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NOVA VIDEO QUESTIONS: Hunting the Elements



Mr. Traeger




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Answer the questions that follow to the best of your ability. The questions are in chronological order.

1)Where does an element take its identity from? (5:30)

2)How much gold (Au) is extracted per ton of rock ore? (8:30)

3)How much does a gold (Au) bar weigh and how much is it worth? (13:00)

4)Why is copper (Cu) so widely sought on the world market and New York Mercantile Exchange? (16:00)

5)What is copper (Cu) combined with to make bronze? (18:00)

6)What makes metals like Copper (Cu) conductive to electricity? (20:00)

7)Bronze is an alloy. What is an alloy and why are they preferable at times? (22:00)

8)How does the atomic arrangement of atoms lead to its crystal structure like was seen in the sample of bronze with gold (Au) and tin (Sn) atoms? (32:00)

9)What is the atomic number and what does the atomic number indicate? (34:00)

10)Most of the periodic table is made of what type of elements? (35:00)

11)How did early chemists like Mendeleev classify the elements? (38:00)

12)How is the periodic table structured with regard to elements with similar properties? (40:00)

13)What makes noble gases stable? (43:00)



NOVA VIDEO QUESTIONS: Hunting the Elements


Mr. Traeger

14)Why is an alkali metal element like Sodium (Na) so reactive? (45:00)

15)What does chlorine (Cl-) do for sodium (Na+)? What tasty substance is produced when this happens? (48:00)

16)What powers explosions and fire? (55:00)

17)What elements are basic to all living things? (59:00)

18)Why is Carbon (C) so good for forming the structure of life? (1:06:00).

19)What are at least three (3) other elements that are used for life functions and what are their uses? (1:12:00)

20)Why are cyanobacteria from places like volcanic pools so important for the production of oxygen in our atmosphere? (1:17:00)

21)What was the original element formed moments after the Big Bang? What then created higher order elements? (1:19:00)

22)How does silicon shape our technological reality? (1:22:00)

23)How are rare earth elements like neodymium (Nd) important to our technological world? (1:27:00)

24)What is an isotope like Carbon-14? (1:42:00)

25)How can an isotope like Carbon-14 be used to date dead organisms? (1:44:00).

26)What is an unstable radioactive isotope? (1:46:00)

27)Why don't the man-made radioactive elements exist for very long? (1:58:00)


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