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Navigating through the intricacies of business taxation can be quite demanding, especially when dealing with tangible personal property. In Indiana, businesses are required to report their property using the Business Tangible Personal Property Return, commonly known as the State Form 104. This document, strictly regulated by the Department of Local Government Finance, serves as a comprehensive tool for businesses to declare their tangible assets accurately. Due to the critical nature of this form, it must reach the township assessor's office no later than May 15th each year, unless an extension has been officially granted in writing. Key elements include the provision of detailed information such as the taxpayer's name, the taxing district, and a description of the nature of the business. This form takes into account properties across multiple taxing districts, reinforcing the need for duplicate returns for those with assets valuing $150,000 or more within a single district. Moreover, it emphasizes the requirement for a summary form for those filing in more than one township. Failure to comply with the filing requirements, or to accurately report property values, can lead to substantial penalties, highlighting the form's role not just in tax assessment, but also in maintaining the fairness and integrity of the system. With requirements extending to detailed disclosures about improvements made on real estate and the obligatory verification under penalties of perjury, the Indiana State 104 form stands as a vital document in ensuring businesses contribute fairly to local government finance.

Form NameIndiana State Form 104
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Other namesst 104, business tangible personal property return form 104, 104 form indiana online, form 104

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FORM 104






State Form 10068 (R10 / 1-03)

Prescribed by the Department of Local Government Finance

INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be filed with the Township Assessor not later than May 15 unless an extension is granted in writing.

MARCH 1, 20 _________

For assessor's use only

Name of taxpayer (Please type or print)


Taxing District





Name under which business is conducted







Address where property is located (Street and number, city)



ZIP code





Nature of business








Name and address to which assessment and tax notice to be mailed (if different than above)








Street and number, city



ZIP code







Property in more than one Taxing District - A taxpayer who has property in two or more taxing districts within the same township must file separate returns in each district covering only property located in that district. This is necessary since each taxing district may have different tax rates. [IC 6-1.1-3-10(b)]

Duplicate Return Requirement - Every taxpayer whose total combined assessed value of business personal property within a single taxing district is $150,000 or more must file each return in duplicate including the confidential returns and schedule attached thererto. See Regulation 16, Rule 2, Sec. 7(a). [IC 6-1.1-3-7(c)]

Total assessed value of business personal property filed in this taxing district is:

$150,000 or more

Less than $150,000

Multiple Location Taxpayers - Every taxpayer who is required to file in more than one township in the State of Indiana must file a summary form, Form 105 (available from the Department of Local Government Finance or local assessing officials), directly with the Department of Local Government Finance on or before July 15 of the assessment year. (Regulation 16, Rule 2, Sec. 6) [IC 6-1.1-3-10(a)]

Were expenditures made since March 1 of last year for improvements on any real estate owned, held, possessed, controlled or occupied by the tax- payer in the township wherein this return is filed? Yes No If Yes, attach a statement setting forth: Name of owner, location of real estate and explaining nature, cost, date construction of improvements was begun and date construction was completed. If not completed as of March 1, state the percentage completed at that time. (IC 6-1.1-5-13)


Failure to file a return on or before the date, as required by law, will result in the imposition of a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) penalty. In addition, if a return is not filed within thirty (30) days after such return is due, a penalty equal to twenty percent (20%) of the taxes finally determined to be due with respect to the property which should have been reported will be imposed. A personal property return is not due until the expiration of any extension period granted by the township assessor under IC 6-1.1-3-7(b).

If the total assessed value that a person reports on a personal property return is less than the total assessed value that the person is required by law to report and if the amount of the undervaluation exceeds five percent (5%) of the value that should have been reported on the return, then the county auditor shall add a penalty of twenty percent (20%) of the additional taxes finally determined to be due as a result of the undervaluation.

In completing a personal property return for a year, a taxpayer must make a complete disclosure of all information relating to the value, nature or location of personal property owned, held, possessed or controlled on the assessment date [IC 6-1.1-3-9(a)], and information relating to improve- ments made since the preceding assessment date to real property owned, held, possessed or occupied. (IC 6-1.1-5-13)

This information would include, but not be limited to, completion of the heading and related information, answers to all questions and entries on all of the appropriate lines on the face of the return. If such information is not provided, the taxpayer will be contacted and directed to provide that informa- tion. In addition, a penalty of twenty-five dollar ($25.00) may be imposed. [IC 6-1.1-37-7(d)]

The above penalties are due on the property tax installment next due for the return whether or not an appeal is filed with the Indiana Tax Court with respect to the tax due on that installment. [IC 6-1.1-37-7(f)]

Total Tangible Personal Property

(Please check one)






Form 102

Form 103












Round Assessed Value to Nearest Ten Dollars

















All vehicles used in farm or business and not subject to Excise Tax must be reported as depreciable personal property in the pools on Schedule A of Forms 102 or 103. All such property used for recreational purposes (not used in business) must be reported on Form 101.


Under penalties of perjury, I hereby certify that this return (including accompanying schedules and statements), to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true, correct, and complete; reports all tangible personal property, subject to taxation, owned, held, possessed or controlled by the named taxpayer in the stated township or taxing district on the assessment date of this return, as required by law; and is prepared in accordance with IC 6-1.1 et seq., as amended, and regulations promulgated with respect thereto.

Signature of authorized person




Please print name

Date signed (mo., day, yr.)







Telephone number

Signature of person preparing return based on all

Telephone number




information of which he has any knowledge








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This PDF form will require particular details to be entered, thus you should definitely take some time to provide what's requested:

1. The business tangible personal property return form 104 requires certain details to be inserted. Be sure that the subsequent blank fields are completed:

Filling in section 1 in indiana business tangible personal property tax form 104

2. After completing this part, go to the subsequent stage and fill in the necessary details in these blank fields - Multiple Location Taxpayers Every, Were expenditures made since March, Yes, PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO FILE, Failure to file a return on or, If the total assessed value that a, In completing a personal property, This information would include but, The above penalties are due on the, Total Tangible Personal Property, Please check one Form, Form, ASSESSED VALUES, BY TAXPAYER, and ASSESSED VALUES BY TOWNSHIP.

indiana business tangible personal property tax form 104 completion process detailed (step 2)

As to Total Tangible Personal Property and Were expenditures made since March, make sure that you review things in this section. These are certainly the key fields in this document.

3. The following segment will be focused on Under penalties of perjury I, Signature of authorized person, Please print name, Date signed mo day yr, Title, Telephone number, Signature of person preparing, and Telephone number - fill in each one of these fields.

Please print name, Telephone number, and Telephone number inside indiana business tangible personal property tax form 104

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