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At the heart of initiating or responding to a civil action in North Carolina is the NC Civil Cover Sheet form, a document designed to streamline the judicial process by encapsulating critical details of the case at a glance. This comprehensive form, required for both the initial filing and any subsequent filings within the General Court of Justice, whether it's in the District or Superior Court Division, serves multiple purposes including identifying the parties involved, their legal representation, and the nature of the pleading. Key elements include the inclusion of plaintiffs' and defendants' names and addresses, attorney information if representation is present, and a detailed section on the type of pleading, which covers a broad spectrum from amendments and complaints to motions for lack of jurisdiction or claims for relief. Additionally, the form touches upon the potential for jury demand, arbitration stipulations, and the question of complex litigation, serving as an integral part of legal proceedings that demands accuracy and completeness to ensure the efficient administration of justice. The procedural requirement, underpinned by directives from the Administrative Office of the Courts, mandates that a correctly filled cover sheet accompany filings to aid clerks and judges alike by providing a snapshot of the action, thereby facilitating a more organized and swift legal process.

Form NameNc Civil Cover Sheet Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesaoc cv 105 form, action cover sheet, aoccv401 signature, aoc 751

Form Preview Example



File No.

In The General Court Of Justice


Superior Court Division

Name And Address Of Plaintiff 1



























Name And Address Of Plaintiff 2



Rule 5(b), General Rules of Practice For Superior and District Courts

















Name And Address Of Attorney Or Party, If Not Represented (complete for initial




appearance or change of address)
























Name Of Defendant 1























Telephone No.



Cellular Telephone No.














NC Attorney Bar No.


Attorney E-Mail Address











Summons Submitted




Initial Appearance in Case


Change of Address














Name Of Defendant 2



Name Of Firm






































Counsel for










All Plaintiffs

All Defendants

Only (list party(ies) represented)

Summons Submitted


























Jury Demanded In Pleading


Amount in controversy does not exceed $15,000

Complex Litigation



Stipulate to arbitration















(check all that apply) Amend (AMND)

Amended Answer/Reply (AMND-Response)

Amended Complaint (AMND)

Assess Costs (COST)

Answer/Reply (ANSW-Response) (see Note)

Change Venue (CHVN)

Complaint (COMP)

Confession Of Judgment (CNJF)

Consent Order (CONS)

Consolidate (CNSL)

Contempt (CNTP)

Continue (CNTN)

Compel (CMPL)

Counterclaim (CTCL) Assess Court Costs

Crossclaim (list on back) (CRSS) Assess Court Costs Dismiss (DISM) Assess Court Costs

Exempt/Waive Mediation (EXMD)

Extend Statute Of Limitations, Rule 9 (ESOL) Extend Time For Complaint (EXCO)

Failure To Join Necessary Party (FJNP)

(check all that apply)

Failure To State A Claim (FASC)

Implementation Of Wage Withholding In Non-IV-D Cases (OTHR) Improper Venue/Division (IMVN)

Including Attorney’s Fees (ATTY) Intervene (INTR)

Interplead (OTHR)

Lack Of Jurisdiction (Person) (LJPN)

Lack Of Jurisdiction (Subject Matter) (LJSM) Modification Of Child Support In IV-D Actions (MSUP) Notice Of Dismissal With Or Without Prejudice (VOLD) Petition To Sue As Indigent (OTHR)

Rule 12 Motion In Lieu Of Answer (MDLA) Sanctions (SANC)

Set Aside (OTHR) Show Cause (SHOW) Transfer (TRFR)

Third Party Complaint (list Third Party Defendants on back) (TPCL) Vacate/Modify Judgment (VCMD)

Withdraw As Counsel (WDCN)

Other (specify and list each separately)

NOTE: All filings in civil actions shall include as the first page of the filing a cover sheet summarizing the critical elements of the filing in a format prescribed by the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Clerk of Superior Court shall require a party to refile a filing which does not include the required cover sheet. For subsequent filings in civil actions, the filing party must either include a General Civil (AOC-CV-751), Motion (AOC-CV-752), or Court Action (AOC-CV-753) cover sheet.

AOC-CV-751, Rev. 1/14


© 2014 Administrative Office of the Courts



Administrative Appeal (ADMA)

Limited Driving Privilege - Out-Of-State

Product Liability (PROD)

Appointment Of Receiver (APRC)

Convictions (PLDP)

Real Property (RLPR)

Attachment/Garnishment (ATTC)

Medical Malpractice (MDML)

Specific Performance (SPPR)

Claim And Delivery (CLMD)

Minor Settlement (MSTL)

Other (specify and list each separately)

Collection On Account (ACCT)

Money Owed (MNYO)


Condemnation (CNDM)

Negligence - Motor Vehicle (MVNG)


Contract (CNTR)

Negligence - Other (NEGO)


Discovery Scheduling Order (DSCH)

Motor Vehicle Lien G.S. 44A (MVLN)


Injunction (INJU)

Possession Of Personal Property (POPP)



Signature Of Attorney/Party


Assert Right Of Access (ARAS)

Substitution Of Trustee (Judicial Foreclosure) (RSOT)

Supplemental Procedures (SUPR)


Motion For Out-Of-State Attorney To Appear In NC Courts In A Civil Or Criminal Matter (Out-Of-State Attorney/Pro Hac Vice Fee)


Additional Plaintiff(s)





























Additional Defendant(s)

Third Party Defendant(s)





























































Plaintiff(s) Against Whom Counterclaim Asserted




Defendant(s) Against Whom Crossclaim Asserted

AOC-CV-751, Side Two, Rev. 1/14

© 2014 Administrative Office of the Courts

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Filling in part 1 in aoc cover sheet

2. After the prior part is completed, go to type in the suitable information in these - Yes, Jury Demanded In Pleading, Complex Litigation, check all that apply, Amend AMND, Amount in controversy does not, Stipulate to arbitration, TYPE OF PLEADING, check all that apply, Failure To State A Claim FASC, Amended AnswerReply AMNDResponse, Implementation Of Wage Withholding, Amended Complaint AMND, Assess Costs COST, and AnswerReply ANSWResponse see Note.

Failure To State A Claim FASC, Implementation Of Wage Withholding, and Amend AMND inside aoc cover sheet

3. This next segment is mostly about Extend Statute Of Limitations Rule, Extend Time For Complaint EXCO, Failure To Join Necessary Party, VacateModify Judgment VCMD, Withdraw As Counsel WDCN, Other specify and list each, NOTE, All filings in civil actions shall, AOCCV Rev Administrative Office, and Over - complete all of these blank fields.

aoc cover sheet writing process described (part 3)

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - Administrative Appeal ADMA, Appointment Of Receiver APRC, AttachmentGarnishment ATTC, Claim And Delivery CLMD, Collection On Account ACCT, Condemnation CNDM, Contract CNTR, CLAIMS FOR RELIEF, Limited Driving Privilege, Product Liability PROD, Convictions PLDP, Medical Malpractice MDML, Minor Settlement MSTL, Money Owed MNYO, and Negligence Motor Vehicle MVNG - to proceed further in your process!

aoc cover sheet conclusion process outlined (portion 4)

It's very easy to get it wrong while completing the Medical Malpractice MDML, hence ensure that you reread it before you'll send it in.

5. To wrap up your document, this final part involves a number of extra blank fields. Entering Additional Defendants Third Party, Summons Submitted, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Plaintiffs Against Whom, and Defendants Against Whom Crossclaim should conclude everything and you can be done quickly!

Yes, Additional Defendants Third Party, and Summons Submitted inside aoc cover sheet

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