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Have you ever had to leave town for a business trip or vacation and worry about your pet? It's not always easy to find a dependable pet sitter, which is why many people turn to a pet sitting contract form. A well-drafted pet sitting contract can help both the pet sitter and the pet owner feel secure in knowing that their beloved furry friend is being taken care of properly. Here we'll take a look at some of the key elements that should be included in a pet sitting contract, as well as some tips for drafting one.

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Form NamePet Sitting Contract
Form Length5 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 15 sec
Other namespet sitting contract, sitting forms pet, pet sitting application form, pet sitter form printable

Form Preview Example



Name (Please list all Parents)_____ __________________________________

Address______________________________ City ____________ Zip ________

Cell Phone___________________ Work______________Cell_______________

E-Mail Address____________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name___________________Number__________________

How did you hear about us:






Pet Name






























Any history of biting? ____________________________

Feeding Instructions:

Medication Instructions:

I authorize Dogs and the City, Daycare & Spa to act as my agent in the event of my dog needing medical attention. I further agree that I will be responsible for any and all cost of any veterinary care deemed necessary by the licensed veterinarian. Signature_________________________________________________________



Location of bowls______________ Extra Food_________ Treats_________

Location of leashes____________ Poop bags__________ Toys___________

Location of litter box____________ How do you dispose of waste?___________

Cleaning supplies for “accidents”_____________ Secured in home/yard? ______

Instructions for hot weather__________________ Rain_________


Vacation number______________ Relative ___________Neighbor___________

Will pet care responsibilities be shared with anyone else not affiliated with our company during your absence? YES NO

If YES, their

Name____________ Address__________________ Phone___________

Details of job sharing arrangement____________________________


Gate Code_____________ House Code ______

Alarm Company____________ Code Name_____________ Phone___________


Do you want lights rotated?________ Draperies_________ TV/Stereo_________

Windows open or closed?____________ Bring in newspaper?__________

Bring in mail? _________ Location of mail box___________ mail box #______

Location of trash can____________ Trash pick up time ___________

House plants you want watered_____________ How often ___________


Pooper scooper location______________ Where to dispose of waste_________

Location of sprinklers____________ Frequency/Duration__________

Location of pots to hand water _________ Frequency___________


House key tested_______ Gate key tested______ Mail box key tested______

Does anyone else have keys to your house? YES NO If yes, who____________

How will you like your keys returned?

Kept permanently on file with our service ______ Owner will pick up _____


Any additional instructions


Cash_______ Check______


Type of Card _____Visa ______M/C ______AMEX

Name as it appears on the card


Card Number ________________________ Exp. Date ________________

Signature ____________________________________________________

Security Code: _______________________


For the purposes of this contract the Pet Sitting service and/or their representatives (Independent Contractor, or employees) will be referred to as PET SITTER and the Pet Owner will be referred to as OWNER. The parties herein agree to the following terms and conditions.

1.A minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost of Pet Sit is due at the time of initial consultation and the remaining 50% is to be paid at time of first visit and left in conspicuous place for pet sitter. Holidays – require a full payment of services at time of consultation. A finance charge of 20% per month will be added to unpaid balances after (30) thirty days. A handling fee of $50.00 or ½ the total amount of the check (which ever is greater) will be added to all returned checks.

2.Payment for all subsequent Pet Sits will be paid in full and left in a conspicuous place for the Pet Sitter at first visit.

3.Refund & Cancellation Policy – If Owner plans to shorten their trip they must give Pet Sitter a minimum of 12 hours notice in order to receive a refund. If Owner cancels their trip entirely a $20.00 fee will apply for all notification less than 21 days prior to scheduled sits. Holidays—If Owner cancels, 50% of entire booking fee will apply for all notification 72 hours prior to scheduled sit. No refund on Holiday visits cancelled 72 hours or less before scheduled sits are to begin.

4.If Owner plans to lengthen their trip they must telephone Pet Sitter a minimum of 12 hours in advance of last Pet Sit in order to be put back on Pet Sitters schedule. Owner agrees to pay all additional fees incurred promptly upon their return.

5.Owner must telephone Pet Sitter PROMPTLY upon their returning home and leave a message in order not to incur another Pet Sitting charge.

6.Owner will inform their Veterinarian that a Pet Sitting Service will be caring for their pet(s) in their absence. If possible Owner will make arrangements to have Veterinarian reimbursed for any service necessary during their absence by leaving their credit card # on file.

7.If a medical emergency arises for pet, Pet Sitter will make every effort to contact the Owner but if time is on the essence Owner authorizes Pet Sitter to seek medical services at the closest Veterinarian Hospital. Owner agrees to reimburse Pet Sitter for all services rendered by Veterinarian in accordance with Owners wishes as stated and signed in the “Veterinary Treatment Authorization” form.

8.In the unlikely event of illness or personal emergency to Pet Sitter, Owner will authorize Pet Sitter to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in this contract. Owner will be notifies in such a case.

9.It is the Owners responsibility to make sure all of their pet(s) are current on their vaccinations. Should Pet Sitter be bitten or otherwise injured by Owners pet(s), Owner agrees to pay all medical costs and lost wages incurred by Pet Sitter due to such injury.

10.Owner is responsible for any injury caused to Pet Sitter or the general public by Owner’s pet(s) or condition of Owner’s premises.

11.In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster Pet Sitter will use their best judgment in caring for Owners pet(s) and home but cannot be held responsible for any damage to home or injury to pet arising from such.

12.If a problem arises such as a pipe rupture, flooding, earthquake, fire, break in, animal destroying fence etc., Pet Sitter will make every effort to contact Owner and follow their instructions. If Owner cannot be reached or immediate action is necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the pet(s), Owner authorizes Pet Sitter to make any repairs deemed necessary by the Pet Sitter. The Owner agrees to reimburse Pet Sitter for all expenses incurred for repair of property and will hold Pet Sitter blameless for work done by other.

13.Owner is to notify Pet Sitter if anyone else has keys or access to Owner’s property other than Pet Sitter during the time the Pet Sitter is caring for Owner’s home and pet(s). Pet Sitter cannot be held liable for damage done to home and pet(s) by others with such access. In addition, Pet Sitter shall not be held liable for damage done by pet to either the interior or exterior of home when Pet Sitter is not there.

14.Pet Sitter is not liable for pets that are left outside or may escape when Pet Sitter is not in attendance.

15.Owner shall, at Owners sole expense, defend Pet Sitter against any claim or demand, whether or not well founded arising from any act(s) of Owner’s pet(s) or relation to Owner’s property. Owner shall indemnify and hold Pet Sitter free and harmless from all cost, expenses and liabilities in connection with such claims or demands. These costs, expenses and liabilities include amounts paid in settlement before or after suit is commenced, attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Pet Sitter in defending against such claims or demands.

16.Pet Sitter will provide the services stated herein in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, Owner expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Pet Sitter except those arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Pet Sitter.

17.Should any section, provision or portion of the contract be held to be invalid, illegal, void or unenforceable, then such section, provision or portion shall be deleted from this contract. The remainder of this contract shall continue in full force and effect.

18.Any controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to this contract shall be brought to Small Claims Court before any other action is taken. If the matter cannot be resolved in Small Claims Court then the parties agree to binding Arbitration in accordance with the State where is was signed. The arbitrator shall be based on the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

19.This contract shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State in which it is signed. Each party will perform its obligations in accordance with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations of said State.

20.No term or provision of this contract shall be waived and no breach excused verbally. To be effective, each waiver or excuse shall be in writing and signed by the party who waived or excused.

21.Each waiver or excuse shall be independent of all other. Therefore, if a term or provision is waived or breach is excused, that waiver or excuse shall not waive any other term or provision or excuse any other breach.

22.In no event will Pet Sitter be liable to Owner for any damages, including, but not limited to any lost profits, lost savings or their incidental or consequential damages arising out of Owners use of Pet Sitter services, nor will Pet Sitter be liable for any claim by any third party, unless gross negligence or willful misconduct is proven on the part of the Pet Sitter.

23.Pet Sitter reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if Pet Sitter, in their sole discretion, determines that Owner’s Pet(s) pose a danger to the health and/or safety of Pet Sitter. If this occurs Pet Sitter will notify the Owner immediately of the problem and determine whether Owner will return or if pet(s) will need to be placed in a kennel with all charges to be charged to the Owner.

24.Owner authorizes this signed contract to be valid approval for future services of any purposes provided by this contract permitting Pet Sitter to accept telephone reservations for service and to enter the premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization.

25._______By placing my initial here and signing this contract I am promising to read the Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If I have any questions about the above I will telephone the Pet Sitter before the Pet Sit is to begin.



(Pet Owner Print Name)


(Pet Sitter Print Name)




(Pet Owner Signature)


(Pet Sitter Signature)


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The application will request data to effortlessly prepare the section I authorize Dogs and the City.

I authorize Dogs and the City in pet sitter form template

You have to define the rights and responsibilities of both sides in part PET CARE INFORMATION, Location of bowls Extra Food Treats, Location of leashes Poop bags Toys, Location of litter box How do you, Cleaning supplies for accidents, Instructions for hot weather Rain, IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS, Vacation number Relative Neighbor, Will pet care responsibilities be, If YES their Name Address Phone, and Details of job sharing arrangement.

pet sitter form template PET CARE INFORMATION, Location of bowls Extra Food Treats, Location of leashes Poop bags Toys, Location of litter box How do you, Cleaning supplies for accidents, Instructions for hot weather Rain, IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS, Vacation number Relative Neighbor, Will pet care responsibilities be, If YES their Name Address Phone, and Details of job sharing arrangement blanks to fill

Finalize by checking the following fields and preparing them as required: ALARMS, Gate Code House Code, Alarm Company Code Name Phone, HOME CARE, Do you want lights rotated, Windows open or closed Bring in, Bring in mail Location of mail, Location of trash can Trash pick, and House plants you want watered How.

pet sitter form template ALARMS, Gate Code House Code, Alarm Company Code Name Phone, HOME CARE, Do you want lights rotated, Windows open or closed Bring in, Bring in mail  Location of mail, Location of trash can Trash pick, and House plants you want watered How fields to fill

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