofeither, and coverageunderSectionoroftheCUIC fields to insert

Finalize by checking the next sections and typing in the appropriate details: DEN, Rev, INTERNET Signed, Signed, Signed Page, of and Date, Date, Date

Entering details in edd de1326c form part 5

Step 3: If you're done, click the "Done" button to transfer the PDF file.

Step 4: To prevent yourself from any kind of problems in the long run, you should generate at the very least a couple of copies of the document.

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