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Understanding the process for requesting transcripts is crucial for students and alumni of Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) looking to further their education or career prospects. The OCCC Transcript Request Form serves as the key to unlocking one's academic records, enabling individuals to submit their academic achievements to institutions, employers, or other necessary parties. This comprehensive form requires the student's OCCC Student ID Number, full name (including any previously used last names), date of birth, and the last date attended, offering an option to note the semester and year for clarity. The form also prompts for the current address of the student, ensuring that any communications or updates can be rightly directed. Moreover, it allows for the specification of the student's contact number, with an additional option to update this information in the college's records. The form accommodates requests for up to five copies of the transcript, emphasizing that these will be processed and sent within five working days, barring any rush periods or holds due to unsettled financial accounts with the college. Notably, it presents options tailored to the student's needs, such as sending transcripts immediately, holding them until current semester grades or a degree is posted, and even processing each transcript in a separate, sealed, and stamped envelope for official purposes. The structure of the form also lays out that the requester is responsible for providing a complete and accurate address to which the OCCC should send the transcript. Simultaneously, it highlights the importance of the student's signature to validate the request, underscoring the adherence to privacy and information security standards. With options for office-use annotations on the clarity of the record and the request's processing details, the form stands as a bridge between the student's academic history and their future aspirations.

Form NameOccc Transcript
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesoccc transcript request, occc transcript request form, occc transcript, ok city community college transcript

Form Preview Example


OCCC Student ID Number __________________________________

Student’s Name (Last, First, Middle) _____________________________________________________

Other last name used __________________________ Date of Birth ________________ Date last attended ______________

(Semester/Year - optional)

Current address of student ______________________________________________________________________________

(H ou se/ Bld g # , Street, Ap artm en t # )


(City, State, Zip Cod e)(Cou n ty)

Contact telephone number(s) ____________________________________________________________________________

Check here to verify the above address should be used to update your account

(In d icate H om e or Cell)

Fo r Offi c e U s e On l y


Date Ad d ress Corrected _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ In itials _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





Number of copies requested _______________________

(Maximum of five per request)

NOTE: Transcript will be sent within five (5) working days of receipt of request, except during rush periods. No transcript will be furnished for any person whose financial account with Oklahoma City Community College is not clear. Any request to fax transcripts long distance will accrue a $5.00 fee.


Send immediately.

Hold until current semester grades posted (complete date last attended above)

Hold until degree is posted

Check here if you require each transcript in a separate, sealed and stamped envelope.


(Requester is responsible for complete address.)

Office ______________________________________________________________________



City ___________________________ State________________ Zip

Signature of Student _____________________________________ Date


Record clear? Yes No (Reason) ______________________________________________________

Request received by ______________________________ Date transcript mailed/faxed ___________________





Records and Graduation Services


Oklahoma City Community College


7777 S May Avenue


Oklahoma City OK 73159


(405) 682-7512

Rev 10/13/2011

Fax (405) 682-7521

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