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Navigating the complexities of vehicle ownership can often lead to encountering situations where the original title of a vehicle is lost, destroyed, or damaged. When facing such a predicament, the MV-902 form emerges as an indispensable document for vehicle, boat, or manufactured home owners in New York. This application, addressed to the Title Bureau in Albany, New York, serves the critical function of requesting a duplicate title, ensuring that the vehicle's ownership can be properly evidenced and transferred if necessary. The MV-902 form outlines specific scenarios under which it should be utilized, such as changes in the owner's name, the death of the owner, or the granting of power of attorney. It requires detailed information about the vehicle and the owner, alongside a certification that asserts the truthfulness of the provided data under penalty of law. Additionally, it sets forth requisites for proofs of identity, handling cases involving corporate entities, partnerships, and special instructions for those who've experienced a name change, are managing affairs on behalf of a deceased owner, or are operating under power of attorney. With a separate fee for each application, the process is designed to be accessible either by mail or online, underscoring the importance of accuracy and completeness in its submission. Ultimately, the MV-902 form plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and continuity of vehicle ownership records in the state of New York.

Form NameMv 902 Form
Form Length2 pages
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Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesdmv form mv 902, mv 902 ny dmv, mv 902 form nys, form mv 902

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PO Box 2750

Albany NY 12220-0750

If any of the statements below apply to this application, mark the box of each statement that applies and complete Section 1 and Section 2 below. If there is no statement that applies, go to “Instructions” below:

The address is a NEW ADDRESS.

Last, First, Middle Initial









Included with this application is an original LIEN RELEASE that is signed and includes a date. (Photocopies are not accepted.)


+Complete Section 1 below. Provide all requested information.

+Read, sign and enter the date in Section 2 - Certification.

+Provide the required proof of identity for the person who signs the certification in Section 2 (see Section 3 on page 2).

+If your name has changed, the owner is deceased, or if you have Power of Attorney, provide the required documentation that is described in Section 4 on page 2.

+Provide a separate $20 fee for each application.

+Bring this application with your ORIGINAL proof of identity documents and the correct fee to any Motor Vehicles office. If Section 4

applies to you, bring the required documentation.


Mail this application with PHOTOCOPIES of your proof of identity, any additional documentation (if required under Section 4) and the correct fee to the Title Bureau at the address shown on the top of this page. Pay with a check or money order payable to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”, do not mail cash.


If your address has not changed since you last registered the vehicle and your current address is on your registration, you can apply for a duplicate title on-line. For more information visit



Vehicle or Hull Identification Number (VIN or HIN)











License Plate No.



























Owner’s Name (Last, First, M.I.)












Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)


























C/O (applies if Power of Attorney or dealer authorization is shown or the owner is deceased)






























Current Mailing Address (Number and Street)









Apt. Number


Daytime Telephone Number






































































Zip Code




























I understand that the DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE OF TITLE that I will receive as a result of this application replaces all previously issued titles, and that only this duplicate title may be used to sell, transfer or trade the above vehicle, boat or manufactured home. I certify that the Certificate of Title for the vehicle, boat or manufactured home described above, and last issued in the owner’s name, has been lost, destroyed or damaged. If lost or destroyed, I do not know where it is; if damaged, I have enclosed it with this application. I certify that the information I have given on this application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that knowingly making a false statement on this application is a misdemeanor according to Article 210 of the Penal Law and Section 392 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.


(Signature of Owner or Applicant)


If you sign for a corporation or use an “in care of” address, print your full name and your title here (i.e. Power of Attorney, Executor, Next of Kin, President, etc.)


MV-902 (12/15)





If you apply by mail, remember to mail copies of your proofs. Originals will not be returned.

For Persons

+Proof of date of birth, and

+6 points of proof of name

A NYS photo driver license, learner permit, or non-driver ID card that is current or that expired no }more than 2 years ago will meet both requirements. Other acceptable documents for proof of identity and their related point values are listed on form ID-82 (Proofs of Identity for Registration and Title)

which is available at and any Motor Vehicles office.

For Corporations (show one of the following proofs)

1.A NYS vehicle registration or a title certificate in the name of the corporation; or

2.A certified copy of the NYS Certificate of Incorporation; or

3.New York State corporations must provide:

a.a certificate of good standing or subsisting issued by the NYS Department of State; or

b.a filing receipt issued by the NYS Department of State.

4.Out-of-state corporations must provide:

a.a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from their home state; or

b.a certificate of subsisting or foreign bid issued by the NYS Department of State.

5.Corporate DBAs must provide a filing receipt from the NYS Department of State that includes the DBA.

6.Unincorporated associations: The proofs that are required depend on the type of organization. Contact a Motor Vehicles office

for information.

For Partnerships (show one of the following proofs)

+A Certificate of Partnership (filed with the County Clerk); or

+A copy of the DBA filing receipt issued by the County Clerk.


Name Change

1.At the top of page 1 mark the box “OWNER NAME HAS CHANGED” and enter your new name in the space provided to the right.

2.In Section 1, enter your former name in the “Owner’s Name” box and complete the remaining boxes in Section 1.

3.In Section 2, sign the Certification and write the date.

If your name has changed and you sell the vehicle, boat or manufactured home, you can give the title with your former name to the person who purchases the vehicle. A title in your new name is not required.

If your former name is on the title and registration and you need a duplicate title in your new name, you must first change your name on your driver license and registration. Bring this application AND original marriage certificate, divorce certificate or other documents that confirm your name change to any Motor Vehicles office.

If your former name is on the title but the vehicle is NOT registered and you need a title in your new name, you MUST mail this application AND a photocopy of your marriage certificate, divorce certificate or other documents that confirm your name change to the Title Bureau at the address shown at the top of Page 1.

Owner Deceased

At the top of page 1 mark the box “OWNER IS DECEASED”. In Section 1:

1.Enter the name and date of birth of the deceased.

2.In the “C/O” (In Care Of) space, enter your name.

3.In the “Current Mailing Address” space, enter your address.

4.You must present documents to prove your identity, but not the identity of the deceased (see Section 3). You must also provide the following:

If you are the deceased’s spouse, child under the age of 18 or next of kin, present a copy of the Death Certificate (Certificate of Death or Certification of Death), Letters Testamentary, or Letters of Administration. In Section 2 sign your name then write “Spouse”, “Next of Kin” or for a child under the age of 18 “Guardian of minor child”. If those relationships do not apply to you, present Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration.

NOTE: Additional guidelines could apply to register or transfer the vehicle for which you need a duplicate title. For additional information, see form MV-349 (Transfer of Vehicle Registered in Name of Deceased Person) or form MV-349.1 (Affidavit for Transfer of MotorVehicle).

Power of Attorney

At the top of page 1 mark the box “OWNER HAS GIVEN POWER OF ATTORNEY”. In Section 1:

1.Enter the name and date of birth of the owner.

2.In the“C/O” (In Care Of) space, enter your name.

3.In the “Current Mailing Address” space, enter your address.

4.Provide an original Power of Attorney (POA) that is notarized and includes: The date POA was issued, name and address of person or company that gave POA, name and address of person or company that has the POA, original signature of person who gave the POA.

MV-902 (12/15)


How to Edit Mv 902 Form Online for Free

Our PDF editor that you can take advantage of was designed by our finest web programmers. You may create the mv 902 file shortly and effortlessly applying our application. Merely keep up with this specific instruction to get going.

Step 1: The first thing is to click the orange "Get Form Now" button.

Step 2: The form editing page is right now available. You can add text or change existing information.

You will have to provide the next data so you can prepare the template:

part 1 to completing mv 902 ny dmv

Feel free to fill in the If your address has not changed, CUSTOMER MUST COMPLETE SECTIONS, SECTION, Vehicle or Hull Identification, Year, Make, License Plate No, Owners Name Last First MI, CO applies if Power of Attorney or, Date of Birth MonthDayYear, Current Mailing Address Number and, Apt Number, Daytime Telephone Number, City, and SECTION CERTIFICATION field with the demanded data.

Filling out mv 902 ny dmv part 2

It is vital to record certain details inside the space I understand that the DUPLICATE, SIGN HERE X, Signature of Owner or Applicant, Date, If you sign for a corporation or, IMPORTANT ACCORDING TO LAW THE, resetclear, and PAGE OF.

Filling out mv 902 ny dmv stage 3

Make sure you specify the rights and obligations of the sides in the Proof of date of birth and, A NYS photo driver license learner, For Corporations show one of the, A NYS vehicle registration or a, a a certificate of good standing, Outofstate corporations must, a a certified copy of the, Corporate DBAs must provide a, Unincorporated associations The, for information, For Partnerships show one of the, SECTION SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR, Name Change, At the top of page mark the box, and If your former name is on the paragraph.

stage 4 to completing mv 902 ny dmv

End up by looking at these sections and completing them correspondingly: dmvnygov, and PAGE OF.

mv 902 ny dmv dmvnygov, and PAGE  OF blanks to complete

Step 3: Press the "Done" button. It's now possible to transfer your PDF form to your gadget. As well as that, it is possible to deliver it by means of email.

Step 4: To avoid any specific complications as time goes on, be sure to create a minimum of a couple of duplicates of the form.

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