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When considering homeschooling as an option for your child, you will likely need to fill out the Intent To Homeschool Form Florida. This form is used to notify the school district of your intent to homeschool and includes some basic information about your child and your homeschool plans. It's important to understand what is required on this form so that you can provide all the necessary information. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know about the Intent To Homeschool Form Florida.

You may find details about the type of form you would like to complete in the table. It can show you how long it takes to fill out intent to homeschool form florida, what parts you need to fill in and a few additional specific details.

Form NameIntent To Homeschool Form Florida
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields61
Avg. time to fill out12 min 27 sec
Other namesnotice of intent to homeschool florida, homeschool letter of intent florida, notice of intent homeschool florida, letter of intent to homeschool in florida

Form Preview Example


In compliance with Section 1002.41 (a), Florida Statute, this serves as the written notice of intent to establish and maintain a home education program for my child(ren). Please provide the following information required by law and/or necessary to maintain your records. Information on sex and race is being requested by the Florida Department of Education for statistical use only.

CHILD’S NAME (Please Print)





SSN (Optional)







Parent/Guardian Name: (Please Print)

Mailing Address:



Number, Street, or P.O. Box



Zip Code

Street Address:







(If Different)


Number, Street, or P.O. Box



Zip Code

Home Phone:



Work Phone:




Cell Phone:



E-mail Address:











I have read and fully understand the provision of Sections 1002.41, Florida Statutes and Lake County School District policies pertaining to compliance and enforcement of Home Education. The information contained herein is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I understand that neither Lake County Schools Home Education nor Florida Virtual School award high school diplomas._____________




Signature of Parent/Guardian


Date your program will begin

Send to: Jan Tobias

Additional Comments (if needed)


Student Services



512 S. Palm Avenue



Howey-in-the Hills, FL 34737



PHONE#: (352) 742-6920



FAX#: (352) 742-6921





Revised: July 2010

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stage 1 to filling out florida letter of intent to homeschool

The program will require you to fill out the Signature, of, Parent, Guardian Send, to Jan, Tobias Date, Date, your, program, will, begin Additional, Comments, if, needed Student, Services, S, Palm, Avenue How, ey, in, the, Hills, FL, PHONE FAX, and Revised, July area.

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