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The Neisd transcript form is a great way to keep track of your child's academic progress. It can be used as a reference for future schools and scholarships. The Neisd transcript form is also a great tool for parents to monitor their child's grades and academic standing. Be sure to ask your school counselor about the Neisd transcript form. They will be more than happy to help you get started.

This knowledge will help you comprehend better the details of the neisd transcript before you start filling it out.

Form NameNeisd Transcript
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields19
Avg. time to fill out4 min 18 sec
Other namesstudent record release tranwscript form, north east independent school district transcript, neisd transcript, neisd release form

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8961 TESORO DRIVE SUITE 414– SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78217 PHONE: 210-407-0346/FAX 210-805-5332


All transcripts (official or unofficial) are $5.00 each (cash, check or money order).

Picture Identification and Signatures are required for all requests.

Allow five business days to process this request.

Number of Copies:

Student’s Name When Attending School:

Student’s Current Name:

Student’s Current Address:





Date of Birth:




Student ID#:





Year of Graduation:




School of Graduation:







If not a graduate,















Last Year of Attendance:





School of Attendance:







Purpose of Transcript:


Student Transfer



Other Send


Transcript To:
















































To The Attention Of:


































Parents and/or Spouses may not request transcripts for students age 18 or older.

Student Signature if 18 or over:





Parent Signature if under 18:









**************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY***********************




Released to:






















ID Verification:





Expiration Date:




Verified by:





Date Sent:





“Universities or other entities that request official transcripts of the AAR directly from the school district are responsible for obtaining authority from the student for release of such records. Students may also request direct mailings of official copies to colleges or prospective employers. An official AAR provided to the authorized requesting institution implies that the AAR is transmitted directly from the District to the authorized requesting authority without the

possibility of alteration. A transcript copy will be marked or stamped “OFFICIAL COPY” only at the time of release to another institution or student approved recipient, EXCLUDING PARENTS. This stamp or manual entry is never put on the original file document and is not placed on the copy provided to the student or family.

July 2017

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Address, CityStateZip, ToTheAttentionOf, Phone, StudentSignatureiforover, ParentSignatureifunder, Date, Date, Releasedto, IDVerification, Verifiedby, FOROFFICEUSEONLY, PAID, CASHMOCHECK, and RECEIPT in neisd release form

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