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Understanding the nuances and benefits of the Partial Exemption Certificate for farm equipment and machinery sales and purchases is crucial for agricultural business operators in navigating the complexities of tax obligations. This certificate, sanctioned by the State Board of Equalization, offers a significant tax relief by exempting the state general fund portion of the sales and use tax rate, though it's important to note that local and district taxes remain applicable. Additionally, the certificate's scope extends to lease payments for tangible personal property under specific conditions, enhancing its utility for agricultural enterprises. Eligibility hinges on engagement in agricultural business activities as classified in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual, with the purchased or leased property being used primarily in producing and harvesting agricultural products. There are vital compliance aspects that purchasers must heed, such as the requirement to use the property in a qualifying manner and the potential need to report and pay state tax if the criteria are not met. The option for the certificate to serve as a blanket for future purchases adds a layer of convenience for ongoing operations. However, purchasers and sellers alike must be diligent in understanding the conditions, documentation, and responsibilities outlined to maximize the benefits while adhering to legal requirements.

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Qualified Sales and Purchases of Farm Equipment and Machinery

NOTE: This is an exemption only from the state general fund portion of the sales and use tax rate. You are not relieved from your obligations for the local and district taxes on this transaction. This partial exemption also does not apply to any tax levied pursuant to Section 6051.2 and 6201.2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, or pursuant to Section 35 of article XIII of the California Constitution. This partial exemption also applies to lease payments made on or after September 1, 2001, for tangible personal property even if the lease agreement was entered into prior to September 1, 2001.


SELLER’S/LESSOR’S ADDRESS (Street, City, State, Zip Code)

I, as the undersigned purchaser, hereby certify I am engaged in an agricultural business described in Codes 0111 to 0291 of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual, or I perform an agricultural service described in Codes 0711 to 0783 of the SIC Manual for such classified persons. The property purchased or leased will be used primarily in producing and harvesting agricultural products in accordance with Revenue & Taxation Code Section 6356.5.1

Type of Farm Equipment and Machinery (or parts2 thereof)*



*If you also want this certificate to be used as a blanket certificate for future purchases, describe generally the type of property you will be purchasing and ask your vendor to keep this certificate on file. If this is a specific partial exemption certificate, provide the purchase order or sales invoice number and a precise description of the property being purchased.

I understand that if such property is not used in the manner qualifying for the partial exemption, or if I am not a qualified person, as applicable, that I am required by the Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay the state tax measured by the sales price/rentals payable of the property to/by me. I also understand that this partial exemption certificate is in effect as of the date shown below and will remain in effect until revoked in writing.



SIGNATURE (signature of the purchaser, purchaser’s employee, or authorized representative of the purchaser)


PERMIT NUMBER (If applicable)





















Vehicles that qualify as farm equipment and machinery, as defined in Regulation 1533.1(b)(1)(B), must be used exclusively in producing and harvesting agricultural products.

If you are purchasing oil, grease, or lubricating or other qualifying fluids, indicate what percentage will be used in farm equipment and machinery performing qualified producing and harvesting activities.

If you are not required to hold a seller’s permit, please enter “Not Applicable.”

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