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Form NamePta Audit Form Sample
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesaudit pta report, pta audit checklist, ca pta audit form, pta audit form

Form Preview Example


Date _______________________________________________________

Fiscal Year __________

Name of Unit _________________________________________________

IRS EIN ____________

Council _____________________________________________________

District PTA _________

Bank Name __________________________________________________

Account Name ______

Bank Address ________________________________________________


Membership Dues Per Bylaws $ ________________


Total Members YTD _________________________ E-Members YTD ______________________

Dates covered by this audit ______________________to _______________________

Check numbers reviewed in this audit __________________to __________________

BALANCE ON HAND at date of last audit _________________ (date)



RECEIPTS since last audit










DISBURSEMENTS since last audit




BALANCE ON HAND as of _________________ (date)


__________ *






BANK STATEMENT BALANCE as of _________________ (date)



DEPOSITS not yet credited (add to balance)




$ __________________ $ __________________ $ __________________



UNCLEARED CHECKS (List check number and amount)



#______ $_________

#______ $_________

#______ $_________



#______ $_________

#______ $_________

#______ $_________



TOTAL uncleared checks (subtract from balance)



BALANCE in checking account as of _________________ (date)


___________ *


*These lines must balance




Read the following when the auditor’s report is given: I have examined the financial records of the treasurer of

__________________________________________________________________ PTA/PTSA and find them:


substantially correct with the attached recommendations and findings.

partially correct. More adequate accounting procedures need to be followed so that a more thorough audit report can be given.


Attach separate report of explanation and recommendations to executive board.

A separate audit form must be completed for each bank account.

Date Audit Completed ____________________________ Date Audit Reviewed by Committee ________________________

Date Executive Board Adopted ____________________________ Date Association Adopted _________________________

Auditor’s Signature _______________________________________ Auditor’s Printed Name __________________________

Review Committee Signature(s) ___________________________________________________________________________

(Copies to: unit president, secretary, and treasurer; council treasurer or auditor and district PTA treasurer or auditor as directed by the district PTA. Attach copies of tax filings to copies provided to next level PTA.)

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