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The Metrocard application form is an important document that New York City commuters need to have in order to ride the subway, buses, and other forms of public transportation. The form is available on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority website and can be filled out and submitted online. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the Metrocard application form. We will also explain the different types of cards available and offer some tips for completing the application.

Below is the information in regards to the form you were in search of to fill in. It can tell you just how long it will take to fill out metrocard application, exactly what fields you will have to fill in, and so forth.

Form NameMetrocard Application
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min
Other namesfair fares renewal application, mta reduced fare metrocard, fair fares login, fair fares nyc metrocard renewal

Form Preview Example

Application for MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard for Senior Citizens (65 years or older)


General Information — If you receive Medicare Benefits based on a Disability, use the application for People with Disabilities.


1 1/2"

Recent photo must fit in the space provided

For telephone assistance in completing this application and for answers to questions about it, call 718 330-1234. If you are unable to complete the form yourself, it can be completed by anyone you choose to assist you or you can visit our NYC Transit Reduced Fare Service Center located at 3 Stone Street in downtown Manhattan, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or MetroCard Bus to apply in person. You must bring an official ID with your birth date indicating that you are a Senior Citizen 65 years or older. You do not need this application notorized when you appear in person. A photo will be taken.

All information provided by you will be used solely for the purpose of determining your eligibility for the reduced-fare transportation.

Every question on this application must be answered. Incomplete applications or applications submitted without photographs and a copy of proof of age documentation will be returned to you.

Allow two to four weeks for processing.

If you are mailing this application, you must submit a recent photograph. Please write your name on the back of the photograph. The photograph must be at least two inches high and one-and-a-half inches wide (2"x 1 1/2") with a solid background showing a full front view of your face. Please see diagram at left.

Request Type


n New Applicant





n EasyPay

































Type or print in ink and sign where indicated.





























































Last Name

First Name























































































Street Address























Apt. No.











































































Zip Code























Home Telephone























Work/Other Telephone

Date of Birth

Your Social Security Number (optional)



Male Female Unspecified


Please attach proof of age documentation;

A photocopy of one of the following is required (check box):

n Birth Certificate


n Valid State ID


Driver’s License


nMedicare Card

If you are a Senior Citizen

65 years or older.

Applications submitted without copy of proof of age documentation will be returned to you.

Notary Public

Must be completed for all applicants, except when applying in person with photo ID.


State of __________________________________________________ }

ss :

County of _________________________________________________ }

On this ______________ day of _______________, 20 ________ before me appeared


to me known and known to me to be (Check the one that applies.)

nthe person who is described in and who executed the foregoing instrument

nthe personal representative of the applicant named above and who executed the foregoing instrument on behalf of the applicant.

and (s)he duly acknowledged to me that (s)he executed the same and that the statements therein are true.

Signature and stamp of officer _________________________________________


I am a senior citizen 65 years or older. I affirm under penalty of perjury that all statements made on this application, which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority relies on to determine my eligibility status, are true and complete. I have read and understand all the information contained in this application. I understand that all statements made in this application may be subject to investigation and verification and that a material misstatement or fraud will disqualify me for reduced-fare privileges.

I understand that the MTA may discontinue or change its reduced-fare program without notice. If the MTA should find that I have not followed the Reduced-Fare Program Conditions of Use, I understand that my Reduced-Fare MetroCard will be cancelled and I will not be eligible to reapply for the reduced-fare program.

I understand that it is a crime to allow anyone else but me to use the MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard.

By signing this application I (1) acknowledge that I have read the enclosed Conditions of Use for MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard and (2) accept and agree to be bound by such conditions of use.


Signature X ____________________________________________________________ Date ________________

or Personal Representative ________________________________________________ Date ________________

(print name)


158_18, Revised May 2018

The EasyPay OptionSign up for EasyPay automatic refills

(All payment information will be kept strictly confidential.)

Start paying for your rides with $10. Your account will be automatically replenished whenever the balance goes below $10. Your account immediately converts to unlimited rides when the required number of subway or local bus rides is taken within a 30-day billing period.

Questions? Call 1-877-323-7433


First Name


Last Name




nn nn nnnn


nnn nnn nnnn

Date Of Birth


Telephone n Home nwork nother

Payment Options (choose one)

o Credit

o Debit Card

n American Express

n Discover

n MasterCard

n Visa

n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

nn / nn

Credit/Debit Card Number



Expiration Date

I authorize MTA New York City Transit to charge this credit/debit card for my EasyPay MetroCard refills.



Card holder signature (if different)

Applications without Credit/Debit Card authorization signature will be returned to you.

I am a visually impaired customer and wish the following statement:

(check one)

o Large Type

o Braille

For further information or additional copies of the application, call 718-330-1234. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use the free 711 relay or your preferred relay service provider to contact us. Or visit

Before Mailing the Application include:

Mail completed application to:

1 – A recent photograph

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

2 – A copy of proof of age or Medicare Card

Reduced-Fare Program

3 – A Notary Public

130 Livingston Street

4 – Affirmation Signature (page 2)

Brooklyn, New York 11201-9625



For Office Use Only

Disk # ________________________________________________________________ Image # _____________________________________

Examiner’s Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________



MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard

Conditions of Use and Other Important Information

for a Metropolitan Transportation Authority Reduced-Fare MetroCard (RFM) issued to people 65 years of age and older and people with disabilities. This program is managed by MTA New York City Transit.

Valid Use: RFM can be used to pay fares on all MTA New York City Transit subways, NYC Transit local buses, express buses only during non rush hours, MTA Staten Island Railway, Nassau Inter-County Express Bus (NICE), MTA Bus, Roosevelt Island Tram, Westchester Bee-Line local buses and express Bee-Line BxM4C buses only during non rush hours.

The RFM is valid identification for eligibility in the reduced- fare programs of the MTA Long Island Rail Road and MTA Metro-North Railroad, anytime except weekday rush hours to New York City terminals. To receive the reduced fare, show the RFM to train personnel or station agents when purchasing your ticket.

Expiration Dates: Reduced-Fare MetroCards expire on the date printed on the back of the card. As long as you actively use your card, NYC Transit automatically sends you a new RFM before the expiration date.

The full value on an expired RFM may be transferred to a new RFM at a subway station booth. Any remaining value that is not transferred to a new RFM within two years after the expiration date on the original RFM will be surrendered by, and unavailable to, the card holder.

Trouble Using RFMs: An RFM that does not work or is damaged should be returned to MetroCard Customer Claims. Ask a station booth agent or bus operator for a prepaid envelope in which to return your card to us. In the envelope you’ll find a form to fill out so you can describe your RFM problem.

If you prefer, you may bring your damaged RFM to the MetroCard Customer Service Center at 3 Stone Street in downtown Manhattan, 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

If you cannot get a prepaid mailer, send the damaged card to our mailing address at:

MetroCard Customer Claims

130 Livingston Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201-9625

Be sure to include your name, address and phone number, your damaged RFM, an explanation of the problem and the address to which the new RFM should be sent.

The holder assumes the risk of loss until the card is received by either MetroCard Customer Claims or the MetroCard Service Center.

Change of Address: Notices and replacement cards will be sent to you at the address you provide. You must inform us promptly, in writing, of any change of address.

Lost or Stolen RFMs: Immediately report a lost or stolen RFM by calling the MetroCard Customer Service Center, 718-330-1234, 6 AM to 10 PM or via our MetroCard eFIX system at Any value or unlimited rides on your card will be transferred to your replacement RFM after the old RFM has been frozen and any balances verified.

Restrictions: An RFM may be used only by the person to whom it has been validly issued. Use of the RFM by any other person may result in forfeiture of the card and its remaining balances, plus civil and/or criminal penalties.

You must present your Reduced-Fare MetroCard to a police officer or transit personnel upon request.

There are no refunds of money remaining on RFMs. Money remaining on an expired card may only be transferred to a new card within two years of the expiration date. Money from a full-fare MetroCard cannot be transferred to a temporary or permanent RFM. No redemptions or exchanges will be given for an RFM that has been altered or tampered with, or whose value cannot be verified.

The City of New York, the State of New York, the County of Westchester and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including New York City Transit, are not liable for any special or consequential damages associated with or resulting from the failure, malfunction, or disabling of the RFM or the MetroCard system.

The MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard and its use are subject to all tariff provisions, rules and regulations of the New York City Transit Authority and its affiliates, and Westchester County Bee-Line System.

For more information, call 718-330-1234 6 AM to 10 PM. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use the free 711 relay or your preferred relay service provider to contact us. Have the card at hand so you can read the serial number and expiration date to the customer service agent who assists you.


158_18_Sen Appl., Revised May 2018


How to Edit Metrocard Application Online for Free

Our top rated software engineers have worked together to make the PDF editor that you're going to work with. This particular software makes it simple to get reduced fare metrocard files quickly and with ease. This is certainly all you need to carry out.

Step 1: On the web page, press the orange "Get form now" button.

Step 2: You'll find all the options that it's possible to use on the document once you've accessed the reduced fare metrocard editing page.

The PDF document you desire to fill in will cover the following parts:

mta reduced fare metrocard blanks to consider

You have to submit the Last Name, First Name MI, Street Address Apt No, CityBorough State Zip Code, Home Telephone WorkOther Telephone, Date of Birth Your Social Security, mtainfo, and mta box with the essential particulars.

Finishing mta reduced fare metrocard part 2

You may be required specific crucial data so that you can submit the n Birth Certificate n Drivers, n Medicare Card OR If you are a, Senior Citizen years or older, Applications submitted without, Notary Public State of, County of, On this day of before me, Must be completed for all, n the personal representative of, and foregoing instrument on behalf of part.

stage 3 to finishing mta reduced fare metrocard

The statements therein are true, Signature and stamp of officer, NOTARY PUBLIC Affirmation, I am a senior citizen years or, I understand that the MTA may, I understand that it is a crime to, By signing this application I, Applicants Signature X Date, and or Personal Representative Date area is the place where both sides can put their rights and responsibilities.

mta reduced fare metrocard statements therein are true, Signature and stamp of officer, NOTARY PUBLIC Affirmation, I am a senior citizen  years or, I understand that the MTA may, I understand that it is a crime to, By signing this application I, Applicants Signature X  Date, and or Personal Representative  Date fields to fill out

End by taking a look at the following areas and preparing them as needed: The EasyPay OptionSign up for, Start paying for your rides with, Questions Call, First Name, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn, Last Name, Date Of Birth Telephone Payment, and n Home n work n other.

The EasyPay OptionSign up for, Start paying for your rides with, Questions Call, First Name, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn, Last Name, Date Of Birth Telephone Payment, and n Home n work n other in mta reduced fare metrocard

Step 3: Click the Done button to make sure that your completed file is available to be transferred to each electronic device you end up picking or forwarded to an email you indicate.

Step 4: Get a copy of any form. It would save you time and make it easier to stay clear of troubles later on. By the way, the information you have will not be shared or monitored by us.

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