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Have you received a NY plate surrender application form in the mail? If so, don't panic! This post will go over what the form is and what to do if you need to submit it. Stay calm and read on.

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Form NameNy Plate Surrender Application
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesreturn plates to dmv ny, dmv plate surrender form, nys dmv plate surrender form, turn in plates ny

Form Preview Example

NewYork State Department of MotorVehicles


6 Empire State Plaza, Room B240

Albany NY 12228


Use this form to surrender your NYS license plate(s). Provide all requested information.

1.Complete a separate application for each set of plates being surrendered.

2.Mail your application and your plates to the address above.

3.There is no fee to surrender plates. Please do not include any payment.

License Plate Number:

Vehicle Plate Class:

(The 3 letter code above the plate number on the registration document. Example: PAS; COM)

First 3 of Name:

(The first three letters of the last name or the company name on the registration document)

Number of plates being returned:




(check only one box)




Uponreceiptofyourplates,DMVwillmailyouareceiptand,ifapplicable,theNYSComptroller’s Office will mail a registration refund check to the address on your registration. If your address has changed and you would like these mailed to yournew address, please provide it below:


PD-7 (10/14)



/ /

How to Edit Ny Plate Surrender Application Online for Free

It is possible to prepare the how do i surrender license plates in ny document with our PDF editor. These steps will assist you to easily create your document.

Step 1: Choose the orange button "Get Form Here" on the following page.

Step 2: The instant you access our how do i surrender license plates in ny editing page, you will see all the actions it is possible to take with regards to your file in the top menu.

Fill out the following parts to complete the file:

dmv plate surrender form spaces to consider

Put the requested information in the New Address, and OFFICE USE ONLY Post Mark Date part.

Entering details in dmv plate surrender form stage 2

Step 3: Press the "Done" button. Now you can upload the PDF document to your gadget. Additionally, you can deliver it through electronic mail.

Step 4: To avoid any kind of difficulties down the road, be sure to generate at the very least a couple of copies of your form.

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