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In the world of vehicle registration, the MV-95 form plays a crucial role, especially when the owner of the vehicle is not the same individual registering it. This form is vital for individuals or entities involved in the International Registration Plan (IRP) as it authorizes another person to register a vehicle on behalf of the owner. The need for this form arises in various situations, such as leasing or when a vehicle is part of a company's assets but managed by an employee or a fleet manager. The MV-95 form is structured to collect detailed information through two main sections. The first section requires information about the primary registrant, including their name, the vehicle make, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and their date of birth, alongside a query about whether the vehicle is leased. The second section is dedicated to the authorization process, where the vehicle owner provides their consent for the registration by detailing their name, address, and signing the document. Additionally, this area also collects the date of birth of the owner, thereby ensuring a verified process of registration authorization. The form also contains a segment for office use only, where the verification of provided IDs and proof of ownership is recorded by the relevant authority. This meticulous process underscores the importance of the MV-95 form in managing vehicle registrations under special circumstances, streamlining the procedure while ensuring compliance and security.

Form NameMv 95 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmv 95 ny dmv form, ny form mv 95, mv95, mv95 ny form

Form Preview Example



If the OWNER of the vehicle is DIFFERENT from the registrant, complete sections 1 and 2.



Registrant’s Name

Vehicle Make

Vehicle ID Number (VIN)

Date of Birth




Is the vehicle leased?

o Yes o No


REGISTRATION AUTHORIZATION (Owner must complete this section)

Vehicle Owner’s Name

Date of Birth













Apt. #









ZIP Code







I authorize the person named in section 1 to register this vehicle in his/her name.

(Signature of Owner or of Person Authorized to Sign)


(If signing for a corporation, print your full name and title here)


Proof of ID and Ownership Provided

Reg./Title No.





Reviewed By



IRP-95 (2/20)


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For you to fill in the file, enter the information the software will require you to for each of the next parts:

mv 95 ny dmv form spaces to fill in

Within the box IRP, dmvnygov, and resetclear write down the information that the platform asks you to do.

stage 2 to filling out mv 95 ny dmv form

Step 3: Hit "Done". You can now upload the PDF document.

Step 4: To prevent any sort of headaches in the foreseeable future, you will need to make at least two or three copies of the file.

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