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The Intent Home Study Form is a document used to provide information about your property and the people who will be living there. It is typically used by real estate professionals to determine if a property meets certain requirements for occupancy, such as being considered a "home." The form can be filled out by anyone, including the homeowner. This article will outline what information is required on the Intent Home Study Form, and how to complete it.

This article has got specifics of intent home study. This page will provide details about the form's size, completion duration, and the fields you'll be required to fill.

Form NameIntent Home Study
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesgeorgia intent home, declaration of intent to homeschool georgia, cf 58 letter of intent georgia, ga intent home

Form Preview Example

Declaration of Intent to Utilize a Home Study Program

In accordance with provisions established by Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.1) requiring that every parent, guardian, or other person(s) residing within this state having control or charge of any child(ren) between six and sixteen years of age shall enroll and send such child to a public school, a private school, or a home study program, I hereby give notice to the Georgia Department of Education of my intent to provide for the child(ren) named below a home study program that meets the following requirements:

1.Parents or guardians may teach only their own children in the home study program, provided the teaching parent or guardian possesses at least a high school diploma or a general educational development (GED) equivalency diploma, but the parents or guardians may employ a tutor who holds a high school diploma or a general educational development diploma to teach such children;

2.The home study program shall provide a basic academic educational program which includes, but is not limited to, reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science;

3.The home study program must provide instruction each 12 months to home study students equivalent to 180 school days of education with each school day consisting of at least four and one-half school hours unless the child is physically unable to comply with the rule provided for in this paragraph;

4.Attendance records for the home study program shall be kept and shall be submitted annually to the Georgia Department of Education. Attendance records and reports shall not be used for any purpose except providing necessary attendance information, except with the permission of the parent or guardian of a child, pursuant to the subpoena of a court of competent jurisdiction, or for verification of attendance by the Department of Driver Services for the purposes set forth in subsection (a.1) of Code Section 40-5-22 (Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act).

5.Students in home study programs shall be subject to an appropriate nationally standardized testing program administered in consultation with a person trained in the administration and interpretation of norm reference tests to evaluate their educational progress at least every three years beginning at the end of the third grade and records of such tests and scores shall be retained but shall not be required to be submitted to public educational authorities; and

6.The home study program instructor shall write an annual progress assessment report which shall include the instructor’s individualized assessment of the student’s academic progress. Reports shall be retained by the parent(s) or guardian of children in the home study program for a period of at least three years.

*Special Ed.

Name of Student(s) Enrolled

Age of Student(s)










*Indicate by placing an “X” next to the name of any student who is identified as or suspected of needing special education services. Please note this section is optional.

The school year for this home study program is a 12-month period from ___/___/___ to ___/___/___. I will notify the Georgia Department of Education if my address changes or if I discontinue the home study program.

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ____________________________________ Date Submitted: ____________________________

Printed Name of Parent/Guardian: _________________________________ Phone (optional): ___________________________


(Street Number)


A Declaration of Intent must be SUBMITTED TO THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION within 30 days after the establishment of a home study program and by September 1 annually thereafter.

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