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When dealing with the complexities of tax obligations for businesses or individuals in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Revenue's ITR-1, Request for Tax Clearance, plays a crucial role. Designed to ensure that all tax returns have been filed and all dues are settled, including any penalties and interest, the ITR-1 form necessitates detailed attention before proceeding with its completion. It provides a streamlined process to request a tax clearance, taking at least ten business days for processing. This form is not applicable for transactions involving the sale or purchase of business assets, for which Form CBS-1 needs to be completed instead. The ITR-1 form requires exhaustive identification details starting from basic information such as names and addresses to specific identifiers like Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN), Illinois Business Tax numbers (IBT no.), and Social Security numbers. It further explores the nature of business operations, querying about retail sales, office maintenance, and employment within Illinois. Applicants can request tax clearance for various taxes, including business income, withholding income, individual income, excise taxes, among others, for different reasons ranging from real estate transactions to bank closures. Essential for ensuring compliance with state tax laws, the form's guidance underscores the importance of accurate and complete submissions, offering assistance through contact numbers for those seeking help. It is a crucial document that underlines the commitment to fulfilling state tax responsibilities while navigating through the procedural necessities outlined by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Form NameItr 1 Form Illinois
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesExcise, DBA, IL-492-2867, illinois tax clearance certificate

Form Preview Example

Illinois Department of Revenue

ITR-1 Request for Tax Clearance

Read this information first

Form ITR-1 will not be processed until all returns are filed and balances paid (including penalty and interest, if applicable).

Allow at least 10 business days for processing of Form ITR-1.

If you are selling or have sold your business assets, do not complete Form ITR-1, Request for Tax Clearance. You must complete Form CBS-1, Notice of Sale or Purchase of Business Assets.

If you need assistance in completing Form ITR-1, you can contact us at 1 800 732-8866 or at the address listed below.

Step 1: Identify yourself or your business


Name: _____________________________________________________


Date business started in Illinois :_____/_____/_____










Doing business as (DBA):______________________________________


Do you make retail sales in Illinois?





Street address: ______________________________________________


Do you maintain an office in Illinois?





City, state, ZIP: ______________________________________________


Do you have employees in Illinois?





Telephone (include area code): (______)______-__________


If this tax clearance is to be sent to a third party, provide the









Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN): __ __-__ __ __ __ __ __ __


Name: ________________________________________


Illinois Business Tax number (IBT no.): __ __ __ __-__ __ __ __


In-care-of name: ________________________________


Social Security number: ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___


Address: _______________________________________




Number and street or post office box





Excise Tax License number:_______________________________


City, state, ZIP: __________________________________








Step 2: Check the taxes for which you are requesting tax clearance

a b c d

Business income tax


Withholding income tax


Individual income tax


Excise tax. Specify tax type(s):_______________________________


Retailer’s occupation tax (including sales and use taxes) Hotel/motel tax

Automobile renting tax

Step 3: Check the reason you are requesting tax clearance

Real estate transaction Bank closing

Required by a state other than Illinois

Other. Please explain:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Step 4: Sign below

An owner or officer of the business requesting the tax clearance must complete this step. Signature stamps are not acceptable.

Note: If you have been appointed as power of attorney for the taxpayer requesting this tax clearance, you must attach a copy of your power of attorney that specifically states your authorization in tax related situations. See Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney.



Title: _____________________________________________


Month Day Year

Title (i.e., president, owner, partner, individual)




Step 5: Send your request




Fax: 217 785-2643

PO BOX 19014







Official Use Only

This is your approved tax clearance approved for the taxes identified in Step 2, boxes _________________________________, per your

request. Note: This tax clearance does not preclude assessment for any liability for pending, current, or future taxes or liabilities that may be established by present or future audits conducted by the department.

Clerk ID: ____________

Signature: ________________________ _____/_____/_____

ITR-1 (R-03/07)

Month Day Year

This form is authorized as outlined by the Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act and Income Tax Act. Disclosure of this information is REQUIRED. Failure to

provide information could result in the denial of your request. This form has been approved by the Forms Management Center.


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It's quite simple to fill out the FEIN. Our tool was intended to be allow you to complete any document efficiently. These are the steps to take:

Step 1: Select the "Get Form Now" button to begin.

Step 2: The file editing page is right now open. Include information or manage present information.

Complete the FEIN PDF and provide the material for every single segment:

step 1 to filling in IL-2848

Note the information in Step Check the reason you are, Real estate transaction Bank, Step Sign below An owner or, Title, Signature, Step Send your request, ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, Month Day Year, Title ie president owner partner, Fax, This is your approved tax, Official Use Only, Clerk ID, and Signature.

IL-2848 Step  Check the reason you are, Real estate transaction Bank, Step  Sign below An owner or, Title, Signature, Step  Send your request, ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, Month Day Year, Title ie president owner partner, Fax, This is your approved tax, Official Use Only, Clerk ID, and Signature fields to fill out

Step 3: Click the "Done" button. Now you can transfer the PDF document to your gadget. As well as that, you can easily send it via electronic mail.

Step 4: In order to avoid potential future complications, ensure you hold no less than a pair of copies of each separate document.

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