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Mv 93 form is a document that needs to be filled out when a vehicle is sold. The form helps the department of motor vehicles keep track of all the vehicles in the state and their owners. The Mv 93 form can be filled out online or manually. The form must be filled out within fifteen days of the sale of the vehicle. There are different sections on the Mv 93 form, including sections for buyer and seller information, odometer readings, and sales price. The Mv 93 form is an important document for both buyers and sellers of vehicles.

The table provides information about the mv 93 form. This page provides specifics of the form's size, completion time, and the fields you'll be needed to fill.

Form NameMv 93 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesreal id form mv 93, scdmv form mv 93, mv 93 sc, mv 93 form

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South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

United States Citizens’ Checklist


(Rev. 02/2021)

You must choose whether you want to get a REAL ID or not. A REAL ID card will have a gold star on it and can be used to board airplanes or enter secure federal facilities.

Without a REAL ID, you must have another federally approved identification, such as a valid US Passport or military ID, and show it to pass security at airports nationwide or enter secure federal facilities. You do not need a REAL ID beginner’s permit, driver’s license, or identification card (ID) to do any of the following: drive; vote; access hospital care; enter non-secured federal facilities such as a post office; receive federal benefits for which you’re entitled (Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs); or participate in law enforcement investigations or proceedings. Regardless of what choice you make, the cost of a South Carolina REAL ID is the same as a beginner’s permit, license, or ID that is not a REAL ID.

These requirements are for someone who is applying for a first-time SC beginner’s permit, driver’s license, or ID; or was previously licensed in SC and is returning after being issued a license or ID in another state; or when a beginner’s permit, license, or ID has been expired for more than nine months. If you previously held an SC card, you will not need to provide your identity and SSN documents again if a copy of those documents can be located in SCDMV’s files, but you are required to provide at least one updated document with your current address. Please use this checklist as a reference.

A.You must surrender any driver’s license, beginner’s/learner’s permit, or ID issued by another state. If a non-commercial license or ID was lost or stolen, you must provide a certified copy of your driving record from the state that issued the driver’s license, beginner’s permit, or ID. However, a CDL holder must get a replacement license from his state of record and surrender it to SC.

B.You must provide the name of your automobile liability insurance company that is licensed to do business in SC (not required for a beginner’s permit or ID). This information is subject to electronic verification. SC Code Section 56-1-80(C)

C.You must provide your social security number (SSN) which will be electronically verified with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSN, date of birth and legal name on your application must match the SSA file. 6 CFR Section 37.11(e); SC Code Section 56-1-90

D.You must provide the following original (not photocopies) documents unless otherwise stated. All documents are subject to verification. This list is subject to change at the SCDMV’s discretion. Documents that are not in English must be translated by a qualified translator. The translator must have a letter of verification from their employer on letterhead qualifying them as a translator. The translation must be made on the Translation Document (SCDMV form 4030).

1. Proof of SC address. 6 CFR Section 37.11(f); SC Code Sections 56-1-40(7), -80(3)

2. Proof of US citizenship/proof of identity, date and place of birth. 6 CFR Section 37.11(c), (d); SC Code Sections 56-1-40(7),-80,-90

3. Legal documents supporting name change(s), if applicable. See specific requirements below. 6 CFR Section 37.11(c)

1.Proof of SC Address must show your name and current SC address of residence (not PO Box). Below are two options you have based on the number of proof of address documents you provide.

Two proofs of address are required if you are interested in getting a REAL ID beginner’s permit, driver’s license, or identification card. You MUST provide two items from the categories listed below and each item should be from a different organization. Both proofs of address must show the same address.

Only one proof of address is required if you prefer to have a beginner’s permit, license, or ID that has “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION” printed across the front of it. You will not be issued a REAL ID.

a)Unexpired SC beginner’s permit, driver’s license, ID, or vehicle registration: must show your current residential address or your updated address must be on file within the SCDMV’s system if it is not reflected on your credential.

b)Unexpired SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP); Fishing/hunting licenses or boat/jet ski registrations (Department of Natural Resources products).

c)Voter registration card; County tax bill or property tax receipt for your vehicle or home (current or preceding calendar year) Must be mailed to your SC address.

d)State or federal tax records Income tax returns for current or prior year are acceptable including electronic tax file, W-2 Form, or Form 1095-B Health [insurance] Coverage. You must be listed as a primary tax payer or dependent.

e)School records – must be from an SC school, college or university unless otherwise noted (current or prior school year).

Report card (must show your name and current SC address)

Letter or contract from Home Schooling Association.

Official letter from your school or school district on school or district letterhead (must indicate enrollment period).

Transcript (SC school, college or university).

Out-of-state or in-state tuition bill or receipt of student loan.

Letter from an out-of-state boarding school or a professional career development institute indicating that you live in SC and attend school out-of-state.

f)Social security check or annual statement.

If presenting one of the following items, it cannot be more than 90 DAYS OLD.

g)Utility bill, payment receipt, or approved application for services at your current SC residence (mailed to your SC address, not an out-of-state address): may be a water, sewer, gas and electricity, cable/satellite TV, internet, cell phone, or telephone bill.

h)Financial statements: credit card or bank statement or signed letter on bank

letterhead: must also show your name and SC physical address as the account holder.

i)Home mortgage monthly statement or deed.

j)Insurance documentation from a company licensed to do business in SC:

Automobile or life insurance bill or payment receipt (cards or policies are not accepted).

Health insurance statement, payment receipt, explanation of benefits (cards or policies are not accepted).

Homeowner’s insurance policy, payment receipt, or bill.

k)Current letter of employment or payroll stub/statement from an SC or out-of- state employer.

l)US Postal Service letter or item delivered by the US Post Office:

Change of address confirmation letter or postmarked US mail with forwarding address label must contain your first and last name, state and zip code.

Any postmarked mail showing your name and delivered by the US Post Office to your current address such as: personal letters, or magazines (not advertisements).

m)Parolee letter from parole officer.

n)Letter from director of SC social welfare institution (such as a homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter, halfway house, group home, orphanage) stating you are a resident of the facility.

o)Other documents issued by federal/state/municipal government.

2.Proof of US Citizenship/Proof of Identity and Date of Birth - You must provide one of the following:

a)Birth certificate with birth/file, book, volume, page or tracking number and registrar’s signature issued by the county or the Vital Records Office.

Birth certificate from US territory (must be translated if not in English) American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico (issued after June 30, 2010), and the US Virgin Islands.

Delayed birth certificate. If your birth certificate was not issued at time of birth, you can apply for your birth certificate from the Vital Records Office.

b)Unexpired US Passport or US Passport Card.

c)Certificate of US Naturalization - USCIS Form (N-550 or N-570).

d)US government issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

e)Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or N-561).

If your birth certificate shows that you were not born in the United States, you must also provide an additional document from the above list to prove US citizenship.

3.Legal Documents Supporting Name Change(s)

If your name has changed since birth, you have two options:

a)Provide a valid unexpired US Passport or US Passport Card in your current legal name as your identity document instead of the other documents listed in #2 above.

b)Provide the legal document(s) of your name change(s) linking your name on your identity document (see #2 above) to your present day name. These are examples of legal documents that might support a legal name change: adoption records, copy of marriage certificate or license issued by state/county records office, certificate of naturalization, and court ordered name change. A divorce decree can be used as a name change document if there is a section where the judge ordered your name to be changed.

Records are available for SC marriages between July 1950 and December 2014 at the Vital Records Offices. Contact the probate court that originally issued the marriage license if married before or after these dates.

Your name must be updated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first because the SCDMV is required to verify that your name matches SSA’s files before issuing a credential.

You have one opportunity at the time of marriage to change your middle and/or last name. You may not change your name again to a different variation of the married name without a court order.

If you are from a US territory, you must successfully complete the vision, knowledge, and skills tests when applying for commercial driver’s licenses.

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