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Form Dtf 803 is a document that is filled out by taxpayers to request a refund for overpaid taxes. The form can be filed electronically or by mail, and it generally takes about eight weeks for the IRS to process the request and issue the refund. In order to complete Form Dtf 803, taxpayers will need their social security number, adjusted gross income from the previous year, total amount of federal income tax withheld, and other relevant information. Form Dtf 803 is an important document to have in case you have overpaid your taxes during the year. Be sure to file it as soon as possible so that you can receive your refund as quickly as possible.

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Form NameForm Dtf 803
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields93
Avg. time to fill out19 min 10 sec
Other namesdtf 803 ny dmv form, ny dtf 803, ny form dtf 803, dtf 803 form

Form Preview Example

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance


Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption - Title/Registration



Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile

For transactions processed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and its agents or county clerk ofices only.

If you are claiming an exemption for a gift, use Form DTF-802, Statement of Transaction – Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile.

Misuse of this exemption claim may subject you to serious civil and criminal sanctions in addition to the payment of any tax and interest due. Print or type clearly.

Section 1 — Vehicle information

Type of vehicle (mark an X in one box)














Motor Vehicle


Boat (length in feet):
































Identiication (ID) number

















Purchase price (include cash, the value of any goods or services you gave in trade,







Date of purchase









and any balance of seller’s payments you may have assumed)


























Section 2

— New owner/lessee information













Last name, irst name, middle initial or business name









Social security number/TIN/EIN











Number and street address



City, state, and ZIP code


















Section 3

— Previous owner/dealer information









Last name, irst name, middle initial or business name























Number and street address



City, state, and ZIP code





















Section 4

— Exemption you are claiming













To claim a sales and use tax exemption on the vehicle listed in Section 1 – Vehicle information, mark an X in the appropriate box below and supply any additional information requested. You must sign Section 5 – Certification, and present this completed form (including any additional required information) to the motor vehicle issuing office when registering the vehicle.


Nonresident of New York State (NYS) (purchases of motor vehicles, trailers, or boats only) At the time of purchase the purchaser was not a resident of NYS, did not have a place of abode in NYS, and was not engaged in any trade business, employment, or profession in NYS. See Publication 750, A Guide to Sales Tax in New York State, for more information on what is considered a place of abode.

(Mark an X in one of the boxes below; go to line 3 and enter required additional information.)


Motor vehicle, trailer, or boat was not purchased in NYS.

If marked, enter the location where the motor vehicle, trailer, or boat was purchased:

Motor vehicle, trailer, or boat was purchased in NYS, but previously registered by the purchaser in another state prior to registering it in NYS.

If marked, enter the state where the motor vehicle, trailer, or boat was previously registered:

Nonresident of NYS (purchase of ATVs or snowmobiles only) The ATV or snowmobile was delivered to the purchaser outside of NYS. At the time of purchase the purchaser was not a resident of NYS, did not have a place of abode in NYS, and was not engaged in any trade, business, employment, or profession in NYS. (Go to line 3 and enter required additional information.)

3Required additional information (You must provide the information requested below if you marked a box in either line 1 or 2 above.)

• Were you ever a resident of NYS?











If Yes, enter dates of residency:











• At the time of purchase, were you absent from NYS for education, employment, or military service?



While a resident of another state, did you own/rent living quarters in NYS?





Date the purchased motor vehicle, trailer, boat, ATV, or snowmobile was irst used in NYS:




Yes Yes


No No


Exempt organization — The purchaser is an organization exempt from tax as provided in Tax Law Article 28, section 1116(a).

(Attach copy of Form ST-119, Exempt Organization Certiicate. Local, state, and federal governments are not required to attach Form ST-119.)




Registered vendor for rental or lease — The purchaser is registered as a NYS sales tax vendor, and the motor vehicle, trailer, boat, ATV, or snowmobile will be used exclusively by the purchaser for rental or lease to customers.

Enter the purchaser’s Certificate of Authority number:

Leased or rented vehicle — Sales and use tax will be paid to lessor.


Lessor’s name and address:

Term of lease:

Settlement of estate — The motor vehicle, trailer, boat, ATV, or snowmobile was acquired in the settlement of the estate of the previous owner, but was not purchased from the estate.

Complete and sign the back.

DTF-803 (4/14) (back)



Tractor, trailer, or semi-trailerThe motor vehicle is a tractor, trailer, or semi trailer which is or will be used in combination where the gross vehicle weight of the combination exceeds 26,000 pounds.

Direct payment (DP) permit holder — The purchaser has a DP permit issued by the Tax Department.

Enter the DP permit number (attach copy):

DP —


New York sales and use tax paid to seller — The tax must be paid on the seller’s sales and use tax return. The buyer must attach a copy of the bill of sale indicating tax paid. Complete the following:



Purchase price:


Tax paid:


Individual Indian exemption — The purchaser must be an enrolled member of an exempt nation or tribe and must maintain a permanent residence on the reservation. The purchase must not be for resale. The motor vehicle, trailer, or boat must be registered to an address located on the reservation. If the purchase is an ATV or snowmobile, the vehicle must have been delivered to you on the reservation. Complete the following:

Name of exempt nation or tribe: Name of qualiied reservation:

12Military personnel (motor vehicles only) NYS resident who purchased the vehicle outside NYS while in military service





Mark an X in the appropriate box.

NYS tax exempt (tax paid to another state) — No NYS or local sales or use tax is due if the seller or purchaser paid sales, use, excise, or highway use tax to another state in order to obtain the title. Complete the following:

Branch of military service:



Dates of military service: from








State where vehicle was purchased:



Tax paid:



Paid by:









Note: You must provide military ID or other documentation of military service and attach proof of tax paid to another state. NYS tax deferred — No NYS or local sales or use tax is due at this time if the purchaser:

has been on active duty continuously since the vehicle was purchased outside NYS;

is still on active duty and is still stationed outside NYS;

has not been stationed in, nor had living quarters in, NYS from the time of purchase to the present; and

will not use the vehicle in NYS except during authorized absence from duty.

Complete the following:

State or foreign country where vehicle was purchased (cannot be NYS): Present duty station:

Present living quarters:

Note: upon discharge, separation, or release from active duty, or upon being stationed or quartered within NYS, the purchaser must pay any sales and use tax due if the purchaser continues to use the motor vehicle in NYS.

Farm production and commercial horse boarding operation — The motor vehicle, trailer, boat, ATV, or snowmobile will be used predominantly either in farm production or in a commercial horse boarding operation, or in both. Mark an X in the appropriate box to indicate the type of plate registration.



Registration not required (provide reason)





Other exemption (explain)










Section 5 — Certification

I certify that the above statements are true, complete, and correct, and that no material information has been omitted. I make these statements and issue this exemption certiicate with the knowledge that this document provides evidence that state and local sales or use taxes do not apply to a transaction or transactions for which I tendered this document and that willfully issuing this document with the intent to evade any such tax may constitute a felony or other crime under New York State Law, punishable by a substantial ine and a possible jail sentence. I understand that the Department of Motor Vehicles

or county clerk is agent for, and acts on behalf of, New York State and any locality with respect to any state or local sales or use tax the Department of Motor Vehicles or county clerk is required to collect from me; that as agent they are required to collect such taxes from me unless I properly furnish this certiicate; and that this certiicate will be made available to the Tax Department. I also understand that the Tax Department is authorized to investigate the

validity of tax exemptions claimed and the accuracy of any information entered on this document.

Signature of new owner









(Sign name in full)

Print name of new owner


Title (if business)


Privacy notification — The Commissioner of Taxation and Finance may collect and maintain personal information

pursuant to the New York State Tax Law, including but not limited to, sections 5-a, 171, 171-a, 287, 308, 429, 475, 505, 697, 1096, 1142, and 1415 of that Law; and may require disclosure of social security numbers pursuant

to 42 USC 405(c)(2)(C)(i). This information will be used to determine and administer tax liabilities and, when authorized by law, for certain tax offset and exchange of tax information programs as well as for any other lawful purpose. Information concerning quarterly wages paid to employees is provided to certain state agencies for purposes of fraud prevention, support enforcement, evaluation of the effectiveness of certain employment and training programs and other purposes authorized by law.

Failure to provide the required information may subject you to civil or criminal penalties, or both, under the

Tax Law. This information is maintained by the Manager of Document Management, NYS Tax Department, W A Harriman Campus, Albany NY 12227; telephone (518) 457-5181.

For office use only









Cashier’s initials

Term no.

Possible audit
















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The PDF editor makes it simple to complete the nys dtf 803 document. You will be able to obtain the file without delay by using these basic steps.

Step 1: Choose the button "Get form here" to open it.

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Provide the requested material in each one segment to prepare the PDF nys dt, f 803

form dtf 803 gaps to complete

Jot down the details in the If, Yes, enter, dates, of, residency from, Yes, Yes, Yes NoNo, Lessors, name, and, address and Term, of, lease field.

part 2 to filling out form dtf 803

The application will demand you to give particular necessary particulars to easily fill in the area Lessors, name, and, address Term, of, lease and Complete, and, sign, the, back

step 3 to filling out form dtf 803

The Enter, the, DP, permit, number, attach, copy Seller, Purchase, price Tax, paid Mark, an, X, in, the, appropriate, box Branch, of, military, service Dates, of, military, service, from State, where, vehicle, was, purchased Tax, paid Paid, by purchaser, and seller area needs to be used to provide the rights or obligations of both sides.

Finishing form dtf 803 step 4

End by looking at the following sections and filling them in correspondingly: Present, duty, station Present, living, quarters Farming, Agriculture Other, exemption, explain Signature, of, new, owner Print, name, of, new, owner Sign, name, in, full Title, if, business Date, Of, ice For, of, ce, use, only and Date.

Entering details in form dtf 803 part 5

Step 3: Press the "Done" button. Now it's possible to transfer your PDF document to your device. Additionally, it is possible to deliver it by means of electronic mail.

Step 4: To avoid any specific concerns in the long run, try to have minimally two or three duplicates of your document.

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