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The Illinois Calculating Support Form, modeled after the Federal Income Tax Form 1040 and accompanying instructions, helps individuals and their legal representatives determine the correct amount of child support to be paid in Illinois. This form is an important resource in family law cases where child support is being determined or modified. The instructions accompanying the form provide a step-by-step guide through the calculation process. The form can be used by either party in a case to calculate their own support obligations or those of the other party.

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Form NameIllinois Calculating Support
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesillinois child support calculator, standardized gross to net income table 2020 for child support in illinois, illinois child support estimator, illinois child support calcluator 2020

Form Preview Example

State of Illinois

Department of Healthcare and Family Services

Calculating Child Support Obligation

To calculate a minimum child support order, fill in the blanks below and add or multiply as appropriate:


Non-Custodial Parent's Income



Gross Income from Employer



Other Income



Total Income


2.Deductions from Gross Income


Federal Income Tax Withholding



State Income Tax Withholding






Mandatory Retirement Deduction



Union Dues



Health/Hospitalization Insurance Premiums



Prior Support Orders Actually Paid



Total Deductions



Net Income



(Total #1 (Gross Income) MINUS Total #2 (Deductions)



Guidelines Percentage for number of children



(20%, 28%, 32%, 40%, 45%, 50%)



Amount of child support that will be due



(#3 multiplied by #4)


HFS WEB016 (N-6-10)

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We were designing this PDF editor having the prospect of allowing it to be as quick to use as it can be. That's the reason the actual procedure of completing the child support papers will likely to be effortless carry out all of these steps:

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To fill out the child support papers PDF, enter the content for each of the segments:

how is child support calculated in illinois empty spaces to consider

Remember to submit the data within the section Net Income, Total Gross Income MINUS Total, Guidelines Percentage for number, Amount of child support that will, multiplied by, and HFS WEB N.

Filling out how is child support calculated in illinois stage 2

Step 3: Click the Done button to save the file. At this point it is offered for export to your electronic device.

Step 4: It's possible to make copies of the file torefrain from any kind of future challenges. Don't get worried, we don't reveal or track your data.

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