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Form NameLlc 1050
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesllc 1050 cancellation, llc articles cancellation, va cancellation, articles of cancellation virginia llc

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Filing Requirements

Pay all fees and penalties before submitting these articles to the Commission. If these articles are filed with an effective date on or before the annual registration fee due date, payment of the registration fee for the current year is not required.

Required Fees

Filing Fee: $25.00


File Online Today


Paper Filing








Visit to file articles of cancellation of a


Download from



Liability-Companies complete, print, and mail or deliver to below


Virginia Limited Liability Company in real time.













State Corporation Commission

Courier Delivery Address





Visit the CIS help page at


Clerk’s Office

1300 E. Main St, 1st floor



P.O. Box 1197

Richmond, VA 23219


for how-to guides, answers to frequently asked questions, and




Richmond, VA 23218-1197



helpful videos.












Pay online with a credit card or eCheck. No additional


Include a check payable to State Corporation Commission.


processing fees apply for filing online.




Specific Instructions

Article I Name

Provide the name of the company exactly as it appears on record with the Commission.

Article II Identification Number

To obtain the company’s SCC ID number, visit, or contact the Clerk’s Office.

Article III Effective Date

The certificate of organization’s effective date is the date the

Commission accepted the articles of organization, or the delayed effective time and date stated in the articles of organization.

Article IV Winding Up of Affairs

The company must wind up its affairs before filing these articles. The company must pay and clear, or arrange to pay and clear, all its debts, liabilities, and obligations. Then, it must distribute the remaining property and assets to its members.

Article V Other Information

Members may choose to include the reason for canceling the company.


One of the following officials with the right and power to manage the company’s business affairs must sign the articles:

a manager or other selected person

a member (e.g., an owner is a member), if there is no manager or other person selected

an organizer, if the entity began without managers or members and no members exist

a receiver, trustee, or other court-appointed fiduciary, if applicable

Do not use the following titles:


Registered Agent


Authorized Person


If signing on behalf of a manager or member that is a business

entity, also include the business entity’s name and the business entity’s relationship to the LLC.

Include the signature, printed name, position title (e.g., manager or member), and date signed. Providing an entity phone number or email address allows for quicker communication if there is an issue with the filing.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

File electronically using the entity-specific PIN. For information on resetting the PIN, visit or call either telephone number below.

Important Information

The articles must be in the English language, typewritten or legibly printed in black, using the following guidelines:

use solid white paper


• minimum 1.25" top margin and 0.75” all other sides

size 8 1/2" x 11"

no visible watermarks or background







Do not include Personally Identifiable Information, such as a Social Security number, in a business entity document submitted to the Office of the Clerk for filing with the Commission. Information in these documents is available to the public. For more information, see Notice Regarding Personally Identifiable Information at

Form LLC1050 (Rev. 07/20)



(Rev. 07/20)

State Corporation


Articles of Cancellation of a Virginia

Limited Liability Company

Pursuant to § 13.1-1050 of the Code of Virginia, the undersigned, on behalf of the limited liability company named below, states as follows:

Article I

The limited liability company’s name:



Article II

The LLC’s SCC ID Number: _____________________________________________________________

Article III

The LLC’s certificate of organization issued by the Commission was effective on: ___________________

Article IV

The LLC has completed the winding up of its affairs.

Article V

Other information the members determine to include (optional):







The official signing this document has been delegated the right and power to manage the company’s business affairs and affirms the above statements are true.







Tel. # (optional)









Printed Name






Email Address (optional)









Business Tel. # (optional)




Business Email Address (optional)



Provide a name and mailing address for sending correspondence regarding the filing of this document (if left blank, correspondence will be sent to the registered agent at the registered office):



Required Fee: $25.00

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