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Cleaning the kitchen can be a daunting task, but with a little organization and the proper tools, it can be a breeze. Kitchen cleaning report forms are one of those tools that can help make your job easier. These forms provide a simple checklist of the tasks that need to be done in order to clean the kitchen, as well as space to record what was done and when. This allows you to keep track of your progress and ensure that everything has been cleaned properly. Additionally, using a kitchen cleaning report form provides a professional appearance for your business or home. If you're looking for an easy way to keep your kitchen clean, then consider using a kitchen cleaning report form.

Before you fill in kitchen cleaning report, you will need to understand more in regards to the type of form you'll work with.

Form NameKitchen Cleaning Report
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameskitchen cleaning schedule tem plate, vancouver kitchen exhaust, blank hood cleaning checklist, hood cleaning service report

Form Preview Example

Kitchen Exhaust Systems Cleaning Report

Property Inspected_________________________________________ Date of Inspection:_______________________



Multiple Hoods:

Yes No

Name/location of hood: ___________________________________






Main Fuel Type:

Natural Gas


Solid Fuel


Cooking Volume:

Very High




Main Cooking Style:

Deep Fat Frying



Char Broiling


Does exhaust hood capture all heat and cooking effluent?



Exhaust System




Hood Type:

Modular Extractor

Water wash



Fan Type:


Other:__________________ Fan Termination: Wall Roof

Duct Type: Type I (grease) Type II (steam, vapor, heat, odors)

Rooftop grease containment system

Number of floors of system:_________

Feet of Horizontal Duct:__________



Acceptable 50 microns

Cleaning Required

2000 microns

Critical Depth 3175 microns

Grease build-up on filters

Grease build-up in hood

Grease build-up in ductwork

Grease build-up on fan

Grease build-up of roof

















Entire system interior accessible?





Fan tippable or interior accessible?





Adequate access panels?





Fan is working properly?





Filters conforming and in place?





Is fan wiring defect free?





Water wash hood operational?





Roof around fan is free of grease build-up?





Hood Damper operates properly?





System is liquid tight?





Dangerous non-conforming access?





Entire system clean to applicable codes?





Recommended Cleaning Frequency: _______times per year.

Next Cleaning Date:_______________________

Inaccessible areas exist in this system?




No (Areas not inspected are listed in comments.)



Name of Cleaning Company:______________________________ Vancouver Endorsement # ____________________




Photos or additional information attached? ______________________________________________________________

Technician Name:__________________________________________ Endorsement #___________________________

Signature:________________________________________________ Contact Number: ________________________

Vancouver Municipal Code 16.04 requires all hood cleaning contractors working within the City of Vancouver to submit hood inspection, cleaning and maintenance reports to the Vancouver Fire Marshal’s Office within 30 days of the service. Contractors who fail to submit these documents can be subjected to monetary penalties and their endorsement to work within the City of Vancouver may be revoked.

VMC 16.04 also requires hood cleaning reports to be maintained on site for a minimum of six years.


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example of gaps in hood cleaning service report

Write down the information in the Grease buildup on filters Grease, Entire system interior accessible, Yes No, Yes No, Fan tippable or interior, Recommended Cleaning Frequency, Next Cleaning Date, Inaccessible areas exist in this, cid No Areas not inspected are, Summary Name of Cleaning Company, Comments, Photos or additional information, and Technician Name Endorsement area.

Entering details in hood cleaning service report part 2

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