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When individuals or entities in North Carolina face disagreements with tax decisions made by the Department of Revenue, the NC-242 form serves as a crucial tool for appealing such decisions. This comprehensive document allows taxpayers to formally object to and request a review of a variety of tax-related determinations, including proposed assessments, denials of refunds, or adjustments. Essential information required on the form includes personal details of the individual or entity, such as names, social security numbers, contact information, and specific details concerning the tax matter at hand. Additionally, it mandates the inclusion of a detailed reason for the objection alongside any supporting documentation that substantiates the taxpayer's claims. The procedure outlined in the document emphasizes the importance of attaching a copy of the original notice received, clearly stating the specific objections, and adhering to the stipulated 45-day period within which the request for review must be filed following the receipt or delivery of the notice. Furthermore, if a taxpayer's representative signs the form, the submission must include a Power of Attorney. Addressed to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, this form is an initial step in the appeals process, highlighting the structured approach provided by the state for taxpayers to contest decisions and ensuring a fair review process is accessible to all.

Form NameForm Nc 242
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameshow to form nc 242, departmental nc north, nc des, departmental department revenue

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Objection and Request for Departmental Review

Individual’s First Name



Individual’s Last Name


Individual’s Social Security Number

















Spouse’s First Name (If joint return filed)



Spouse’s Last Name (If joint return filed)


Spouse’s Social Security Number (If joint return filed)









Individual Phone Number































Entity’s Legal Name

Entity’s Trade Name

Entity’s Federal Employer ID Number

Account Number/NCDOR ID

Entity Contact Person


Entity Contact Person Phone Number










Street Address




Zip Code
















Reason for Objection and Request for Departmental Review (Provide the requested information about the notice(s) that you are requesting the Department to review. Important: Attach a copy of the notice(s) of proposed assessment, proposed denial of refund, or proposed adjustment.)

Notice Number

Date of Notice

Tax Type

Period Beginning

Period Ending

Use the space below to state in detail your specific objections to the Notice of Proposed Assessment, Notice of Proposed Denial of Refund, or Notice of Proposed Adjustment. (Attach additional pages if necessary. Attach all supporting documentation to your request for Departmental review.)

Taxpayer Signature:





Signature of




Taxpayer’s Representative:





If a taxpayer’s representative signs this form, a Power of Attorney must accompany this request.

If you object to a proposed assessment, proposed adjustment, or proposed denial of refund, you must request a Departmental review of the proposed action as the first step in the appeals process. To request a review, complete this form and mail it, along with all supporting documentation, to the address shown below. This form may be used for any State or local tax administered by the Department of Revenue. The request for review must be filed with the Department within 45 days after the following: (1) the date the Notice of the Proposed Assessment, Proposed Denial of Refund, or Proposed Adjustment was mailed by the Department, or (2) the date the Notice of Proposed Assessment, Proposed Denial of Refund, or Proposed Adjustment was personally delivered by a Department employee.

MAIL TO: North Carolina Department of Revenue, Customer Interaction Center, P.O. Box 471, Raleigh, NC 27602-0471

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