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When you're planning a wedding, it's important to have a timeline to help keep everything organized. This printable wedding timeline template form can help you do just that. With this form, you can plan out each step of the process, including when tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for them. This form can be customized to fit your specific needs, so it's perfect for any couple getting married. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with this timeline in hand, you'll be able to handle everything with ease.

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Form NamePrintable Wedding Timeline Template
Form Length7 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 45 sec
Other namesprintable blank wedding timeline template, printable wedding reception timeline, wedding day timeline template, wedding day timeline pdf

Form Preview Example

12 Month Wedding Checklist

8-12 Months before

Select a wedding date

Formally announce your engagement and introduce both families

Decide whom you would like in you wedding party and ask each person to participate

Decide on a wedding budget

Hire a wedding planner coordinator (optional)

Purchase bridal magazines and start a "Wedding File". Collect tear sheets of dresses, flowers etc.

Start shopping for a wedding dress (must allow time for alterations and fittings) o Reminder: Don't forget to bring a pair of stockings, a strapless bra, shoes

and a hair clip to each appointment o Attend bridal shows

Register for wedding gifts

Choose an officiate or Clergyman/woman

Shop for a videographer and photographer

Choose a florist

Choose a DJ\Band

Purchase a notebook in which to store your wedding information

Research locations for ceremony, rehearsal dinner and reception

oAgree and reserve a wedding location and time

Send deposit

oAgree and reserve a reception site

Send deposit

Choose caterer

Determine your wedding theme, style and color scheme

Choose a beautiful place for your honeymoon

oApply for passports if needed

Make a rough-guest list with a maximum number of guests in mind

Schedule appointments at Bridal Salon’s for you and your wedding party

7 Months before

Place your final order for: o Wedding Gown o Veil

o Shoes o Other

Begin shopping for bridesmaids' dresses

Interview cake designers, sample cake flavours o Select and place an order for your cake o Purchase Cake topper

o Cake Knife

6 Months before

Go shopping for invitations, calligraphy & thank you cards o Review invitation options

o Order invitations

o Purchase thank you cards (useful for engagement and wedding gifts)

Fine-tune guest list

Place final order for bridesmaids' gowns and any accessories

Have the mother-in-laws co-ordinate and select their dresses

Reserve any rental equipment that may be needed for the wedding day




Serving trays, punch


Chairs and Covers


bowls, etc.




Tables and Linens






Cups, saucers, spoons


Dinner ware

oChampagne flutes

Finalize your gift registry (You can request stores send gift cards and not the actual gifts until after the wedding)

Book a limousine company for transportation on your wedding day

5 Months before

Review and finalize the overall budget

Select floral arrangements for:


Bride’s bouquet


Aisle runner


Pew Bows(optional)


Alter arrangements








Bridesmaids Bouquets


Throw away Bouquet



oHead pieces

Finalize all decorations

Mail any outstanding deposits to vendors

Shop for and purchase wedding rings

Select the grooms’ wedding attire

oGet tuxedo measurements for all the groomsmen

oPlace order for tuxedo’s

4 Months before

Submit menu and beverage selections to the hotel or caterer

Begin music selections for the ceremony.

oProcessional song for the groom, parents and attendants

oBride-Groom ‘First Dance’

oRecessional song

Decide on whom you would like to be the M.C. and verify that they are available and willing

Interview and hire any additional management staff and babysitters (optional)

oBartenders (if not provided)

oServers (if necessary)

Purchase Guest book, sign-in pen

Purchase a gift for the groom\bride

Research and reserve rehearsal dinner location

Place your final order for party favours

Schedule tests for makeup and hair

Meet with the stationer and select and order:


otable numbers o Place cards

o any other accessories

o several identical pens for your thank you cards o plenty of stamps

Finalize the date, time and place of the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner o Make a guest list for the rehearsal dinner

Attend your first appointment with the wedding officiate to review details for the ceremony

Begin putting together a rough schedule for the weekend of the wedding






Cutting of the cake






Gift Opening

oSpeeches (optional) o Bride-groom dance

(optional) o Ect…

Select any special readings and choose readers if necessary

Begin writing personalized vows, if applicable

Finalize all arrangements for makeup, hair, nails, etc.

3 Months before

Determine who will be giving speeches at the rehearsal party and the reception

Schedule an appointment for a food tasting

Set up an appointment to see a sample of your floral centerpieces if applicable

Begin writing thank-you notes as wedding gifts arrive. It's easier if you keep them up to date

Book and reserve your bridal preparation suite

Finalize the date and time of the rehearsal and dinner

Finalize your plans for the honeymoon with your travel agent

Schedule your first fitting for your wedding gown and your groom's tuxedo or suit. o Reminder: Remember to bring your panty-hose, shoes, bra, hair

accessories, jewelry, camera and best friend

8 Weeks before

Purchase gifts for:

oEach other( Bride/Groom) o Wedding party attendants o Your parents and In-laws

Order rehearsal dinner invitations

Finalize music selections

Finalize the ceremony readings and songs to be performed (if applicable)

Mail all wedding invitations

Finalize your selections for the cocktail hour and reception songs. Review them with your band/DJ

Apply for a marriage license

Purchase all wedding accessories including

oRing pillow o Goblets

o Garter belt

o Candles, ect…

Visit your photographer for the Bridal Portrait

6 Weeks before

Submit the wedding program information to a stationer

Finalize all details with your caterer, florist and musicians

Finalize all transportation, including any special plans for your family and bridal party

Finalize your schedule for the wedding day with your wedding venue contact, band\DJ, MC and wedding coordinator, if applicable

Finalize the wedding ceremony processional and recessional information with your wedding coordinator or wedding venue contact

Prepare a photo and a video shot list, naming important family and guests. Include one’s relationship to you.

Pick up the wedding rings (making sure they are sized and engraved)

Finalize your jewelry selection, including:

osomething old

osomething new

osomething borrowed

osomething blue

Schedule a final test makeup and hair session with your stylists. Bring your veil.

Attend to business and legal details. Get the necessary forms to change names on your:

osocial security card

odriver's license

oinsurance and medical plans

obank accounts, ect..

4 Weeks before

Schedule your second bridal gown fitting

Mail your rehearsal dinner invitations

Schedule a final meeting with your officiate to discuss the ceremony

Confirm your final appointment with your makeup artist and hair stylist

Give all musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception

Practice your "First Dance" with your music (wearing your bridal shoes)

Appoint a family member or friend to gather the gifts at the end of the reception for delivery to the proper location

Confirm transportation for wedding party

3 weeks before

Reconfirm your hotel room for the wedding night.

Reconfirm your bride's dressing room with your hotel or ceremony location (if applicable)

Send final confirmation for all your honeymoon reservations

Finalize the wedding day timeline and fax, mail or e-mail to all appropriate vendors.

Call them to make sure they understand all the information and feel comfortable with the arrangements you have made

Submit final numbers to rental companies, the florist and the reception venue managers

Mail your wedding day schedules. Make sure each wedding day participant is aware of the day's activities and their role

Finalize your seating arrangements (making sure you involve both sets of parents)

2 Weeks before

Send final payment to all vendors

Prepare a toast for your wedding reception

Finalize the vows you have written for the ceremony

Have any hair treatments done - highlights, trim etc. (Don't wait until two days before the wedding!)

1 Week before

Make sure to confide in at least one person to assist you with your errands the last week prior to your wedding

Confirm the whereabouts of your guest book and pen, cake knife and lifter, champagne flutes etc. and put them together in one box

Confirm the whereabouts of your marriage license and wedding rings and put them in a box or bag marked "Ceremony".

Pick up your bridal gown and veil and make sure all of your accessories are together.

o Also make sure the wedding dress is covered with a protective bag and stuffed with tissue to preserve its shape

Pick up the bridal party outfits and bring them to the bridal dressing room on the day before the wedding, if possible

Pick up the groom's outfit and make sure all of his accessories are together

Get groom a haircut

Confirm all appointment times for hair, makeup, nails, etc.

Get a facial (Don't wait until two days before the wedding!)

Write any final thank-you notes to bridal party members or parents

Attend the bachelor and bachelorette parties, if applicable

Pack your wedding night and day-after clothes

Prepare all your outfits, including the rehearsal dinner, wedding day and post- wedding brunch

Prepare and pack for your honeymoon

Arrange transportation to your hair and makeup appointments

Give your marriage license to the officiate

Arrange who will return any rental items that must be returned after the wedding

Reconfirm transportation for the entire wedding party

On the Wedding Day

Eat a well-balanced breakfast. You have a big day ahead of you, and some brides have been know to faint because they forget to eat

Drink lots of water and refrain from an excess of caffeine and alcohol

Take a lavender bath - it's very relaxing

Remember to wear a button-down shirt for your hair and makeup appointments

Give the Wedding bands to the Best Man and Maid of Honour

Take a deep breath and enjoy - remember this is your day!

How to Edit Printable Wedding Timeline Template Online for Free

The PDF editor was made to be so simple as it can be. Once you comply with these steps, the process of filling out the wedding timeline template pdf document will undoubtedly be effortless.

Step 1: You can hit the orange "Get Form Now" button at the top of the page.

Step 2: At the moment you are on the form editing page. You can change and add information to the form, highlight specified content, cross or check specific words, include images, sign it, delete unrequired areas, or take them out altogether.

These parts are what you will need to prepare to receive the ready PDF file.

wedding day itinerary template gaps to fill out

Provide the requested data in the field Choose a florist, Choose a DJBand, Purchase a notebook in which to, Research locations for ceremony, o Agree and reserve a wedding, Send deposit, o Agree and reserve a reception, Send deposit, Choose caterer, Determine your wedding theme, Choose a beautiful place for your, o Apply for passports if needed, and Make a roughguest list with a.

Filling out wedding day itinerary template part 2

Identify the most crucial details about the Schedule appointments at Bridal, Months before, Place your final order for, o Wedding Gown, o Veil, o Shoes, o Other, Begin shopping for bridesmaids, Interview cake designers sample, o Select and place an order for, o Purchase Cake topper, o Cake Knife, Months before, Go shopping for invitations, and o Review invitation options box.

Completing wedding day itinerary template stage 3

When it comes to box Finetune guest list, Place final order for bridesmaids, Have the motherinlaws coordinate, Reserve any rental equipment that, o Flatware, o Chairs and Covers, o Glassware, Tents, o Cups saucers spoons, o Champagne flutes, o Serving trays punch, bowls etc, Tables and Linens, o Napkins, and o Dinner ware, define the rights and responsibilities.

stage 4 to filling out wedding day itinerary template

Finish by analyzing the next areas and completing them correspondingly: Months before, Review and finalize the overall, and Select floral arrangements for.

Entering details in wedding day itinerary template part 5

Step 3: After you choose the Done button, your ready document can be simply exported to any of your gadgets or to electronic mail provided by you.

Step 4: Make sure to stay clear of future challenges by making no less than 2 duplicates of the form.

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