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Delving into the complexities of tax and wage reporting requirements for businesses in New York State reveals a critical document: the NYS-45-ATT, a form designed for Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return. This document, updated in January 2019, stands as an attachment to the main NYS-45 form and serves several vital purposes crucial for compliance with state tax regulations. For businesses operating within New York, this form facilitates the intricate process of reporting wages paid to employees, withholding the appropriate amount of state and local taxes—including those for New York City and Yonkers—and detailing unemployment insurance contributions, all on a quarterly basis. It captures details such as the employer's legal name, the withholding identification number, specifics on the wage total liable for unemployment insurance, and a comprehensive break-down of taxes withheld. Furthermore, it allows for amendments to previously filed returns and accommodates employers with unique situations, such as those only reporting wages not previously covered or seasonal businesses with fluctuating employment levels. The form's structured format, including sections for employer identification, employee wage details sorted by social security numbers, and contact information for clarifications or additional support, underscores the state's commitment to ensuring that both employers and employees contribute fairly to state revenues and benefits systems. Importantly, the filing instructions accompanying the form lay out the nuances of correctly submitting these details, including the method of delivery to the NYS Employment Contributions and Taxes office. Overall, the NYS-45-ATT form is a key component in the mosaic of tax compliance and labor support that sustains New York State's working environments and public services.

Form NameForm Nys 45 Att Mn
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesnys 45 att 2020, pomoc ny, nys 45 2018 form, fill in form nyc 45

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Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, And Unemployment Insurance Return-Attachment


Withholding identification number:



Mark an X in the applicable box(es):




A.  Original


or     Amended return





























Jan 1 -


Apr 1 -


July 1 -


Oct 1 -




Employer legal name:











Mar 31


Jun 30


Sep 30


Dec 31









B.  Other wages only reported on this page .....

C.  Seasonal employer ....................................

Quarterly employee/payee wage reporting and withholding information

(Do not enter negative numbers in columns c, d, and e; see instructions)

aSocial Security number

bLast name, first name, middle initial

cTotal UI remuneration

paid this quarter

dGross federal wages or distribution (see instr.)

eTotal NYS, NYC, and

Yonkers tax withheld

Page No. of Total this page only ......

If first page, enter grand totals

of all pages .................................

Contact information Name

(see instructions)

Daytime telephone number

(      )

  For office use only


Received date








PO BOX 4119









BINGHAMTON NY 13902-4119






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